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  1. Coggins Question?

    Call the nearest park station to where you are riding. If you can't find a number for it, carry the originals. The only reason I say that is because I ride in the National Forrest regularly, and we've been asked for the originals. The first time we were stopped, we weren't far from the trucks, and I had all of mine in the LQ with the horses' paperwork. You might get lucky and not get asked for anything, but I would rather be safe than sorry.
  2. Missy's Foal Watch 2010 Colt!

    Good Lordy, look at that hindend! He's a chunk, that's for sure! He's a pretty thing...
  3. Good Books?

    Carolyn Banks... She wrote Death by Dressage, Groomed for Death, Death on the Diagonal, Murder Well Bred and A Horse to Die For.
  4. Name The Filly Game

    I haven't been on lately, but wanted to give an update on the filly. We have settled on a name, or rather, she picked a name that fit her: Arrow! All my headache over a name search was for nothing. Granted, it took two months to figure out what to call her, but oh well. I will have to get new pictures this weekend. She has lost a lot of the baby fuzz about her face, and she is DARK. In a way, I'm glad we waited on the name. I think she's going to be quite a bit darker than Lena, more chestnut than sorrel, anyway. And not nearly as red.
  5. Charcoal

    Sarah- I love your work and I'm a huge fan. There are a couple of really good black/white artists out there that I fall back on when I get stumped by something, and you're right there at the top.
  6. Requiem, Baskette's Colt

    [Jump] Yippee!!!! [Jump] Congratulations on the new colt!!! Now, hurry up and sleep so we can see pictures of the little monster!!!
  7. Val's Foal Watch -- She's Home!

    She's nice, that's for sure! The video was cute, almost looked like "hide-n-seek" around the barn.
  8. Requiem, Baskette's Colt

  9. Pics From A Gorgeous Day Of My 3 Year Old

    Lovely little mare there. Is that a Debra Sibley?
  10. Name The Filly Game

    You guys are great! Okay, I'm down to Revlon, Redfox, and Cinnabar. Getting closer! I'll run these by Brandon and see what he thinks this afternoon.
  11. Hot Wire

    If your box got wet and it wasn't meant to, I'd say your problem is in the box. It had a cover on it for a reason, and if it isn't the type of box that can handle weather exposure, then you will probably need a new one. And just a word of advice, if the box is somewhere that your horse can reach it, move it. You don't want your horse getting shocked if he happens to bite down on the wrong wire, being nosy.
  12. Name The Filly Game

    The more I look at that head shot, the more I lean towards Revlon. I like Cabernet, too, but Brandon has trouble saying it.
  13. Requiem, Baskette's Colt

    CVM... ummmmm, that is one ROUND mare. She looks like she swallowed my son's big bouncy ball that he got from Wally-world! PS- It doesn't look like she's too impressed with having her glamour shot captured
  14. Name The Filly Game

    Pictures as requested! (Gotta work on your subtleness, Zeusy, lol)
  15. Requiem, Baskette's Colt

    [Huggy] I'll bet there isn't a mare owner here that doesn't know what "a little twitchy" means. Well, so much for coffee and a foal this morning, but it sounds like she's making progress. I'm off to take a nap since I have to work tonight. Hopefully she'll be more productive tonight!