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    Our interest include all aspects of horses and riding. We are currently starting our breeding program with fine quality registered Miniature Horses. We also run and own a show and training facility in Las Vegas, NV.
  1. To Those That Remember, The Orphan Miniature Foal.....

    With all the issues you mentioned and his size, has the possibilty of dwarfism been explored by the vet? Poor little guy. Glad he has good care.
  2. Filly Home From Breakers

    I've trained for many years and HIGHLY suggest taking some lessons from the trainer on your horse. This will get you and your filly more on the same page which will help improve your confidence by knowing you're communicating with her in the way she's been taught. Once you're comfortable you can venture out and continue with finishing as yall are ready.
  3. Any Ideas?

    I'm willing to drive for it or have one delivered.. They will work better for us because we are often hauling miniatures and big horses. Could convert half to miniature stalls easily.
  4. Any Ideas?

    SO, I am on the search for a head to head horse trailer. They seem to be impossible to find so I was hoping that someone here could point me towards one or a place to look etc.. We are okay with older/fixer but prefer ready to haul. 4-6 horse. I am also willing to drive to get the right trailer or pay for delivery. Anyone have any ideas on where to search? I've checked all over craigslist, googled, etc.. Thanks :)
  5. Petition To Overturn New Horse Slaughter Bill

    You are very intelligent. I agree with you 120%, wish everyone else could see it.
  6. Trailering Fees- Need Advice

    We charge a flat rate of $50 "in town" which is within 25 miles. After the first 25 miles we charge $1.50/mile, unless we have others in the load, then I reduce the cost to each owner since there is multiple horses.
  7. Where Can I Find Show Clothes?

    Check out my store.. adding more daily @
  8. What Would I Do Without Them?

    Will you email me? I don't know how dead set you are on donating her but before reading that I just glanced through all your pictures and looks wise atleast she is exactly what a client of mine has been searching for..
  9. What Would I Do Without Them?

    Is Bella registered??
  10. Boots?

    In my store we have a variety of brands low end - Cavallos. I love Ariats but they start out right around that $300 mark, so maybe a used pair. The TuffRider boots seem to be okay and are reasonably priced. Anything under $200-$300 usually look really cheap in person, IMO and the leather is not very nice. We sale alot of the Ariats and people are usually really happy with them. I'd check ebay and or keep an eye out for sales..
  11. Color Coordinating

    If you plan on showing in hunter undersaddle, eq., or general english classes do not buy black. If you show dressage then get black.
  12. Nevada Ppl Please Help! I Have Questions.

    We ride year round. Its usually pretty nice during summer evenings or mornings like stated above. Most places around here are lighted for that purpose. We have little to no mesquitos or wierd bugs for that fact. We also only have to worm 2-3 times yearly as there are fewer parasites due to the dryer climate. Overall this town is alot bigger and nicer horsewise then most people think! As far as shoes it depends on where you trail ride. I have friends that do the barefoot thing and use boots if they go somewhere real rocky. I also have people that just shoe religiously and just ride in the arena lol
  13. Nevada Ppl Please Help! I Have Questions.

    Hi, Those rates include hay. Usually most places do turnout 1-2 weekly included in the price and thats only for a couple hours. We do overnight turnout and rotate horses..
  14. Nevada Ppl Please Help! I Have Questions.

    Also, farriers vary depending on who you use but a trim is $35-$50, half sets are $65-$100, Full Set is $85-$150.. Of course specialty stuff is more..
  15. Nevada Ppl Please Help! I Have Questions.

    Just to give you an idea.. Our barn: Nice roomy box stalls with runs, auto water, daily cleaning, 2-3 times daily feeding depending on owners request, full use of facilities that include nice size arena, roundpen (both lighted with sprinklers and maintained), turnout, secure tack storage, wash rack, hitching post, we are within riding distance to public horse park and trails.. We start at $300/mo for full care Father In Laws barn: 20x20 outdoor stalls with I believe about 8'x5' shades, hitching post, tack room, kind of an arena, and small roundpen with minimal lighting on the property. $185/mo including feed 2 times daily and bi-weekly cleaning. On average you will be paying $250/mo per horse+ for a mare motel type stall. Barn stalls are usually $350 and up, stalls at the "big barns" are usually $500 and up.