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  1. Pacey Twh

    I've had a TWH for years that i've shown trail pleasure and lite shod walking, and I wanted to add, that many times you do need to have moderate contact with the mouth on gaited breeds, do not just throw him away on the buckle when asking for a flat walk, you do want to ride him like a low level dressage horse in the beginning. He should be able to gait on the buckle eventually however he needs assistance with balance until the gaits become more natural
  2. What Is This?!

    I'm w/Indy on this one, my first horse was grey w/blaze and he would get that. Just sensitive skin, he would get burnt, weeds would bother him ect. Runny nose w/changing of seasons and wind could have caused it too.
  3. Let's See Your Driving Horse.

    Here is Banjo. He is a 12yro Racking horse. Has only been driving for 8 months, but he loves it. We also trail ride him, he is all round a great horse.
  4. What Is The Latest Youve Ever Shown?

    I've been to big shows where the were still showing at 12:30-1:00am, we did not get home till three!
  5. Feed Options For A Fat Horse

    A friend of ours has a Percheron that just had (like a week ago) colic surgery at the university of Tennessee and they told her to soak the hay in water for 15mins, that would take alot of the starches and sugars out of the hay. This is straight from the university
  6. Photos From National Cavalry Competitions

    That was neat!
  7. Itchy Horse

    You can also find the thread on Sweet Itch and follow the story on Banjo
  8. Tucker Endurance

    All of the folks around here ride in them and they like them, I feel that your not that "close" to your horse, but I guess you would get used to it. I use a hybrid saddle pad but I've heard that the wool are the best, just seems heavy to me. We all have gaited horses too and the tuckers fit great
  9. Horrible Registered Name

    Just be glad the name is not Howie Doing like my guy is LOL. I wanted to change it so bad, but I got talked out of it and showed him for years under the name Howie Doing and EVERYONE knew him just by his name, just something to think about. [Jump]
  10. Pitch Forks

    I have an erogonomic fork w/ alum handle with the padded thing and I love it.
  11. Non Authorized Lessons

    At a barn where I work, there is a trainer but people do come out and ride their friends/family's horses. As a privet horse owner I would want to tell people how to ride my horse also. At this barn where I work all guest that climbs on a horse has to sign a waiver. If your not willing to do that because of the money the "fee" for giving a "lesson" then I think that is wrong. Better to have good boarders that pay the board then lose them for 10-20 bucks for an hour of letting a friend ride.
  12. Christmas Costumes - Let's See Some Pictures

    This is ours from last year, I am driving the bay this year and want lots of light as the parade is at night, I'd love more info on how to do it for those of you who have done it. These were just battery operated
  13. Anyone Familiar With Showing Morgans?

    National Bridle carries some good stuff, soft leather. It should be good you can also try World Champion Horse Equipment, Bedford Tack ( This place is HUGE, HUGE the best thing to do is call them)
  14. Help Name The Horse!

    She looks like a Sadie to me