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  1. Anyone Around?

    I'm around, but haven't come to this forum (horsecity) much because of all the bullying. Not sure if it's still going on, but been busy with life anyway. Been into mules, but had to put my last mule down in June. Just picked up a nice mammoth jenny donkey in Montana last weekend. Never owned one before. Super nice, gentle 6 yo. May end up being a little boring for me as I like a challenge retraining, but I suppose safe is best for me now that I'm pushing 50. Looking forward to some rugged mountain riding, and of course going back to the big mule ride at Shawnee, Spring 2017.
  2. Fly Spray

    I make my own fly spray with 1 oz Avon Skin So Soft oil, 1 oz permetherin concentrate, a generous squirt of dish soap and fill the rest of the bottle with water. Shake and use. I don't spray every day, just when I ride or the flies are unusually bad. I like the wipe on too. I also put fly masks on my horses but no fly sheets. They rip them to shreds.
  3. Potus Debate Style

    I think the platform for the debates will be totally different in the next election. Instead of a moderator, there will be a panel of judges. Instead of candidates, we'll have contestants. They will be judged on nothing to do with politics. Extra points will be awarded to the contestant with the most stylistic approach. The debates have really become a joke.
  4. Happy Hoofwear

    Thank you for the link.
  5. Forgetting Child In Car?

    Now we have to remind people not to forget their kids in a hot car?! Good Lord! If you need a PSA to be a good parent to your child, maybe you should not reproduce!
  6. Happy Hoofwear

    Where is that?
  7. Happy Hoofwear

    Tuff only wears front shoes so for us, that's not a big deal. We're planning a trip to Shawnee National Forest in the Fall and he would need rear shoes for that trip so we'll have to cross that bridge when we come to it. I am aware of another shoe, which is a rubber type shoe. Their site is: Ground Control Horseshoes I'm not interested in those. Are there other flexible horseshoes on the market that aren't cumbersome to install? I should say that my interest in the flexible horseshoe is their ability to let the hoof contract and expand more naturally.
  8. What Saddle Bag(S) Do You Use ?

    I use Stowaway bags but I also have some nylon horn bags for shorter rides as well. They're shown on an english saddle but you can use them on any kind of saddle. I have a Western saddle that I use them on. They are a "no bounce" bag. They also have other styles on their website: Stowaway Packs They come in all different colors too.
  9. New Trail Horse

    He looks so much healthier! Amazing what great care and some TLC will do for a horse! Good job. It's wonderful that you took a chance on him. He really needed you!
  10. Happy Hoofwear

    Curious to know if anyone has tried Happy Hoofwear horseshoes. Happy Hoofwear I have been going back and forth between going with the Easyboot Trail Back Country and the Happy Hoofwear shoe. How do they hold up i.e. how many resets are you getting out of them? Have you ever had one come off while riding or otherwise? Compared to metal shoes, are they any more difficult to apply? Thank you.
  11. Jehovahs Witnesses

    We live in the sticks so we don't get knocks on our door unannounced. If we do, they may be greeted with a shotgun. I am not a person who likes to be 'dropped in on' whatsoever. The lady who does my hair is a Jehovah's Witness and we've talked at length about her religion. Not all JWs are door knockers and her church discourages it. The way she explained it to me is that their faith follows the Bible and doesn't follow inaccurate information such as Christmas as the birth of Christ as an accurate date. They also don't celebrate birthdays as a holiday or by giving gifts. The way she explained it to me actually sounds quite appealing from a religious standpoint but there are two specific things that turn me off to that religious group: 1. I like to celebrate all the holidays. 2. I don't want to be that involved in any church, including my own. My church is anywhere I choose. It could be in my barn if that's where I decide to have a conversation with God. I've never been a fan of organized religion.
  12. Don't Ask, Don't Tell

    I misread your post. We didn't shower with men. lol
  13. Don't Ask, Don't Tell

    I already did it. In boot camp, I had to shower with 80+ other women. The 4 shower heads were on a post. There were only 5 posts. Do the math. Yes, that means we had to share the shower head with another person. Just had to make sure when you bend over, you don't give your neighbor a view they'll never forget. I learned real quick where to face my behind that wasn't offensive to my shower buddy. lol When you have 8 minutes to shower, you don't care about anything except getting clean. There were openly lesbian women in my company but as long as they didn't cross the line with me, I could care less. After boot camp, I knew of several gay men at my duty station. Some you would have never guessed were gay. Others were quite open and feminine. Some HIV positive waiting for discharge. At that time a HIV positive person could serve in the military as long as their T--cells were at a certain level. They had to be on shore duty though. I think a good deal of people still think all homosexuals are flamboyant drag queens when that couldn't be further from the truth. lol
  14. Sister Wives, Tlc

    I think the interest for many is the sex part of polygamy. The other draw is probably communal living. I can see where communal living would be advantageous to many in this economy however, I would NEVER share my husband with any other woman-EVER. I would consider communal living. That sounds appealing with everyone sharing the bills and responsibilities along with a shared kitchen, dining arrangement and common areas as well as a large garden to sustain the families. Personally, I'd only consider it with other family members.
  15. Haflingers?!

    As with all the draft breeds, there is the old and new style. I prefer the old style drafts. The new ones are too much like a saddle/light horse. My Buddy is the old style with significant bone structure. The new Haflingers aren't able to carry the weight of the old style. Haflingers are the Golden Retriever's of the horse breeds.