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  1. My Wp Pony Lol *pics*

    Please groom your horse next time. She's a cutie, the dirt covers it up :]
  2. Banditt And Jack

    Aww, he reminds me a bunch of my guy! :)
  3. My Dog Is At The Vet Clinic.

    Thanks guys<3 We put her down at 11 this morning. Quite easily one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I stayed with her until she was gone and long after. We snuck in some chicken nuggets for her beforehand and she loved them. I miss her so much already. She was supposed to come home for Christmas. I'd do anything to get her back. Her bones and tennis balls are still lying around the house and it's so weird not to have her laying right beneath my feet constantly.
  4. My Dog Is At The Vet Clinic.

    We kept her over the weekend to give her a chance to recover. She's lost all feeling in her back legs now, there's serious doubts she'll ever be able to walk again. We're leaving in 20 minutes to put her down. I'm bringing chicken nuggets to give her before she goes, she loves chicken nuggets. [Me Cry]
  5. German. Shepherds! Best dog we've ever had. Everyone falls in love with her when they meet her. They get SUPER attached to their families and will be your best friend for life. It's so heartbreaking to our entire family not to have her home for Christmas. Only thing I'll say is just really think out getting a large dog...they don't live as long as the little ones and are so much more prone to health problems (especially arthritis and hip dysplasia)....I knew a 5 year old who could barely walk his hip dysplasia was so bad. Treatment and medication can get so expensive. So if you DO decide to get one, just know what you're getting into.
  6. My Dog Is At The Vet Clinic.

    <33 thanks guys
  7. My Dog Is At The Vet Clinic.

    So, I have a 9 year old German Shepherd. I love her to bits, pretty much my entire family does. She's one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met or owned. We adopted her from MAGSR when she was 5 months old as a scared little puppy who was taken from an abusive home. Yesterday afternoon she started having some difficulty getting around but she has mild arthritis that flares up every few months or so so it didn't really send out any red flags and we thought she was just a little sore. This morning I was about to head out the the door to school when I heard her at the top of the stairs crying. Of course I went over to see what was wrong and she couldn't move her back legs at all, the whole back half of her just dragged along on the ground while she whimpered and tried to pull herself along. I tried to help her down the stairs but it obviously was very hard on her...and she was only coming downstairs to head to the back door because she had to go to the bathroom. She couldn't make it though and just laid down right in front of the door. We made an emergency vet appointment for her and got her out there as soon as we could, it was extremely difficult seeing as she's 110 pounds and couldn't make it outside. My dad had to carried her. When we got there two vet techs came out and got her, tried the stretcher but she wouldn't stay on it so they had to carry her, too. The vet came in and did a Lyme test, it came back negative. She was running a fever of 104.6 degrees and dehydrated because she was refusing to eat or drink. He told us straight up that she was suffering and putting her to sleep was a very possible reality right now and we needed to make the decision. We asked what other options we had and decided to go ahead with an x-ray to see what exactly was going on and if it was fixable... The x-ray showed severe arthritis and fusing through her spinal cord but no slipped disks like we had suspected. The vet told us that she could have just slipped or done something else to throw her back out of whack, but that wouldn't explain the fever, so they're doing bunches of bloodwork and starting her on antibiotics in case of any sort of infections. He called a few hours ago to inform us that she had woken up from her sedation (for the x-rays, they couldn't flip her around like they needed when she was in so much pain). Right now she's on a ton of pain killers and he said she's sitting up, though still unable to use her back half, and appears alert and out of any pain. She's going to stay overnight and we're going to see how she's doing tomorrow...if she can't start walking again in a few days or goes back downhill putting her to sleep may be our best option. She is extremely well loved and I can't imagine losing her. Sorry for the book. Please keep her in your thoughts, I just want her to come home. [Me Cry] Just a few pictures... Playing with her "sister" out in the snow.
  8. The Perfect Horse

    My horse, he didn't really come to mind when I first read this essay. I love him, but the horse that really flashed into my head is one I've known for a few years but really haven't paid attention to until a few months ago. She's an ugly as sin 20 year old App mare. I used to think she was a complete nut and really ignored her, hated her. No one paid attention to this mare, and I'm still the only one who bothers. For the past 2 or 3 years she's been at my barn, I've been the only one. I tried to ride her once last year, thought she was going to kill me, was off in less than a minute. I went back to her this September as a project pony and she really has turned out to be wonderful. She had, and still has some, a lot of rough patches to work out but she really tries her little heart out and thats all I could ask for. She taught me so much about patience and understanding. We went from barely even being able to get on her because she had such horrible mounting issues and was herdbound like I'd never seen, to w/t/c and small jumps. She'll never be anything to look at, she'll never be anything special, but she really has been great to me. Now she's up for sale, a few hundred dollars, and I'm searching my pockets for a way to buy her despite the fact that I know I can't afford upkeep on two horses. I'm just hoping she'll really get what she deserves and live the rest of her life in a nice home with people who care about her.
  9. The State Contest

    *high fives*
  10. The State Contest

    Am I the only Marylander? [Question]
  11. Thought I'd Reintroduce Myself...

    Thanks guys!
  12. Pix Of Horses Yawning

    My old lease loved to make funny faces when the camera came out...
  13. Oh Man...

    My eyes went o,o went I saw the horse in the OP. Holy COW, I'd snatch him up in a second...
  14. I lurk around here constantly but never really post, as most of you have probably figured out already. XD Maybe I'll start more often. I'm 16 and live in boring ole MD. I've been riding for, eh, 7 or 8 years now? Somewhere around there, both English and western though I really love dressage. I recently purchased my first horse, though he's not *technically* mine until January...I know the owner and she was generous enough to let us pay him off then. :] I started exercising him for her and just fell in love, haha. He is a four year old Paint gelding around 15.3 and he can be a bit of a dork...but he's still a baby so it's okay, haha. He just started cantering a few weeks ago and has been progressing very quickly under saddle...I'm looking forward to taking him into the show ring next year! He LOVES to get's one of his favorite activities, especially after long periods where mom worked her butt off trying to get him semi-presentable again. So yeah, thats all!
  15. A video for your viewing pleasure....

    Hah, looks like you've got quite the jumper on your hands there!