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  1. Know Any Good Training Books?

    Does anyone know of any good step by step books for ground work before riding? One from halter to saddle. I found a few but they were all under saddle. Id like to have something more like a "journal" that I can write in with each objective and with points you should be hitting. All the ones I can find are more stories than anything and nothing with actual step by step process. Id really like to keep the "toys" to a minimum. I have a round pen, but Id rather keep that to a minimum too. Id really prefer CA but thats a preference not a neccessity. Just something I could use as another ground tool. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Could He Have Cushings?

    He's not stalled they are all out 24/7. Lord if he was stalled the thing would crib the barn down. We done a course of omeprazole and changed to dry pellet senior feed but there was no real difference. He eats fine, always has. He has just never ate hay (which may irritate his stomach) He wasn't scoped, they just done an examination of him. Bowel sounds and palpation and checked his poo. Had a course of pen as "good measure" (omeprazole and teeth floating and exam were all after the 2nd summer he started to lose and didn't pick up) Of course, he slowly did pick back up over a years time, until the owner passed away. Then it was like a smack in the face. He got ribby, called the vet and she advised us to do the power pack(?) wormer. His behavior (other than more cribbing than usual when your in with him) hasn't changed. Eating hasn't changed. Drinking hasn 't changed....all of this is with only a few days here or there that we see him. Maybe I'll just ask the vet if we can try a run of Rantidine...although we done omeprazole I know its not entirely the same and works in a different way. Maybe its stress induced? It sure seems that way. Definitely couldn't hurt. What kind of improvement should we be looking for? It could take weeks to see any weight gain. I guess I could take measurements...could I use a caliper? Thanks everyone :) Much needed help.
  3. Riding Pen & Barn

    GH, I LOVE your barn!!! The christmas lights are adorable!!! I was reading into it about the height of the floors for the hay and tack. Definitely didn't even think about that...I'll have to talk to hubby and see what he says. Im sure I can swindle him into a tack room after all his Billy Cook needs a warm dry place to sleep Thanks so much for linking it to me...Im back to the drawing board!
  4. Could He Have Cushings?

    When this all started we ruled out ulcers, gi, and teeth (but he did have them floated) The vet originally thought it could be his teeth because he has some nasty hooks way in the back. I assume from grinding his teeth and cribbing. Everything else followed with no luck there either. We haven't taken him back yet, but we are going to (hopefully to a different vet) We only have 2 anywhere nearby that see equines. 1 that kind seem to find the issue and another that sedated and nearly killed a colt during gelding that I owned several years ago. If all else fails, I guess we will load up and head north.
  5. Riding Pen & Barn

    Thanks so much GH!!! Ill check it out!! Im not really sure what the codes in that are permit? Ill have to check on that and make sure. Our plan was to have 4 stalls and a lean over for the trailer and tractor to fit. I might not get my tack stall but Id SURE LOVE it!!! & Id really love to have a turn out behind them. Just incase we did have to stall them up for any reason. We could always do that later.
  6. Could He Have Cushings?

    We are definitely going to get the vet back out next week when hubby gets home. We just can't keep yo-yo'ing back & forth. When I say thin, I really mean thin. His muscle is completely wasting away. It seems like every time we see him he's less and less. (fyi...he's not ours and doesn't live near us) As far as the cribbing, yes Im sure its playing a huge role in his loss. He's been collared with no luck. He figured out if he put his head the right way he could get away from it to an extent. They've painted the boards in everything imaginable to keep him from doing it in the barn. Its basically if he can get his teeth on it, he'll crib it. Ive even seen him grab a butt of another horse (once) but that doesn't mean he doesn't do it more often. He gets worse when your nearby. He'll do it over and over until he's back out to field. Is there anything else we could try with the cribbing?
  7. Could He Have Cushings?

