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  1. Just Wanting To Go

    I haven't read all the responses, so if i repeat something forgive me. I have a horse like this. She is so forward, and sensitive. Circles do not work for a horse like this, imho. Cricket gets way more pissy and worked up when we do small circles. I have found the best way is the one rein stop thing. I am not a natural horse person, but this is the only thign that has worked. On the trail, the second she breaks gait, immediately take her nose by bringing the one rein to your hip. Do not release until she gives her nose and importantly stops the feet at the same time as they give. If after she gives and stops the feet, if she walks off on her own(like mine likes to do), immediately repeat. Most importantly, be very consistant and dont grab both reins to slow her down. You can do this at any gait, anytime she breaks gait. Pretty soon, you will barely touch one rein and you will feel her pause/half halt. When you get this response, release. And try not to get worked up and frusterated yourself. Make it a game, like "nope, nwo give me your nose, i didnt say go faster" treat them like a 2yo (pretend to be very patient) [Crazy] Good luck!
  2. Getting A Horse On The Outside Rein

    Hello. Among other things, I have been workign on getting cricket on the outside rein. She is left sided, not bad, but when going to the right, she wants to stick her shoulder out a little and over bend and such, and i can really get her working on that left (outside rein) because she is always pushing into it. But going to the left, her better side, I have been trying to push her into my outside rein, and give little pulses with the inside rein when she bends to the outside, but i cant seem to get her to really push into that right outside rein. SHe seems to kindof evade from it. I check my position, and have been working hard on being straight, and not colapsing any side, and not locking up my elbows, but i still cant seem to make any more progress. Do you have any suggenstions or exercises that may help? I have been working on alot of different ways like leg leg yields and also opening up my hands a little and putting her back and forth between, so she sees that i can put her shoulder where i want and she understands things work up there. i have done alot of squares and also bending stuff and the normal inside leg to outside rein, and really pushing her into that rein and softening when she responds properly. We just cant seem to progress now. I'm stuck...
  3. Lesson Vids

    What i would work on when she is resistant like that is alot of leg lields an suppling stuff. I would take a little more solid contact, and ask her to come into your hands, the second she stiffens and resists, have her bend around your inside leg and into the outside rein, while still holding your outside rein pressure but opening it a bit, and softening your hold as soon as she softens. I would do alot of that, use your whip by your leg if she doesnt respond to your inside leg. And do alot of direction bend changes and leg yields. There will be that step or two where you change directions where she will be straight, and should start to stay on your aids there. Just try for that one step at least before changing bend. Eventually you will be able to take many steps with her reaching into your aids and pretty soon , you she should relax quite a bit and really get her working instead of worrying about the contact. This is just my humble opinion and what I would do. Good luck with her, she is very pretty!
  4. One thing that is so great with being able to post on this forum and read responses from so many different people and from all over the world, is that you get so many different answers to your questions. Also, people who you would normally not socialize with and talk to still post responses and that just totally opens up your horse world. You dont have to like the way they say it, but you can step back and reread a responce, even if it sounds harsh, and hopefully still get something from it. This board doesn't have to be so personal, you can just get answers and pick and choose. Dont have to take offence at the different ways people respond. Its not fair to everyone else who was learning and will learn themselves from a post if the origonal poster delets it.
  5. I dont know, I kindof like a good slap now and then! [ROTFL]
  6. Outstanding Dressage Mount!

    Yea, deffinatley using the wrong neck muscles. LOL!
  7. Outstanding Dressage Mount!

    OMG too funny! Look at those lead changes, how smooth! I think they need to work on the topline a little though. [ROTFL]
  8. Are We On The Right Track?

    Hmmm, i am having a hard time picturing this. Do you mean put the tip of my thumb on the reins? I am guessing this is just an exercise? I'll have to try it. Thanks!
  9. Are We On The Right Track?

