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  1. Willow

    I just thought I'd stop by a share a couple pictures I got of her from a few nights ago. She's doing really well. She's walking right up to us to put her halter on now. So she is allowed to go out into the pasture with the older horses since we can catch her now. She loves it. Man this girl is fast too! Anyways, Have a good day :)
  2. Willow

    Thank you GH, I absolutely LOVED all the pictures from that night. I don't know what it was about the lighting but it was PERFECT and the pictures all turned out amazing.
  3. I'm A Newbie :)

  4. Willow

    Thanks Kitten-Kat. We are working on a fix for the problems.
  5. Willow

    Sarah - We did tighten it and kept tightening it. We've gotta put something on it to keep it from getting loose again. It's meant for Cricket. We tighten it and within 5 minutes it's loose. So either I'm going to punch more holes in it, or try to find the other back cinch I have somewhere lost in the tack room. No worries :) I know its supposed to be tighter, and it drives me crazy being so loose. We're fixing it though :)
  6. Willow

    Ok done. Ignore the red breast collar. We put new holes in it so it fits better.
  7. Willow

  8. Willow

    Hey everyone! Well here are some new Willow pictures and an update. Along with some pictures from our last trail ride with Allie and Cricket. Willow: She has got to be one of the most willing, smartest, level headed, generally good natured horses I've worked with in a long time. We've had her for a month. She's absolutly amazing on the ground, leads, ties, picks her feet up, pivots, flexes, backs. Anything you could ask of her, she'll do it. If she's not sure how give her a minute and she'll work up the courage and do it anyway, no matter how scary or new it is. She also takes the saddle like a champ, even with all the rigging (breast collar and back cinch). When we first introduced the saddle we used my little sisters saddle that weighs like 5lbs and is bare as bare can get. Lounged her with it... she was great. Then we did my saddle which is heavier but I still stripped it bare. Lounged her with it.. still took it like a champ. Then we introduced Courtney's saddle. Which we left everything on. We did it all up and lounged her with it. she was fantastic with it. No buck no rear no freaking out.. nothing. She acted like she'd done this her whole life. I swear this mare was born with a saddle on her back. She bridles and carries the bit. We worked with her on then taking a person. Mostly just moving the saddle and leaning over and getting her used to jumping like your going to mount.. etc. At first she was a little freaked out about us jumping up and down next to her and wasn't sure how to handle the weight difference when mounting but she settled down in like 5 minutes. Then we worked on getting on. Court would stand up in the stirrup several times then partially swing on then eventually she got on completely. We worked on this for a while, along with adjusting the saddle once you were on. That she wasn't to sure about but she still stood great. Now we are at a w/t in the round pen. She's doing great. Changing directions, breaks, flexing, giving to pressure. I swear she listens to leg cues then our older lazier horses. She's quick, very quick and I have a feeling the first person to ride her and not pay attention is going to end up on the ground and it won't be her fault. They'll ask her to do something and she'll do it.... but quicker then they expected her to listen. She's already done this with Court (not dump her but unseat her) and turning. She doesn't hesitate, she just does it. I am so in love with this filly and can't wait till she gets a bit bigger so i can ride her. Court's riding her for the rest of the summer and off and on through the winter and by next spring hopefully she'll of grown a bit so I can ride her next spring. Anyways. Enough Rambling onto pictures. :)
  9. My New Mare :) *updated 6/27* W/ Pics

    Alright here are the last of the new pics. I have more but I won't flood you guys with pics.
  10. My New Mare :) *updated 6/27* W/ Pics

    Alright guys. Here's a couple more pictures of her. :) I'll try to post more tomorrow. They just take so dang long to upload. ^^ That was taken before her bath, when we first got home. :)
  11. Gorgeous Elis Pics!

    Stunning! Uber jealous of your grey! I'm such a sucker for greys
  12. My New Mare :) *updated 6/27* W/ Pics

    Aww Hi Pam! Good to hear from you! I am loving it here! I miss some things about home, but ah it's way better here. Allie's happy, I'm happy, the other animals are happy. Its going great.
  13. My New Mare :) *updated 6/27* W/ Pics

    Oh and Buck. I paid 30 bucks for her. Papers and all.
  14. My New Mare :) *updated 6/27* W/ Pics

    Norcal: Its not you! Photobucket is being super stupid and its taken me almost 4 hours to get TWO pictures loaded. So I will post a teaser... till I can get more loaded. Buck: She does have small hooves. Had the farrier out yesterday and he didn't say anything about them being soft. But we'll see, as we start to work more. She hasn't bucked at all... for anything. Now she has reared a couple times when I was standing across the water ditch and trying to get her to come across.. and she wasn't exactly sure how to cross it. But we dealt with that and haven't had much of an issue since. I'm super excited to start her. She's going to make one heck of a nice horse. She's not going to be a horse you can get on and not pay attention. She's quick and catty and super light on her feet. She's going to dump someone hard and fast by moving right out from under them when they aren't paying attention. Anyways here's one of the two I was able to upload. She's was still a little wet after her bath. Oh did I mention. She ties like a dream too!?
  15. My New Mare :) *updated 6/27* W/ Pics

    Ahhhh! SO SORRY GUYS! Here are some new pics of Miss Willow. This filly is absolutely incredible. She has picked everything up so quick its crazy. She was w/t/c on the lounge line by voice cues in 15 minutes. They had started round penning her before they sent her through auction. From what they said they'd give her a couple days off and go to work her again and would have to start from square one again. She gave the impression she didn't know anything. I've yet to see this problem at all and I've given her a couple days off between several consecutive days of work. It takes her a couple minutes to remember but within a bout 5 minutes maybe less she's like "Oh alright... I remember that!" and we're back on track. She's stubborn as all heck when she doesn't wanna do something, but as long as I hang on and don't give in she's gives it a shot. She flexes amazingly and ridiculously light both directions. Pivots both directions with minimal efforts. Trots in hand. A bit spooky at times but she's coming along fabulously! Alright enough bragging and i will post pictures in a minute. And some of the pictures her hooves are still long. They were trimmed yesterday and I haven't got too many new pics since.