    Some of you may have read my post many moons ago. We have a very dear Gelding who is on the older side we aren't sure of his age but somewhere around 15-17. He has always been a VERY easy keeper. 2 summers ago he started to lose weight. We just threw it off to him being ridden alot more than usual and us not uping his feed enough. So we did and all was well. Summer went by he didn't really gain but he didn't lose either. His muscle tone was good. Winter came all normal. Next summer we introduced a new pasture mate who put a real bad beating on him. So we seperated them and he continuously lost weight to the point we got scared. Had him vet checked and had his teeth done & wormed twice with nothing. Vet said he had some major hooks and that he should pick up. & He did...he gained some back and all was going well until his owner passed away (my husbands father) He has lost a drastic amount of weight in the 6 months following. We have ruled out teeth, gi, and ulcers. He is a severe cribber (has been since my husbands father owned him) In all this looking back things that strike me are: 1) While riding one day he started to limp a little. We had been down a rocky road and had been riding for hours (which we done nearly every weekend) So we cleaned his feet, checked him. Farrier couldn't find anything in his feet. No swelling and it was gone by morning. 2) Stressful situtaions have made it worse (ie: the horse beating him up, his owner passing away) 3) His hair is very wavy and thick (what I would like to think of as "the cushing hair") but he does lose hair (in clumps; not really shedding) along his topline. 4) He sweats no more than the other 3 during the summer months. Any help/advice to send with me to the vet would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Riding Pen & Barn

    We purchased our first house *YAY* We are going to have to string a pen and are looking toward getting a basic pole barn and enclosing it little by little for the horses on one side and equipment and things on the other. Hopefully with an isle and a tack/feed room. Nothing over the top or fancy. Just the basics. Id also like to have a riding area off the side somewhere, not the size of an arena by any means but bigger than a round pen. I would LOVE to see some pictures of your barns/riding areas and what you guys feel would be the average cost of something like that today. We aren't planning on doing the pole barn ourselves we are going to have someone do that...but the riding area most definitely will be done by us. Is there anything you wish you have or anything you love most about your barn? Spaces or little things that make things convienent?
  9. Getting Started

    Just making sure Im on the right track. The horse (as you may have read) is unbroke and untrained. VERY minimal halter work. 1&2nd day here I went in and haltered him several times through the day, brushed, picked up feet. I moved around the stall and asked him to move over & away several times also while I went in. 3rd day: Today: Same thing. Haltered went to the stall and done a few things that needed doing and asked him to stand while I worked, he did. Some quiet until the others were out sight. He'd get prancy at that point. Id wait till he calmed down walk him out let him see them and go back to what we were doing. He did fine for the first day on the lead. The only problem is he is a little pushy. He's the alfa and apparently has been for some time now. I lead him out of the stall and walked him near the other horses (about 50ft away) Just to calm his anxiety. He leads fine in a straight line or very (and i do mean very) large circle/square. He was pushy and taking the front at first but after several stops and backs he caught on very quickly and would lead quite obediantly. Anything other than a straight line is the problem. I began to turn my body and he immediately makes a tight turn and I mean right up on my back. I got after him a couple of times to back it up but he's relentless. I dont think its dominance so much as not having the knowledge. I hate to just keep getting after him over and over (and it really takes getting after him, he's not spooky of you jumping around flailing your arms like an idiot) After we made a good turn I walked him back to the fence line and unhaltered him. I took out some more hay for them all and everyone came up. Naturally he goes right to them. So I just walked up and asked him to move away which he did. Then he trotted off bellowing and came back. So I allowed him then done it again. This time he came back and I allowed him but stood by his hay while he ate and periodically would ask him to move away. Im not sure of another way to really show him that this isn't "his herd" anymore and pushy behavior wont be tolerated. I think I should stick with the "horse play" for a little longer and keep seperating them further and further before we try him on lead again. Maybe clip him lead him away and bring him back, but Im not sure "working" him is the right thing to soon? Any opinions? This is the silly guy in question. 7 years and minimal halter work. Easy Jet grandsire.
  10. Need Help Asap

    Thanks so much. Its an open cattle trailer with three sections. I definitely won't be tying her up. We tried to load her with the two others but she didn't give a darn who was in there. I guess if worse comes to worse I can have her sedated and see what happens if nothing else works.
  11. Need Help Asap

