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  1. Working Student

    I took my Senior year off HS (graduated as a Junior) and was a WS. You're a slave. You're cold in the winter. Hot in the summer. You clean a lot of stuff - stalls, tack, horses. However. It was amazing and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I was put in charge when my trainer had to take time off and got to ride some super fancy horses. It's experience that you cannot be taught in a classroom. If this is something you're serious about considering doing for a living, it's a must. Even as having been a WS I didn't survive as a trainer - got burnt out too quickly. And I had a WS helping me. This world takes a special kind of person to run it. You can be the best rider, the best groom, the best stall cleaner, and at the end of the day, it might just not be for you. But it's worth checking out before diving in as a trainer.
  2. Share your horse show names!

    Show name : Runabout (but I would love to change it to Run a Muck... hahahaha. He's actually very talented) Barn name : Shorty ! or Brown Horse brief description 10 yo brown Holstiener gelding. Super scopey, fast, loves to jump. Seriously the coolest horse I've ever owned. Coolest horse I'll ever own. I'll do the horses I just sold too because I'm bored and this is kinda fun.... Show Name: Goodness Gracious Barn Name: Grace/Gracie Description: APHA little mare. Show Name: Molly by Golly Barn Name: Molly Description: Chestnut AQHA mare. my FAVORITE name of a horse I've ever owned? Show name: Caught Red Handed Barn Name: Red Description: Bright Red Chestnut TB gelding.
  3. Tall Boots!

    I second Chris on the tredsteps. LOVE mine. I have three pairs of boots - Ariats (which I've had for... well, since I was 16, and they're still going strong!) the Tredsteps which look like a glove on my leg, and my Vogels, which are the most comfortable thing I've ever worn.
  4. A Little Help In A Touchy Situation.

    OMG Megan I was thinking the same thing. I wish we could "like" things on here sometimes, like on COTH. Because I went to "like" your post and was sadly disappointed when I could not As far as Princess Troll goes, wherever she is, this post is dead but I'm responding because... because I want to... Have an affair with your trainer. Like you said, no one will find out. Then you can have double the billions of dollars and the good trainer and the nice horses. Or, leave your bf, don't go for your trainer, focus on your horses and become a real horsewoman and stop getting mixed up in the middle of unwanted crap that later you will hate yourself for. You're better than this.
  5. A General Update

    Totally bumping this up. Because I can. Chris. Totally loved talking to you, uh, yesterday? I'm still debating though... ERIN. Can we please have a catch up sesh?! I HAVE EXCITING NEWS FOR YOU.
  6. Double Major In College

    I have a friend who went to Lake Erie. I'll send her in this direction :)
  7. A General Update

    Maybe just a general update on my life, some pictures, I'm bored. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Rachel. I just turned 23. I started posting on this BB when I was 13. Wow. Time flies. I sold my mares about five months ago. I left for treatment, once again, and could no longer afford the four horses I've owned for so long. No more training business for me. Put that on permanent hold. Being a trainer was fun. For a while. Ya. No. I love to teach but no, not my thing. One is continuing her life as a school horse (Molly, the chestnut) and the other is a leisure horse (Grace, the paint). But of course, the infamous Brown Horse is still mine, or mine his. And Dot is still trucking. 34 years old now. And the donkeys. Still got those. I moved to San Francisco. Love it love it love it. City life is for me. Who'd a thunk, a little country mouse like myself a big city girl?! "big city". Ha. About the smallest big city ever. I went rafting. and got a (nother) tattoo and the brown horse
  8. I Want An Update On Everyone's Riding Lives!

    Hmmmm.... My riding life consists of.... Me going out every once in a blue moon. I live in San Francisco now. About sixty miles south of where Shorty lives. So, I get out there and play with him and groom him maybe once every two weeks if that Sad face.
  9. This Place Is Dead

  10. Critique?

    Thanks guys :) Shorty is pretty fabulous. A real back cracking type of jumper, it takes a lot to stay with him. Jump4Joy-- the saddle in the vertical is not mine ;) It doesn't fit me very well at all, though the saddle in the X rails is mine and it fits quite well. It's also pretty obvious when I'm wearing actual riding boots my leg is a *bit* better, though through watching videos of myself (like I said, these are off of stills) I'd like to see myself stronger, especially on the landing. I'd like some suggestions on what I can do to improve. ETA: I put a picture in the OP of us when we're in shape... I'd like to get back to that point. It's been over 2 1/2 years since I've been able to lesson, that picture was taken about a year ago, so I know we're capable of things not necessarily lessoning. I am trying to get a good friend out to give me some pointers, but mainly I think it's that I'm out of shape. I had to take some time off for medical reasons and I'd really like to get back to where we were in that picture.
  11. Critique?

    in a while... Just for giggles, I thought I'd put up some photos of the Brown Horse and I for critique. My only excuse, and you can see the difference in the pictures, are the brown boots are not actual riding boots but the Dubarry boots... that is all... Remember the good ol' days when critiques swamped the boards? But seriously, I'm pretty aware of my flaws, but I'm interested in what you guys think I can work on to solve them. Sorry I only have photos going one way, they're stills off of videos I take ;) The one of me in the jeans is about a month ago and the breeches over the vertical was today. Oh throwing in a picture of what we look like when we're in shape...just for reference... TIA! Rachel
  12. Problem..

    Awesome. I'm glad you're making some progress and the cantering through jumping sounds like a good plan. Confidence is tricky, especially since you had that hard fall, buy you're so dedicated to him I know you have what it takes. Keep your chin up girl, you've got this.
  13. Problem..

    how's it going?
  14. Problem..

    I'm more concerned that the bit is sitting too high or low. Also, that the pressure be too much on his poll, maybe causing a little bit of a headache/balance issues up there? I used to ride a horse of mine in one of those sheepskin halter cover things (do you know what I mean? lol) (he had a sensitive poll) Have you ever ridden in a hackamore before? Maybe not something to try right now, there's a lot to rule out, just a question.
  15. Problem..

    i'll come hop on him for ya ;-) no but really, don't push him too much with the lunging. I think he might be sore somewhere, the tork from the lunging could aggravate it. I'd stick to maybe 3 days a week, at first liberty, then with something like side reins, chambone/stretcher etc. could be a balance thing. what kind of bit are you riding him in? are you sure your bridle is fit correctly?