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  1. The Paranormal

    a few years ago there was a true ghost stories thread on the general chit chat board. a user named "novalee" (i think) darn near literally scared the poop out of me. i still remember those stories today. i could barely read them!
  2. Celebrity Riders

    terry bradshaw's daughter erin shows very successfully on the AQHYA circuit. terry shows in halter and he formed a partnership with ted turner last year. they are BIG on halter horses. ck kid is bradshaw's n/h stud that he stands. i think i saw somewhere that there are a slew of other n/h and h/h horses that they own/stand/breed. a part of me wants to blame terry bradshaw and ted turner for the CONTINUED perpetuation of hypp positive horses.
  3. Wedding Reception Traditions...

    cake smashing. i say if there's cake smashing at my wedding, there WILL be a divorce the very next day. absolutely no chicken dance/electric slide/macarena/limbo is EVER acceptable. absolutely not. obvious begging for money. i think it's okay to register for gifts, it doesn't have to be printed on the invitations. it can get around by word of mouth, which is one of the maid of honor's duties anyway. but there should really be no auctioning, passing a boot, money tree, or dollar dance. that's so obvious and tacky. there will be no children at my wedding. one, i hate them. two, they always inevitably interrupt the ceremony with crying or attention seeking or booger eating. three, they're the ultimate buzzkill and cockblock, i can't imagine grown ups having fun when they have to look after children all night long. i love the idea of telling bridesmaids "okay here's a color. go find a dress." as long as i approve the dress first. or doing shorter tea or knee length dresses. i want to make absolutely positive that the girls at my wedding will be able to use the dresses again. it doesn't seem fair to ask your closest friends to buy expensive dresses that they will wear ONCE, no matter how pretty YOU think they are. i also want to punch every bridezilla in the face.
  4. So, What Does The Phrase "really Good Sex"

    without details... when you're grabbing the sheets and pillows like they'll save your life. when you're screaming (for more, or just screaming in general). when there's scratch marks down both of your backs. when you don't want it to end. when it's over you just lay there because you cannot move a muscle.
  5. Fox News?

    because sometimes i need to fill my hate camel hump. and the temptation is too strong. then i get mad at myself for watching it. hahhahaah. i can't help it. it's like smoking!
  6. Fox News?

    wait....you DON'T get fox news? so you can happily switch from channel to channel and NOT come across fox? so you can live your television life in peace and quiet and not have to hear that bullshaaaat? you are so lucky. i wish i didn't get fox news.
  7. Having An Affair/cheating

    despicable. unacceptable. cowardly. wrong. really, nothing more needs said.
  8. Phelps Thanks God For The Nd Flooding

    i've expressed my thoughts about this on many occasions on this board. i follow information and news on this group, especially when i'm feeling like my hate camel hump needs filled. you could say i'm a bit of an expert. i've watched every documentary i could find on them. don't visit their site if you don't want to be completely and utterly disgusted. www.godhatesfags.com i believe is the url. these people literally make me think murderous thoughts. assassins killed martin luther king, lincoln, kennedy, and lennon.... but can't anyone get around to these people? in some occasions, can't it just be right to fight hate with hate? and mix a little violence in if they're part of the westboro baptist church? can't we make a social and legal exception? sometimes i have satisfying day dreams that they protest where i live in the winter and someone drives by and *OOPS* "what?! it was ice in the road that caused my car to careen into the phelps clan!" these people make me absolutely sick. i forever love the patriot guard.
  9. Disney's First Black Princess

    it's so strange, it's like i've been hearing about this black princess for years now and still nothing...haven't seen it yet.
  10. Debate This! Wedding Dresses

    oh my god i LOOOOVE ONE!!! it's so beautiful and classic and you won't look at your wedding pictures twenty years from now and say "what the HECK was i thinking!!?!??!!?!" it's so timeless and beautiful. you can't go wrong. in fact, who's the designer and how much is it because i want to get married in that! conversely... i HATE HATE HATE HATE number two. i HATE IT. oh my goodness. i think the poofy thing is sooo ugly. not to mention pretentious and stuck up. when i see pictures of brides in dresses like that i think that they must be the ones obsessed with the fairy tale thing and i think that the poofiness at the waist is just sooooo unflattering.
  11. Now Designer Babies......

    is there a way to have it designed to not have any diseases or malformations? because that's all that i would want to do.
  12. Better Than Google

    oh but a picture of me came up when i searched my boyfriend's name. although, it's not even his real name, he used an alias on facebook, which is where the picture came from. hehehe.
  13. Better Than Google

    nothing really when i searched my name. just a picture of me from a banquet and some year end awards results.
  14. Buddy Roo Is Off To The Tropics...

    what "islands" will she be at?
  15. Horse That Stumbles...any Ideas?

    my boy had the same thing going on too. i'd had him since he was a yearling. he'd ALWAYS been clutsy. ALWAYS. different farriers. still tripping. nothing was ever wrong with him, medically. he'd NEVER EVER been lame a day in his life, except for an abcess he had once. we had chiropractic work done. heck, we even had a MASSAGE THERAPIST for him. i swear. he was just the type....something shiny would distract him and he would forget that his feet were moving and needed to continue to do so. such a dumbo. endearing though. i miss him dearly