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  1. Weight Loss

    I'll join! I need to loose about 50-60lbs... I'm shooting for next August to have lost that much... I am using SparkPeople and that is a pretty good tool!
  2. Another Tbfriends Worth Reading, September 27, 2011

    I always wish I could help Joe, but I'm pinching pennies as a college student as it is... when I have enough money I will adopt one of his TBs hopefully he is still around when that happens
  3. Bridling The Head-Shy Horse

    I am riding a horse for a guy where I work- he wants this horse to be "kid- friendly" which the horse basically is aside from the fact where he doesn't want to be caught and the fact that he HATES having anything around his ears. For his son to be able to ride him next year in 4H he needs to have a bridle, which right now is impossible, so I have been riding him in a halter which he is an ace with. I have tried just slowly petting him and making my way up towards his ears both from his neck and his nose. I have tried just leaving my hand on his neck and moving with him no matter where he goes- and I have also tried kind of sacking him out with a cotton lead rope by putting it around his neck and working my way up, which he doesn't mind, but as soon as I start to work my hand up he starts getting antsy. Any suggestions as what I can do?
  4. Home Cooking For Dogs And Cats

    I recommend reading this thread, it is very helpful with a raw diet
  5. Dog Breed Question....

    WTH! You only live 2 hours from me and I wanted a red aussie!!! Where were you when I was puppy shopping!? Your pups are cute and randomly I have some friends that are from up in your area but on the ND side!
  6. Dog Breed Question....

    Border Collie! Although they have that herding problem... But I don't think I will ever get anything different now that I have Sage. The best trail/ family dog I ever met was an Aussie/ Border, and she only weighed about 30lbs... but the hair was an issue... but perfect family dog, perfect trail dog...
  7. *screams* Freakin Neighbors

    What are your hunting laws about coyotes? Maybe a poor way to go about it but "Oh shoot! I thought that dog I shot was a coyote, and I didn't want one of those running around my property" Its "open season" on coyotes for us here because they are considered pests to the livestock, I have friends that make weekends out of shooting coyotes on our buddies cow/calf operation. Hope you get everything figured out, I hate neighbors that are not responsible with their pets!
  8. Random Pictures

    Ugh I'm so jealous you are near that gorgeous waterfall! The only waterfalls we have around here would be rain- and that has been happening every day but its too cold here to get the swim suits out! Great pics!
  9. Could Use Some Jingles...

    Sage is doing just fine- I have been giving her vitamin K as a preventative but she has been herself and has been just excited to play in the mud and rain we have been having.
  10. Could Use Some Jingles...

    Luckily Sage is a bit larger than a Papillon... she is 29lbs (I weighed her today after we were done weighing sheep!)- so hopefully the little amount she got won't affect her- I'm hoping our shepherd has some vit k supplements- or I will pick some up at the Vet clinic tomorrow :/
  11. Could Use Some Jingles...

    Today my puppy got into some rat poison... It was one of those little blocks and she didn't eat any of it but she brought it to me and wanted to play with it. I think I am going to give her a shot of Vit K tomorrow as a preventative- but I am very nervous for her. She is my baby and I would be completely devastated if I lost her.
  12. Lineman Rodeo

    I have a couple friends who are lineman- they do hard work and rarely get the kudos they deserve. Great pictures! I love the one of your SIL and grandson walking away from you- thats a framer!
  13. Send Me Warm Thoughts Today..please?

    Sending good vibes! Things will work out, may not be the 100% best situation at first but things have a way of working out.
  14. Im Done... Seriously..

    I think before you SSS you might want to get some evidence just in case that the dog has been on your property- even if its a cell phone picture its better than nothing, just trying to make sure your hiney is covered since the police did say be ready to deal with repercussions or whatever. And yes I probably would have shot the dog in front of the kids, might teach them a lesson on proper animal containment.
  15. Lump In Lip After Impact

    Yep its pretty normal- I played rugby in high school and college a bit, and I was some how prone to getting hit in the lip with flying limbs. The bump will eventually go away, just part of the healing process!