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  1. Just A Vent!

    Thats exactly what she did!! I just wanted to take them all home and fatten them up!! Poor things!!
  2. Just A Vent!

    I went to look at these horses with some friends the other day to make sure they were getting decent horses since they dont know too much about them. Let me just say.. some people are dumb when it comes to horses. This woman had about 6 or 7 horses.. all under weight except the pony. The two horses she tried to give to my friends had absolutely no manners at all, extremely under weight and little to no training. The owner claimed she rescued these horses thats why they are under weight. That was understandable until she started rambling on about them and got herself caught up saying shes had them for 2 years now.. so dont you think if someone had rescues that were under weight when they got them 2 years would be plenty of time for them to have gained enough weight? Ugh! It just really bothered me that she kept making up stories as to why all her horses were underweight! Each one had some story behind them that just didnt make sense! Whew I feel better now for venting!
  3. Baby Diesel!

    Ok he only allowed me to get a few as he was in my pocket the rest of the time!! some weird light spot that just showed up him and his babysitter couldnt leave out his sweet mama!!
  4. Baby Diesel!

    The next sunny day i get i will def go out in take pics!! its been raining!
  5. Baby Diesel!

    Okay heres two pics to tide yall over until i can get some more!! this was just too cute! momma and son nap time for them!! ill get more of his full body very soon promise!!
  6. Our First Pregnant Mare, Penny- He's Here!

    Good greif she looks soo ready!! <<HFV>>
  7. Baby Diesel!

    sorrryyy i completely forgot!! Ill get some tom and post them when i get to work!!
  8. Im So Excited I Could Not Wait! Lol Pic.s! Bred My 1d Mare 5-15-09

    WOW!! her belly is huge!! She looks good!! Pics of your other girls are needed too!!!
  9. Im So Excited I Could Not Wait! Lol Pic.s! Bred My 1d Mare 5-15-09

    well how is she doing
  10. Baby Diesel!

    I feel so bad but had to do it!! Got Diesel cut on wednesday poor little fella!! I plan on getting updated pics of him tom!! ill be sure to post. Hes still so fuzzy! I use the shedding blade on him 3 times a day and it still seems like he has his full winter coat!
  11. Loss Of Appetite

    Thanks for the replies. I gave her some banamine last night before her dinner and she ate everything! So glad she is back to feeling better.
  12. Loss Of Appetite

    My mare got her spring shots yesterday and sometimes she does lose her appetite that night.. but she still isn't touching her grain and she left all her hay in her stall last night. This morning she just looked at me with a pitiful look and took a few bites and then stood at her door ready to go out.. should I be concerned or is this normal?
  13. What would be some good terms for someone? I'm not sure I want to get rid of her yet so I figured leasing her out would give me time to think about it and also give her a job. What would ya'll say for terms?
  14. We Have A Filly!

    Did she get Jr's snip?? Lol
  15. Our First Pregnant Mare, Penny- He's Here!

    What's the news with her?? How's she doing?? <<HFV>>