    Thank you guys. Im hoping that we can gather up enough panels to shoosh her on in. Id really like to get some plywood panels taller than her because she reared really bad yesterday and Id hate to have a leg caught in a cattle panel. She's definitely going to be an experience. I think she'll be alot different with some ground work. She'd baulk and rear away from the trailer and we let her rest several times close by and she'd turn and come to us, sniff on us and was rather friendly. The second we pressured her she just lost it. She was terrified and for good right, she's never even seen a trailer till then. Little time and some confidence she'll be just fine. I got her and her brother (same amount of handling) but he is true and honest. Loaded right up. I think we really clicked. He's been a darling to be around and there's just that something about him that I can't put my finger on that makes me think he's not going anywhere. He's Easy Jet grandsire and she's Poco Bueno. You can tell there tempermants are just a little different by nature.
  12. Need Help Asap

    I came across a 12 year old mare. I basically bought her for a project to have fun with. Train her and ride her on trails. She is halter broke (as in not trained) but thats it. We went to pick her up today and put her in the barn, backed the truck up to the door and was hoping it would just be a shuffle and then in she'd go. OF COURSE, that didn't happen. We tried everything but picking her butt up. She bolted from the trailer, tried to run us all over, and stayed a minimum 20 ft away. We tried to lead her but unfortunately she has no lead training and I really think all that done was confuse her more. We tried to shuffle her in but she just barreled back through us. Reared but never kicked. Im at a loss, we dont have access to just keep going and trying to load her nor does the owner have the time to allow us to "train" her to lead properly. She has NO foundation of leading. ANY ADVICE would be great!
  13. 3 Questions

    I have a great old barrel saddle that Id love to clean and get back into good condition. Question number 1: The skirt is round and the sides are flaring. Is there anyway to reshape them? How and what should I use to form them? Question number 2: Some of the "shiny" finish is gone and almost similar to rough out in places. Its a fully tooled saddle except for the seat. How do I get that shiny finish back to it? Oil doesn't do it and Ive tried hand buffing it but nothing. It just stays looking like roughout in sections. Question number 3: The saddle horn rawhide is loose. Anyway to help tighten it up? It also has a metal horn underneath. Any ideas would be great! Im clueless and have all but given up but it is an amazing riding saddle. I just need to get it looking good again and get me a couple of saddle D-rings for the breastcollar which it lacks. lol. I just cant stand the thought of getting rid of it, but whats not used needs to go and I'd like it to look good.
  14. High Back Step

    My boyfriend and I were riding horses and his gelding (which I was riding) started to make high back steps. Both sides and you could feel it like he was standing and nudging flies. Only, we were riding and they're weren't any flies. About a year ago he started to drop weight, a considerable amount of weight. Has his teeth floated and some blood work done but nothing was conclusive. They opted to tell us to get him on a high fat diet and keep a crib collar on him because his cribbing might be contributing to the problem. Cribbing collar doesn't work but it brings it to a minimum. Changed his feed and even bought auto waterers so he would have constant fresh water without any just "sitting" there. He picked up and his hair changed and he was looking good. We kept riding him and thats when the high step incident happened. We had been riding about 5 we thought well its the pavement and rocks and we'll get him home and let him rest. Normally we only ride 1 or 2 hours and it had been a while since we last got him out. Got home & unsaddled and he was still doing it walking him around. We checked his feet...nothing. Stretched him out and put some cooling gel on him. He was fine after that. Now we have rode several more time and at 1 or 2 hours and it has happened 2 more times. Im concerened that the weight loss and the way he is walking may be connected. He's generally kind of clumsy but no more than I would say the other horses walking down a gravel/dirt road & hill climbing. He's not foot sensitive. No strange posture or actions. Just the walking & weight loss. He always wears front and hind boots (both of which were on correctly) He's appx 10-12 years old (was papered but they are lost) Was used for roping but has been a trail horse for the past 5 years. No other lameness or swelling or oddities to the area. The only change in diet was to high fat content feed and alfalfa hay & beet pulp. Just curious. We don't ride him anymore because his weight loss kicked right back in. Vet offered a GI, but we just haven't had time d/t 2 close family members passing, one being the horses main rider/owner. Any ideas?
  15. How To Stop The Anxiety!

    No, no supplements. Her feed schedule is up above. But thank you for the info! Vet checked her out when we first picked her up, but no blood work...anyway...checked out fine. However I would really like to find a chiro in the area, but I can't seem to find one. I know there's got to be one within reasonable distance. I'm in central lower Alabama about an hour from the Florida line.