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  1. Horse Question

    I own one horse of my own (In my name) - however I have the right to do anything with two others that are owned by a family member. They don't do anything with them besides feed & groom so it's pretty much a fair game. I want to really start working with the pony this summer - get him going good. Hes only green broke so each summer we kind of restart. I don't have an indoor or access to one so winters are very limited work-wise. Last summer said pony was doing great - but a couple of family members come out at their pleasure to "ride" and makes pony forget everything I've been teaching. They just hop on and let pony do what he wants. Since hes not my pony I cant really say anything. However I did bring it up that Id rather them not ride until hes finished. But, now with thinking - would it be silly to offer to buy the pony just so I have all rights since hed be in my name. Id hate to work with him again this sumemr just for it to all go down the toilet when they ride unsupervised. Wwyd?
  2. Any Of You Own Boarding Barns?

    thankfully this is only a small barn. i'd need four stalls for myself so at most i'd only be boarding six people/horses. i figure do the rent cheap enough that it wouldn't be hard to keep some reasonable people in there. around my area that's the problem - board is so expensive - those who truly love horses can't afford to keep them anywhere. insurance was another big thing i was wondering. those of you (fin) who had it - how much did it run. is it monthly/quarterly/yearly? i know all are different but it's a rough estimate. if you do the ride at your own risk is it worth it? a lot to think about. worse comes to worse - IF i can even get approved - keep it for myself. i'm not looking to make a living off of it. but wouldn't hurt to bring in some extra cash. thanks all.
  3. Triplets Triplets Triplets!

    adorable. are triplets very rare? i've seen twins but never triplets! congratulations!
  4. Any Of You Own Boarding Barns?

    Hey all. I figured this was the best place to come get some honest opinions. The opportunity has arose for me to possibly purchase a home with a ten stall barn and indoor arena (along with an outside one). It is a very reasonable price - in a nice location - and has very affordable taxes. However, I've never done a boarding barn before - nor have I ever boarded! So, any of you that have a barn - could you give me some pros and cons to it. Right now - if something were to happen - I'd do it more as a self care barn as I'd need to keep my current job until financially stable. I'd be willing to do feedings but during the day things (such as turn out) may be a bit harder with my job. I'd also offer the arena at a cheap hourly rental price (its hard to find indoors around here). All of which should cover my taxes and some additional fees. So those who do it - what are your opinions for a first time "big barn" owner? thanks in advance.
  5. Quick Pics

    really nice. love the st bernard!