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  1. Dog Breed Question.

    I am on my second black mouth cur , first one I had for 14 years . he was by my side through some of my toughest days. I lost him as quickly got another. Same personality same traits. They need room to run ,if you dont give them room, they will make room. They are intelligent and dont give up on anything. If he or her wants to leave weather it's to chase something or wants to greet the neighbors he will figure out a way to succeed. You must be consistant in setting the rules and he will abide by them. If different peoplpe in his home have different rules for him he knows. very loyal. Knows when things are good and knows when things are bad. They are very willing to help with everything. They will not stop helping you even if you are done. They dont wear out, they have a huge pain tolerence when they are busy ,but you'd swear he was dying if you cut his nails. Mine got shot,yes shot. He had a huge hole in his back side . Didnt stop him at all ,even kept inside and let out one for a few minutes he wanted to chase his ball. He is fine now. They are great hunting dogs ND DONT RANGE FAR FROM YOU IN THE WOODS AND LONG AS YOU MAINTAIN VERBAL CONTACT. When home they love attention ,love to snuggle, veyr happy with people. They will let you know when it's time to go outside even if sick. They dont bark when on an animal be it game or something getting your chickens. They make great ranch detectives. Only thing is if you turn them onot something ,you have to turn them off or they will keep on that one cow or horse or goat or chicken forever until you tell them to quit. They will catch and hold . they will not back down from anything. Very quick footed so it's hard for even the rankest hog or bull the cut them unless they are cormered and cant move. Very prtoective of what they deem is thiers.Like there truck, their kids thier owners thier family. Great dog , be patient ,teach them rules. Dont train them to do something that could be a problem later cause they dont forget. Mine will jump,from standing ,over field fence like it's nothing. Dont let them bring you gifts either ,like gators, turtles etc....
  2. I Have A Mystery

    While talking to my 82 year old widowed mother ,she made ref to a statement my Grandfather said while dying. In a clear voice he said Mother's name "Dont ever cross two rusty nails" . Then he died. This happened back in the mid eighties. I just found out about this. Anyone ever heard of this? I cant find a ref anywhere. Also he was a MASON.
  3. Happy Birthday (belated) and May God Bless Ya!!

  4. Ok ,I have had enough and I will be contacting the company. I have yet to be able to open a box of Kraft Macoroni and cheese by using my thumb and push in on the perferrated(sp) line,without ripping the box and dumping it all over creation.Any of you goumet cooks have the same issue? They make it look so easy. [Duh]
  5. Docuement everything that has transpired with times and dates . Dont fall for attorney threats. Advise the b/f that he is not welcome on the property w/o a sheriff present (to keep the peace only) at that point have the sheriff issue a trepass against the b/f. He is not named on the agreement at your facility. Break contact with him and advise him to not contact you. You have zero business with him. Also,before breaking contact with him advise him the horses are not going anywhere without the person who signed your agreement consent. Based on your knowledge the g/f is the owner . Also tell him unless you are served a court order signed by a judge ,and served by a sheriff you are not releasing the horses to him unless you have consent of the person who legally placed the horses there.
  6. I liked being in the dogs house. It is also my barn /shop/tack room. Now I put myself in the doghouse.
  7. Post Op Neuter

    My dog got fixed yesterday. Can I give him childrens asprin or tylonol?
  8. Islamic Laws

    I dont agree with it all but one slight isuue I do agree with.......... [ROTFL] all U women should be subserviant(?) to us men !!!!!! Ouch that hurt....some of you ave big feet...ok who has the spurs that really hurt. Hi everyone havent been here in a while...missed ya
  9. Mares Vs Geldings

    gelding , but I cant define why!
  10. I dunno.....I am pretty much the same ,I think, I am inquizative(sp)when something interst me me that I need to learn more about. I am eager to help with those things that I know ALOT about, but only if the person or people I help are receptive. I am laid back , but not asleep, when I need to be but given the right people I will enjoy the party with anyone. So I guess my answer is yes and no. I yeah I talk alot better than I type .
  11. What Came First--seriously

    Had to be the chicken ,"FARMER" would have eaten the egg. Oh and done whatever the chicken told him to do!!!
  12. Alternatives To Veterinary Euthanasia

    I euthanise all my pets at home. They are in fimiliar surroundings as confortable as can be ,before the lights are turned "off". It isnt easy, doing this to a family memeber but it's respectable to the pet. If I ahve to do a horse , I'd call a hauler , and have him ready to go. I'd would be the one to do the deed so I knows it done right.
  13. I know from my point of view that he might be wondering ,also, when are you going to get over it? I have dated women that cant let go for days. Like a stew. Then I wonder whats really the issue , was it the subject of the fight ? or another issue not discussed yet but causes tension. Me personally , when the fight is over ,it is done, move on to next subject. She ,as in women in my life be it daughters, ex's and friends, tend to carry it on or find another fight while they are mad. I just walk away.
  14. You all got anything going on , in your towns for that day? We will have a cattle drive through town,dance and concert,agri business expo, ranch rodeo,and whip crackin compitition. It will sure be hot .
  15. they are hatching...... got one so far two more cracking, I have to clean the weeds out of the coop. wish y hearing was good enough to hear them chirp