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  1. Circle E Guest Ranch, Tn

    The trails at Circle E are rocky. I would recommend shoes. And there are some steep hills, not scary steep, but horses get a workout. Campground is nice. The barn is at one end, so if your campsite is farther into the campground, you will be farther from the barn. The stalls are very nice.
  2. Shawnee In Illinois

    Doulbe M is close to High Knob, so they share the same trails. Hayes Canyon, Bear Branch, or Little Lusk campgrounds will get you access to the Lusk Creek and Hayes Creek areas.
  3. My 9 yr old Standardbred mare has gone lame in the left front. Vet xrayed it today and she has high ringbone. The vet said don't confine her, the more she moves around the faster it will resolve, if it resolves. He said once it fuses, she might be sound again. When that will happen is the million dollar question. Months or years? I am a trailrider, the vet said to experiment with doses of Bute and see what works, maybe she can be ridden, maybe not. I did a search on this health forum for past ringbone discussions. Some were several years old so I wanted to throw out this question again in case there is new information. Is anyone having luck with a joint supplement for their ringbone issues? A few years ago I took a horse to an orthopedic vet for hock injections. He told me to use a joint supplement, I asked which one, and without hesitation he said Actiflex was the only one he recommended.
  4. Two Horses Lost In Big South Fork, Tn

    Nick, I have not been there, but I understand it is a very large and rugged area with rocky bluffs and cliffs. Maybe someone who has been there can chime in here. I've also read that one or both of the horses were very skittish and difficult to approach. I don't know why they died, the details of their death are being withheld. I thought it was unusual that they both died in the same spot, but perhaps one died first and the other stayed by the side of the dead one and then died later on. I'm only speculating. Whatever happened, it's a tragic situation that had many people hoping for a better outcome, but instead created a lot of sadness and heartache. I feel very sorry for the owners.
  5. Two Horses Lost In Big South Fork, Tn

    Copied from facebook: This will be the final posting for Sisco and Stormy and it is with the heaviest of hearts that I tell you that the Tracker found both horses yesterday and both are deceased. It appears it has been at least three weeks since they perished. They still had all their tack so Al and Arlene will be able to recover it and will be down in a couple of days to do so. My heart is hurting so much and I am so saddened by this news, as I know you will be too. Thursday's emotional roller coaster is nothing compared to what I am feeling now; hurt, sad, angry, defeated, dispair. But mostly I am disappointed in what fate has delivered as it is seemingly so unfair. We can take comfort in that they were both still together in the end and not alone. Thank you all for your prayers and support throughout these weeks. We all prayed so hard and our hopes were so high. We did the best anyone could do or even ask for, but it was not meant to be. Our condolences to Al and Arlene.
  6. Noisy Flex Tree Saddle

    I got my saddle back from Circle Y. I don't know for sure what they did, but I assume they took it apart. I went for a ride on Saturday. The creaking noise is still present, not as loud, but still there. So I think I'll take it back to the dealer and try to trade it for the loaner he gave me while my saddle was being worked on. The loaner was the same style saddle, but didn't have the noise coming from the tree area. IF the dealer still has the loaner....
  7. Two Horses Lost In Big South Fork, Tn

    I saw on facebook yesterday that these horses at Big South Fork are still missing.
  8. Two Horses Lost In Big South Fork, Tn

    Okay, glad to help even if it's a small help. Good luck. There have been horses lost in the Shawnee forest, usually they are found, but it has taken a week on some. Please keep us updated.
  9. Double M Campground In Shawnee

    In 2011, that gazebo had water over the railing. The Ohio river rose that much. Glad you enjoyed the Shawnee riding. Best in the midwest.
  10. I saw this on Facebook and thought I'd share it here. I did not research it to verify that it's true. Sometimes these stories are months or years old, but keep circulating. But here it is in case it's true. There was no date listed on when this happened. Stormy is LOST in Big South Fork. He is fully tacked and got away from his rider yesterday and we have been searching for him since! Stormy is a BLACK TWH Geldin...g. If spotted he is hopefully with Cisco, a Brown and White (mostly White) TWH Paint Gelding also fully tacked. Riders are fine but sick over losing their horses. PLEASE call 931-752-8272 if you spot either of them. All local campgrounds, Rangers office and local Sheriff's offices have been notified. If you are out on the trail and see them you can TEXT to 603-490-2130 or 617-945-4647. He was lost near Jack's Hole/Panther Creek/Needle's eye area. PLEASE HELP US BRING THESE BABIES HOME!!
  11. Ticks

    I have no advice for you, but I think if the tick is not the state insect of Missouri, it should be. In southern Illinois the ticks are abundant, but I spent a week in Missouri last week to attend the Big Creek trail ride. I spent a good portion of my time picking those suckers off my horse. I managed to escape the week with only 2 bites on my person, only because I liberally coated myself with deep woods Off each day. Missouri definitely has Illinois beat on the tick population. I do agree that pasture mowing keeps the tick population relegated to the outskirts of your property. They will be on the edges of your property, peering in, wishing they could be there, but alas it is too tidy for them.
  12. Dominican Republic Ride.

    It's interesting to see some pictures from other countries. Thanks for posting.
  13. Noisy Flex Tree Saddle

    So, it is quiet now? I don't have my Circle Y saddle back yet.
  14. New Trail Horse!

    Congratulations, you'll have a lot of fun.
  15. Noisy Flex Tree Saddle

    I wasn't saying color makes a difference. I was stating that the loaner saddle is the same make and style and is not making a creaking noise from the tree which leads me to believe there is something wrong with the tree in my own saddle.