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  1. Wording An Ad

    Hoping y'all can help me out here a bit. My daughter has decided that she's not quite as interested in A) jumping or green horses as she is in cutting and riding broke horses. Hence, we'll be listing Steve Holt! for sale here soon. Trouble is, I'm not into the jumping scene, and that's where his talent lies. Katie is pretty novice when it comes to jumping; she's done up to 28" on him, though he's free jumped 3' from a trot. He's a pretty mover on the flat, but not tight like a hunter going over jumps. When you're looking for a new prospect, what are the things that draw you in? ps, did you know you can't BOLD a capitol B? It turns into a sun glass smiley face :)
  2. Over Anticipating

    Hmmm... Okay, so now I'm getting a different feel for when you were wanting the whoa. I'd definitely avoid the stud chain on Zon; too sensitive for that. When he was here, and in a small pen (20x20), he learned that when the flag touched his back, stopping was in order. He could move when it was no longer there. If he began to move off before I said it was okay, he got a smack in the butt and I made him move hard and fast away from the pressure. Made it much more pleasant to stand and be touched than to work tight circles. Hard to do when you're in a larger space, but it helped him transition from not wanting to be touched, to standing still while I touched him. This should transition to grooming...touching means stand still. I'd be getting stuff on his body at every opportunity. If he moves, drive him away. If he stands, that's his reward (standing, not being pushed away.) And of course, always reinforced with the verbal command as his feet come to a stand still.
  3. What I Have Been Up To Lately

    Always good to get those last few rides in before the weather turns! Glad you had fun!
  4. My Wild Road Trip

    Thank you, Mad Dog! Andi, Maggie & Farrel have a 4WD...I'll check with them and see if they'd be willing to transport Judy up. Deb wants to leave her rig with Gene (since he's not on the observers list, poor boy) so that he won't be left at the motel without anything to drive, so we're wondering if you'd mind picking us up?
  5. My Wild Road Trip

    You're welcome, PineBar! Andi, coming in on Thursday, gather Friday, Steens Saturday, loading horses and heading home Sunday. Darling, yes, City Boy, no.
  6. Lefty

    Worked at getting in and out of the trailer nicely, then took our first road trip since our little accident six weeks ago (can it have been that long?) He unloaded well at the arena and took everything in stride once there. This is his first time with a ball, barrels (you can see his reaction when he spots them from the round pen) and backing between anything.
  7. My Wild Road Trip

    Friday, Andi. And looks like we'll be back at the motel since Deb has her hubby with her this trip and that's where the truck will be :tongue9: Sounds like an early morning on Friday!
  8. My Wild Road Trip

    Thought I'd add a video for y'all!
  9. Long Mane Products

    I've wondered the same thing. I've got two horses here that begin to felt up within 24-48 hours. It's impossible to deal with (one just tosses her diva hair and it's instant knots!) I've been wondering about a mousse I've got here, or just using strips of fabric in the braid.
  10. Lefty

    RA...I'm nothing out of the ordinary, trust me! Lots of folks with far more talent when it comes to these horses. I just plunker along and do whatever I can do. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Learning is always the name of the game! :tongue9:
  11. My Wild Road Trip

    Actually...on Black? That is mud, lol! But you can see Blue's neck is swollen and looks as though he may have an abscess. Bachelors! Though Black and the bay pinto are in the mix, neither of them currently have any mares for themselves. The younger 'men' typically hang out at a distance, but the sound of motorcycles sent the main herd and the bachelors into one large huddle. Juniper gets a scratch from an older colt. The bay and Blue, hanging out. Raisin, her mom and the bay stallion. Raisin...if things work out, I'd like to adopt her when they're gathered again in '13.
  12. My Wild Road Trip

    After South Steens, we visited the Kiger HMA.
  13. My Wild Road Trip

    These are all from the South Steens HMA. There must have been well over 30 horses milling around us while we were there.
  14. My Wild Road Trip

    Spent a couple of days in Harney County. Had dinner with Andi (and left the horse trailer at her house...let's not talk about that, okay?) Visited two different HMAs and saw a LOT of wild horses.
  15. Hes Home!

    Glad he's home and that things are going well! Mud...a constant battle! We finally put road fabric down, the a load of 5/8 minus...followed by pea gravel the past two years. It was looking good last year until Red came to stay. He was a special case...worked him in the paddock and man did he tear it up! But most of my horses do well on it, and the mud has ceased to be.