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  1. Some Pics From Various Activities

    Good to see you back G.G. always enjoy your posts !! Don't visit H.C. much Our friend Cowpony posts a lot of good pic's on FB and I generally just go there. By the way I have a friend request for you on Fb Hint Hint lol Have you heard about the 4 cowboys riding thru your country on their way to the canadian border, using all Mustangs? They post pics and a blog from time to time Thanks again, Big John Fritz aka P.C.S.
  2. A Sad Update

    Hello again G.G. Merry Christmas !!!! and a Great and Happy New year !! ps I found you on facebook and sent a friend request !!! hint hint Take care P.C.S.
  3. A Sad Update

    Hello Grouchy, So glad you are back that headline kinda skeered me...But anyway so sorry to hear about loosing your horse and dog-been thru that myselg and I know the pain and also your battle with injury and all. So sorry but it it good to have you back and look forward to your pic's and posts. Sometime back a year or more I sent you a video about Kangen-water and the healing benifits of it and if you still have it, I invite you to take another look at it. It continues to give us much needed energy and strenght . The longer we use it the more we like it. We belong to a co-op of sort and I can probaly find someone near you that has a machine and will provide you with free water and won't try to sell you a machine. Like I have said in the past we feel it is miracle working water. 541-396-1344 or email me @ johnandfaye@wildblue.net P.C.S.
  4. Trail Riding With Yearlings

    Great pictures and stories as usual !!! Thanks !!! still wait for a response on Facebook ???
  5. My Past Few Days

    Great pic's as usual Thanks !! P. C. S.
  6. Because I'm Bored

    Hey Grouch, So good to see you back,check for you most every day,was a little concerned, always enjoy your pictures and the comments as well. Really like your retirement home- will need a little work but...... Also I sent a friend request on facebook hint hint hope you'll click accept as there is some interesting things there. A pretty good way to stay in touch. Cowpony Corral is on there and she posts some pretty neat pictures and stories. Anyways Thanks again, P.C.S.
  7. A Look At Summers Past

    Welcome back !! sure been missing your pic's and stories sounds like you're on the mend !! Wish I lived closer, so I could give you some Kangen-water to speed your recovery even more.If you still have the dvd I sent you you might want to take another look. If you don't you can go to Thiswaterchangedmylife.com This is not our web-site but it is the best I've seen for pure information and facts. However I'd rather you did not buy thru him of course but if you did and you were happy, that is the most important thing !! We wish you a speedy and complete recovery and A very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! P.C.S. ps I did friend you on facebook
  8. Hi Yall From Cowpony's Corral!

    Welcome back cowpony !!! see ya on facebook P.C.S.
  9. Fall Pics'

    Yes Beautiful !! I wanna be there with you and Horsin' LOL P.C.S. Thanks for sharing
  10. Packing Out

    Very good pictures !! Thanks for sharing !! P.C.S.
  11. A Short Trailess Ride

    WOW Great Pic's Thanks !!! Really like 'em all but that Bull Elk takes the prize !! Thanks again, P.C.S.
  12. Fall Ride Up A Washed Out Canyon

    Very nice pictures and the story is interesting !!! Good Hunting !! Thanks for posting !!! P.C.S.
  13. Oh Deer, Oh Deer.

    Good Mornin' G.G. The only reason I visit H.C. is to look for your pictures and I wasn't dissapointed this time either. Great pic's as usual!!! Love those deer, what nice racks and they are in good shape too!! Interesting note about the berries; we have had the best crop of backberries this year in years. We have picked and proceesed at least 20 + gallons and they are big and very good. However all these berries grow on BRIARS !! not bushes and they have big a** thorns ha ha Thanks for the pic's P.C.S.
  14. Poker Ride

    Very Pretty pic's; Good looking mules !!!! Looks like fun to me !! Thanks for sharing, P.C.S.
  15. Riding

    Great Pictures !!! Pretty country !! Thanks for sharing ! I've heard this is the U.F.O capitol of the world ! Have you ever seen anything of that nature ?? Thanks again for sharing. P.C.S. P.S. I've found a way to really save on fuel. G.G.C.