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  1. Notch In A Horses Ear

    My friend had mentioned something about my mare. She had cought me off guard so I asked her to repeat. She said most cowboys would notch a horses ear as identification.. Has anyone heard of this? Maybe a fence got her? Another horse? Pictures to big to upload... here's a facebook picture.. if you have facebook.. https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/249144_4848263087104_565179942_n.jpg That should show the picture of her ear.. What do you guys think? I got her out of a rescue situation where the guy left her and moved across the states.
  2. Cricket- 12 Year Old Mustang Mare

    Haha.. Didn't even ever realize I put QH! LOL. Yes. She's a Mustang x.
  3. I've owned Cricket for 4 years now. I can't believe how far we have come with each other. She has taught me alot since buying her. She was a pain in my butt when I bought her, and now. I can give lessons to others on her. She takes good care of them as well. Yea, as any other horse, she still tests you.. but I can't believe what we've been through. Amazing horse. Rider her english, ride her western. Trail rides are her favorite. I plan to do some fun gaming with her this year. So, here are some pictures of my girl. Very much a hairy ox... but a cuddly one if anything. Comment below. Big plans this year with Cricket.
  4. World's Strictest Parents

    Twelve? Depends on what you plan on doing? Have then run laps around the outside of the house.. do dishes.. clean walls...For a four year old.. I have a nephew.. and if he's out of control, he goes to the corner for 4 minutes... or however old the child is.
  5. Gorgeous foal! What color is she? Smoky black? Cause Sire was Sorrel and Dam was Bay.. your chances were Bay, Chesnut or black. You got lucky with her being a "black" Am I right? LOL i'd LOVE to have her. Good thing she found a great home! What color did she turn out to be?
  6. Cricket- Three Years Together

    I'll work on that Stars.. give me a few hours, running into town.
  7. Cricket- Three Years Together

    The little gelding I had, Levi. I ended up selling after working with him for a long time. In a way, I regret selling him, but he's what helped me buy Cricket. He was AMAZING! I spent so many hours with him.. but I get to see him whenever I want. The guy who owns him said if he ever has to sell him, he will be mine again. I'll have to find recent photos and show you guys. They named him Sunny. haha. Thanks Stars! I'm very happy with her.. She's my best friend and She's really built my confidence.
  8. Cricket- Three Years Together

    Typo.. Dang it! lol Thanks Guys!
  9. Hello. I've been taking a break from the boards. Between that time, I sold my paint gelding Banditt to my best friend from high school. They have gone far and really are a match made for each other. She's been riding him English, and says he loves Jumping. He's 7 years old already! I bought myself a 8 year old mare back in 2010. You weren't able to ride her bareback, which I love doing. But we worked in it all last summer and now I can ride her bareback all over in halter an lead rope. She also rides double, and didn't have a care in the world. She's one Awesome trail horse, and just boosted my confidence. I couldn't have made a better choice buying her.. I was weary.. cause I've only had geldings. She's not a problem.. I trust her.. and she nickers every time she sees me. Heres a few pics. She will be ten this Sept.
  10. Who Here Is Old?

    I joined this board when I was 16. I'm now 23. Kinda crazy. Sold my paint to my best friend from high school and their doing awesome. Banditt's 7 years old now. I bought myself a 10 year old mare back in '10, and she's gonna be ten this year. She's changed alot since I got her! Anyone can ride her. She rides double, on the road, in the desert, and just one amazing mare. I couldn't have asked for a more sweet, willing horse. BTW: I wouldn't consider us old. haha
  11. Bend-Or Spots

    My mare has a bend-or spot. That's pretty cool on that palomino.
  12. My New Mare :) *updated 6/27* W/ Pics

    Had the farrier out yesterday and he didn't say anything about them being soft. Sexy Salty... she has post that, haha Such an amazing mare. I LOVe her to death. A replica of my gelding I sold back a while go.
  13. The Infamous Free Horse

    I got my free horse back in 2008. He was 9 months old, scruffy. A ranch had to many mouths to feed and put him up on craigslist. Only paid 150 in gas to get him home, three hours away, and 175 to geld him. He was very flighty, didn't trust humans. They told me he was halter broke. Only had worn the halter, nothing more. So I started from scratch. Moved him to a small pen, spent hours in the pen getting him use to me, and cleaning his pen as he watched me. He wouldn't come near you and would run away. 2010 came along and he was a people loving horse. Always looking for some love. Best horse ever. I regret selling him now. We connected in every way possible. I did all his training by myself. But I needed a horse where I could start riding. I still get to see him to this day. He's met bears, in herds with elk, and loves the cows. He's always looking for his owners when they come out. Levi was my best friend, very quiet and willing to learn.
  14. Two New Boys To Play With

    Video has been removed by user, Darn... lol
  15. Calling College Students

    My first class starts January tenth. Can you tell me about about college? What it's like, clubs? I plan on joining the horsemans club, as my mare will be boarded about 4 miles from the college. Just curious what the atmosphere is like. My college is University of Montana Western. Going for Equine Studies, Management. I start January tenth, in one class three hours a day for 18 days, then off for four days and back in for 18 days for my second class... They call it block Schedule. First semester is over May 11th, and I start back up for second semester August 29th. Any input would be great! thanks! My school has about 1000 students at least enrolled. 15 students to a class.