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  1. Landlord/tenent Dispute

    If I could get out of the lease I would! We have looked, but we would have to continue to pay rent on both places until the lease was up. I'm sure I'll see him tonight because he has been doing outside projects lately. I'm going to ask him again about the W/D issue and see what he says.
  2. Landlord/tenent Dispute

    He came over when we first found the problem and said 'huh, well. Guess you're going to have to pay for that.' I have had MANY problems with him and have been amazingly nice and polite to him (which believe me, is hard to do when he is changing the rules every other day. Oh, and the threats of eviction "If you were to do this, I could evict you. Did you know that?" about things that WE DON'T EVEN DO! Example: He let me know that "If you were to have drugs in your house, I could evict you." just out of the blue when he was raking the yard one day. I literally stared at him like "Where did that come from?" I asked him if we gave him a reason to think that there might be drugs in the house and he said "Nope, just wanted you to know." My thoughts are that this guy is on a powertrip. I made a HUGE mistake moving into this house but we fell in love with it and the location. He is 26 years old and I am 24 years old so i think the immaturity on his level is what really ticks me off. I didn't realize he was that young until we were talking one night. It was then that the alarms and whistles started going off in my head. For my job I travel about 3 weeks out of the month. One day I was on a plane and realized it was the 1st of July and I had forgotten to leave him a check. The minute I got off the plane I texted him and said "Just wanted to let you know that I forgot to leave a check but I will be home tomorrow and will have one for you." He texted me back "I AM NOT PLAYING GAMES WITH YOU GIRLS. I EXPECT RENT CHECKS TO BE IN MY MAILBOX ON TIME. IF IT IS LATE AGAIN I WILL BE CHARGING YOU A LATE FEE" I went home and looked at our lease agreement and sure enough, we have until the 5th of every month to pay rent. A bit ridiculous, no? I did confront him about it and let him know that the lease states the above and that I felt I was being courteous by letting him know when to expect the check. He said "I've just heard horror stories about rentals" to which I responded "Well, you have about 15 references and my credit report. My rental history is squeaky clean. In fact, I've received my last month of rent free at several places because I was such a clean, quiet tenant. If you didn't trust us you shouldn't have rented to us." He had no response. I'm trying to work something out with him as far as getting him to pay it or we take it out of a month's worth of rent. Problem is, everytime I talk to him he becomes mr.defensive about everything even when I am nice and sweet as pie to him (which if you knew me in person you would realize is hard ). I've always been nice, he just IMMEDIATELY jumps to the defense about everything which makes it difficult to work on things.
  3. Landlord/tenent Dispute

    I have no idea what the stove runs off of (not home right now). There is NO PLUG at all downstairs. Home was advertised as having W/D hookups. As I am looking through rental code policies I am seeing that he is behind on MANY things. Home is lovely and it is perfect for the needs of myself and my roommate but there are a few things that he is quite behind on. BTW - Lease states that 'tenant should not make any improvements to home without prior written authorization of landlord. Improvements that affect value of the home will be covered by landlord." Me thinks that holds him responsible, no?
  4. Landlord/tenent Dispute

    Oh, the dryer and washer will be coming with us. I'm talking about paying the $150-$200 to have a PLUG installed so the dang dryer can run!
  5. Landlord/tenent Dispute

    I am a renter of six years and have lived in different apartment complexes, townhomes etc. This is my first time renting directly from a landlord. I live with my roommate of six years and we absolutely love the house we are renting. We just hate the landlord. Now, some things I know we (more so she - as in the roomie) are being unfair about. But other things I feel like he is just trying to screw us over. House is a duplex and he lives right next door. There are MANY things I am ticked off about, but here is the most recent. Now tell me...am I being unfair about this in thinking that he has to be smoking something?? House did not come with a washer or dryer, but he said the hookups were there. We found a washer and dryer we wanted to purchase but asked him first "Will the house support an ELECTRIC dryer?" he said "Yeah, as long as there is a normal plug". We bought the washer/dryer, guess what...NO PLUG. Now he says WE (as in my roomie and I) will have to pay to get one put in. To me this seems unfair because we will pay the $150-$200 for it to be installed and then anyone who moves in after us will have the ability to use the dryer down there? I don't think its fair to be making improvements on the house for him. Am I being silly about this?
  6. Update On Dog With Severe Anxiety

