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  1. Horse/rider Ratio

    Definitely not too big for him. :) He's just a smaller, more refined type. Looks really athletic and like he has a good mind. I think you'll have some good luck with him! Keep us updated with your's dead around here and we could all use some excitement haha.
  2. Horse/rider Ratio

    I'm a 6'3", 200lb male. I look big on everything. I school 15hh ex-polo ponies that now play jumper all the way up to the performance hunters and big eq horses for the trainer I worked with this summer. I look big on everything! Like Jenna said, if you like the horse and you guys work well together just do it!
  3. Double Major In College

    Consider Cazenovia College out here in NY. I'm currently attending and we have a program that really is catered to your desires. Our business management program offers an accounting specialization, as well as an equine business specialization within the business management program. I feel as though it would be feasible for you to double major in both here. The riding programs are wonderful too, as well as reasonably-successful riding teams. The main reason I chose to attend Cazenovia over ALL of the schools listed above was the structure of the business program that allowed me to get a business-based education all while allowing an equine education as well. The programs offered at the schools listed above do NOT compare.
  4. I Want An Update On Everyone's Riding Lives!

    Loveeeee Mia and Reese!
  5. I Want An Update On Everyone's Riding Lives!

    Sarah Scheiring out of Windwood Equestrian. Birmingham area.
  6. A General Update

    Brown horse. <3 <3 <3 I love him. So lovely to see you. I keep up with you on Facebook a little bit! And I'm really diggin' your tattoo. Reminds me of my friend who has a phoenix tattooed on her arm as well and the tail is in all of these spectacular colors. So cool!
  7. I Want An Update On Everyone's Riding Lives!

    Rex looks awesome! Do you still have Gus? How is he? I'm finally home from Alabama where I was a working student for a wonderful trainer all summer. I really got to ride some really neat horses, go to the horse shows and learn the ins and outs of the horse sale business. So cool! On Friday I will be heading back up to school to complete my senior year. It's crazy to me how fast these last four years have passed!
  8. Tall Boots!

    Look into the Tredsteps or Middleburgs. They're really affordable boots in a variety of sizes and look much more expensive that they actually cost.
  9. Working Student

    Oh no, I definitely thought the same thing!
  10. Hits Saugerties, Ny

    Haha- I'm at pony finals too! My kid won the individual jumper championships tonigh and was apart of the gold medal team as well. Couldn't be more proud of him.
  11. Hits Saugerties, Ny

    Awwww darn, too bad I'm down in KY right now. Saugs is my stomping grounds.
  12. This Place Is Dead

    Hello there everyone! Can we get some new people up in here?! I miss the good old days. Oldies, this is your time to come out of the wood work! I know we have a lot of people here who know how to have a good time and are full of wonderful knowledge...let's restore it to the glory days! Anyone have any summer projects? I currently have the ride on two! One is a little 5 year old QH I'm helping to put the lead change on. He just...doesn't get them. Mentally, I think, which then translates into physical confusion. I've never really encountered a horse like him so my trainer and I are trying out a lot of different methods to see what works the best. The other is a nice hunter/eq type that I actually tried to buy when I was a junior, but an amateur in the barn wound up taking. She's out of commission with a back injury, so I got the ride on him while she's out. Hopefully I'll be able to show a little bit in the Adults on the big guy and take the little guy to some schooling shows and do the baby greens once he gets the change. He's super cool and I think will clean up on the QH circuit- he can JUMP. Pictures will follow once I get owner's permission :) What are you guys up to?
  13. This Place Is Dead

    Busy week at the farm this week. Prepping 12 horses to go to Kentucky for a week. Then back home for two days, picking up two ponies and off to pony finals we after that!
  14. A Little Help In A Touchy Situation.

    Literally...years. I'm reliving the glory days.
  15. Working Student

    No trolling this girl. None!
  16. A Little Help In A Touchy Situation.

    Megan I'm so happy you showed up for this little shin-dig!
  17. Full Service Vs. Not Full Service Boarding?

    I thought about posting the same thing. So glad we're on the same level!
  18. Working Student

    You really underestimate us...
  19. This Place Is Dead

    The legend lives!!! <3
  20. This Place Is Dead

    I think I may have convinced Grace to make a stop by at some point today. Told her that there was some awesome drama...we'll see!!! haha
  21. Full Service Vs. Not Full Service Boarding?

    Oh my, you're even crazier than I feared.
  22. Share your horse show names!

    Guys...does everyone else want me to shut up??? Would I be doing you ALL a favor?
  23. Almost Got Dumped Today - Video

    HEHEHEHE!!! So sassy!
  24. Full Service Vs. Not Full Service Boarding?

    You need some Jesus.
  25. Share your horse show names!

    Give up your horse's names? you made up fake show names for your horses? That's really cool! Wish you didn't though because I was REALLY looking forward to naming all of my imaginary horses the same ones as well! And yeah, I'm definitely stalker. Actually, no. I'm just resourceful and have been on HC for 7 years and am one of the most respected and liked members of the HJ forum. Get your life together.