    Thank you! All good things for us to work on. Its funny, our last show, you said exactly what the judge said, "needs more march" I have been sick and have only been able to ride a couple times since i have read all your posts. But we were workign on better transitions and more forwardness. I have started carrying a dressage whip again, (what an immediate difference) How do i encourage her to lengthen her strides? I was really pushing her forward, and trying to keep her at the same speed, but she keeps wanting to just speed up her legs or transition upwards. I dont think i am communicating properly what i am askign for. [Duh] Also, when working on our transitions, i am a bit unbalanced and when i ask for a good crisp transition, i feel like i am either behind her or ahead of her, i cant seem to get the right feelign of a good transition. Are we maybe not preparing right?
  10. Cinchy Horse?

    totally agree. My roping mare got cinchy pretty bad. I thought it was the saddle (which i loved) and thought it fit her. So i got a new saddle, deffinately fit her great. Cinchyness didnt go away, and i even worked with her on it to stand still. She would but still pin her ears when i cinched. couple months later i had a chiro out for the first time ever. She said Rose has some ribs out. Never put it together until now, but right after being adjusted, she was fine. Must have been the ribs out.
  11. Are We On The Right Track?

    Aahhh, thank you! I didnt' notice i was sitting off center. That would explain alot of problems i am having with keeping even contact with my legs. I understand what you are saying with needing the stirrups and her not being forward. She is going, but deffinately not in front of my leg, i can feel that. I will get my stirrups back on and work on it. She is pretty quiet. But she will go a million miles an hour if i let her. Sometimes i have a hard time keeping her forward when she just wants to rush, so i end up letting her get lazy like this, so to get her relaxed. Its a constant back and forth. Riding without stirrups deffinately takes away my confidence (along with my balance) to make her get in front of my leg. Thanks for pointing this stuff out! very helpful
  12. Are We On The Right Track?

    Thank you. I noticed that too, that my legs were really flopping. I have to also consously tell my self about my elbows/shoulders, and if i dont, well you saw the video. Videos are so nice to point this stuff out! Along with all you guys to help. THanks! I'll keep workign on this stuff.
  13. Are We On The Right Track?

    Hello, Well i finally got a recent riding video. I have been riding withoug my sturrups for one because i really need to work on my seat, and two, i have been having a hard time getting my legs around my horse when i ride with stirrups. I dont know if they are not adjusted right or what, but i just cant seem to get them comfortable. I figured i would ride without for a while and try to get in for a lesson and have my instructer help adjust them right. So i see alot i need to work on . I have been working on sitting with my shoulders back, but i noticed that in this video, i am not centered right, and i know i didn't consosouly tell myself shoulders back and if i dont do that, i slump and am just off. Easy to see in the video. [Duh] I have also been trying to get Cricket on my leg and into my hands. Its mostly timing that i have a hard time with. I know to squeeze and kindof lift with my legs/seat, but then i forget to release, i concentrate so hard, i forget to do that! I have also been working on getting her into the outside rein. All the years of barrel racing we have become reliable on the inside rein, so have really been working on that. I think she is comming along nicely, but progress seems slow at times. If you can make it to the end of the video, there is a little cantering, and you can see how light she is, but very unbalanced. I almost come off her back on the downward trans. So i do see alot of progress, but please give me suggestions and any insight you have. On anything. I really want to keep progressing. Thank you in advance! VIdeo is a bit far away, but if you view in full screen mode you can see pretty good. Riding Video If you go to my page there, you can also see old videos on me riding and lunging and such, so you can maybe see some progress(hopefully) [bat Eyelashes] .
  14. The Square Halt

    Great info! This is something i am working on with Cricket also, so its nice to get good explinations here. so when i am askign for a trot halt or trot walk halt, and as askign for the halt, if she looses her hind end, like drops behind my leg, i imediatley push her forward, get her to drive under again and then ask for the down transition again. I wont let her halt if she quite driving from behind, Is this correct? Seems to be workign, but somethings the wrong things work. [Duh]
  15. Looking To Get A Critique

    Missyclair - Wow! Thank you for all the information. Unfortunately you somewhat over termed me. I dont' understand all of what you said, but i do understand enough to talk to my farrier about it. Is there anything I can do until my farrier gets out? Like rounding the edges of her hooves or something? Rose has had alot of bad injuries that i am sure contribite as well to the way her feet have been favored. The tree however, i dont know his story, but i'll be able to trim him up real nice... [Crazy]