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  1. 1 Year Later - Sterling

    Just so you know, I haven't abandoned this thread, I have some major computer issues going on right now which have resulted in having to get a new laptop. Slowly hubby is getting things transferred from the old to the new. I can def make some changes as far as rinsing the beet pulp. I will check out the Remission supp. and change the oil and check into the flax seed that someone mentioned. I'll have to check around for a Triple Crown dealer in my area... No the other horses feet are nothing like his. That's why I've been disappointed with Sterling's. I'll be back soon.
  2. 1 Year Later - Sterling

    Smilie, He is turned out 24/7. There is no way to lock him in to keep him off any grass. The hay he eats is free range. He's able to eat it at will. It is orchard grass with alfalfa (3/4 / 14 mixed) In this part of the States, flax seed is out of the question. Too darn expensive to consider. The only place I can get whole flax seed is at a health food store and you'll pay an arm and leg for it. Horses are ridden almost every weekend weather providing and through-out the week. Avg mileage is at least 20 miles per week. Sterling is not under-weight. But I have found that all of my horses perform better and keep their weight on when fed 1/4 cup of oil each day through-out the year. Feed each day is in morning and then again in evening. Total feed each day consist of: 4 cup dry beet pulp (then soaked) 1/4 cup soy oil 1 Tbsp loose mineral salt 3 1/2 pounds of ration balancer (currently on Nutrena ration balancer 28% protein, -not happy with it- so I'm getting ready to switch over to Tiz Whiz brand 30% protein) Sterling gets the double strength Farrier's Formula and the others get the maintanance level. Alfalfa cubes are given as treats when we do give them treats.
  3. 1 Year Later - Sterling

    I forgot to say that Yes, I just started feeding Farrier's Formula last week. I bought the double strength stuff. So for 1 week now he's been on the extra biotin supp. Another question I have is about the oils. About 6 months or so ago I finally found a place that sells soy oil. Until then I was giving them corn oil. Since cracked corn is high in carbs ... does it only stand to reason that corn oil is the same? Or do the process of breaking it down into an oil take away the carbs? The reason I ask is b/c if I run out of soy oil and am not driving in the area of the soy, I've bought a gallon of corn oil to use until I get more soy. .... just random thoughts on everything that's been going on in the past year. I'll get those pictures tonight or Saturday morning
  4. 1 Year Later - Sterling

    and no again on the certified natural trimmer. I had a gal that I was able to email with that lives over an hour away from me. She severely broke her leg about the time that I started trimming. I've not been able to get ahold of her. The only other person that was in my area that is a natural trimmer ... again, over an hour away. I've not been able to contact them. So it's pretty much me, my Pete Ramey book and dvd's and what help I can get off this board.
  5. 1 Year Later - Sterling

    No founder. But this horse is laminetic (sp). We've had bad problems with that in the past. I do have him on molasses free beet pulp now (6 - 8 months of the sugar free beet pulp) and he gets a ration balancer along with salt, soy oil and then grass & hay. Is it stretching of the white line that I'm seeing/talking about with that white line area being a firm yet soft bumpy substance?
  6. 1 Year Later - Sterling

    Also wanted to say that the area where the white line is ... I'm not sure how to describe it. It's soft enough to cut with the hoof knife, but yet it's firm at the same time. It's bumpy. Have any idea what I'm trying to say there? And will all of that disappear as the flare grows out?
  7. Pasture Trim Vs Barefoot Trim?

    here's a picture of a pasture trim ...
  8. 1 Year Later - Sterling

    One year ago - L frt shot .... I can't find the frt shot w/out shoes. This one he has his shoes on. Today 10/8/09 L frt shot Last year L frt side Today 10/8/09 L frt side Last year L frt solar Today 10/8/09 L frt solar
  9. 1 Year Later - Sterling

    OK, It's been 1 year this month since I start trimming my own horses. This one is on Sterling, my 9 yr old TWH. Although I'm happy with his feet somewhat, I'm not all that pleased. I do feel his feet are much better than when he was wearing metal shoes and all that. But I had visions that his feet would be completely different ... or more advanced than what they are. I did get out my Pete Ramey book and started reading it again. I'm finding a few things that I should have been doing, or not doing. One biggy that I've been wrapped up in, is the soles. I think I've been too concerned about the build up. Although its flaky sole that I've been working on scraping out ... now I think that I should just leave it alone and let it come out on it's own. Another thing is, I think his heels are still under-run and there's still too much flare at the toes. Another thing .... I'm putting my foot down about is him wearing boots on any trail ride. More times than not, my husband will say 'oh, we're only riding for a couple of hours.' And I'll for-go the boots. Then those couples of hours have turned in to more and we go through rocks, creeks, etc. So I've decided (and have announced) that Sterling will wear his boots ANY time that we're riding on unfamiliar trails. There are a couple of places that we ride at a lot and is only dirt trails.... Anyhow, tell me what you think. Am I making head-way? Some times I think I am, then other days I think not. The last year pics were taken immediately after he had all 4 metal shoes removed. He had worn shoes since he was probably 3 years old and he's 9 now. So at least 5 years of wearing shoes. Last year: R frt side - Today 10/8/09 R frt side ........... the area on the side is a chipped area from one of our rocky rides. Lat year R frt shot Today 10/8/09 R frt shot Last year R frt solar Today 10/8/09 R frt solar
  10. Sarcoid

    yes on both accounts. My horse had one on his cheek. I used the xxterra and it burst it of there. About a year later it started coming back. It's no where near the size it was before, but it is there. The Xxterra cost $100 for a tiny little tub. I'm thinking the tub is 4 oz. A little bit goes go a long way though...
  11. Sarcoid

    Are they trying to link the sarcoids by the horse being around a cow? My horse has had them and does have one more that I know of and he's never been around cows. We've passed them when out riding by pastures, but other than that has never had any type of contact. I used the Xxterra and that took the sarcoid off with in a week.
  12. Keeping Hooves Dry

    Good timing for this thread. I was just looking at the hooves today and thinking about fall rains and winter snow heading this way..... I was thinking I had read on here not long ago where someone said to spread a light dusting of lime on the stall floors? Maybe it wasn't here... I know lime can be used for smells, but what about drying out their feet?
  13. Horse Is Sore And Doesn't Want To Move, Can't Get A Vet Out.

    Had she been ridden for an extended period of time a day or two before she stiffened up? What are you feeding her? I'm not speaking solely of "anything different". But what her normal feed is. Laminitis, from my understanding can be caused by too much sugar and starch in her diet. So, is her normal feed full of carbs? The reason I ask is b/c: We started having problems with the TWH, doing exactly as you just described. He was being fed sweet feed at the time. Took him off of anything sugar and he's not done that for 3 or 4 years now.
  14. You Know How I Always Preach About...

    So true. So True. We take our Rottie in every 3 months for diabetes. The dog vet has horses and our conversations almost always ends up with horses. Yesterday our old cat was in a fight and ended up with 2 big holes in his face. I called her, explained the situation and could we get some anitbiotics for him. She has never seen this cat before. She told me what to clean the wounds with and she wanted to see him this morning (a Sunday). She skipped the emergency fee today! Saved us $100.oo !!
  15. What Is Wrong With My Dog?

    Chele, I am so sorry for your loss of Calli. That's just so sad.