    I have tried so hard not to give up on him. About two months ago we considered putting him down because it just seemed like he wasn't living a happy life not matter what we did. It was so hard to see him suffer in that way. We still have our struggles, but the bulk of the anxiety seems to be going away. He was a shelter dog that we began fostering when he was about two years old. According to his records he was a stray, adopted out twice and returned twice. We fostered him in the hopes of helping him become a 'good canine citizen' but he has some severe issues that we couldn't help. Our greatest concern was that he would be adopted out to a home and then be returned within a week. We decided after fostering him for about a year to adopt him because we felt we could give him the best chance at life at not give up on him. Five years later and many, MANY struggles later we are finally on 'a road to happiness' with him. His enjoyment of life has increased and I actually see some light in his eyes. When I ask him if he wants to go play instead of the usual ears pinned back and slinking around the house he used to do (oh, and shying away from any form of toy when thrown in the air), he is now JUMPING in the air and spinning circles. I don't care that he is spazzing out about playtime, car rides, or going for walks. The fact that I see LIFE and ENJOYMENT in this dog's face just makes me so happy I about squeeze him to death every time we snuggle. Since we have started medications he has now destroyed: - 12 squeaky toys (he loves his stuffless ones, but the ones WITH stuffing he loves even more. I don't care if he is ripping them apart, if he loves it, i let him do it) - 4 nyla bones - two tennis balls We are loving life and playing hard.
  7. Update On Dog With Severe Anxiety

    Thank you. I'm so happy we have been able to help him!!! Here is a picture of him when I picked him up from daycare last week. He passes out about 5 minutes into the drive home:
  8. Just wanted to update those of you who had given suggestions to me about my doberman/hound mix with severe anxiety... A little over a month ago we started taking him to doggie day care near my office. He seemed to enjoy it quite a bit and made me very happy that when I would pick him up that he was tired, but still happy to see me. He started going every M-F from 8a-5p and then would come to the barn with me or would hang out at home while I was at the barn. If he was home alone he would still destroy things in the house or pee in the house. At the barn he would whine and bark and cry if he couldn't see me (mind you, he was loose). A few weeks ago the day care called me and said he was "not himself" and did not want to play with the group anymore. They pulled him out of the large play group and found he was a much happier dog just doing one-on-one play with a staff member. I am thankful they are willing to make special accommodations for this dog because I don't know what else I would do otherwise! He has gone back to the vet every two weeks for an evaluation. Vet made the determination that increasing the medications for him would help with the anti-social and anxiety he is still experiencing. He has now been on the increased dosage for two weeks and is the happiest I have ever seen him. He is able to go back in the large play group, able to come home, chew his bones, play with toys AND SLEEP! We left him home on Saturday as a 'test' to see what he would do. We had wireless cameras on him and saw that at first he was a little upset that we were gone, but he eventually walked over to his toy box, picked up a bone, chewed on it for a good 45 min before passing out. He did not pee, did not poo, did not destroy the carpet! I'm hoping this means we are on our way to a happier life for him. I love this dog to pieces and I am happy that everything is getting a little better for him in life.
  9. Michigan Horse People

    *** HONDO FOUND *** Just a few minor scrapes but overall ok! :) Thanks to the power of horse people coming together to search and pass the word around. This is fabulous news.
  10. Michigan Horse People

    From what I hear they were trail riding and he was tied to a trailer. Something spooked him, he broke his halter and ran off. I do have a photo but I can't attach it to a post? DNR, Sheriffs department, local veterinarians, trainers, barns have all been notified. I'm worried about hunters mistaking him for a deer.
  11. Michigan Horse People

    Michigan horse people! Missing horse in the Allegan/Barry County area. Please feel free to pass it along! "On Monday 10/1, a friend lost her horse in Allegan County by Bowens Mill Rd and 3rd St. and Patterson Rd, West of Gun Lake. His name is Hondo...he is a 16+ Bay warmblood. PLEASE keep an eye and ear out for him...and tell your friends. We need everyone's help to bring this beautiful and deeply loved horse safely back home to his family!"
  12. Dog With Severe Anxiety

    Well it seems this dog will have anxiety no matter what. Friday night he was one exhausted puppy. Saturday he went from 7a-10p and when I picked him up they let me know that he had attempted to climb the 12ft fence they have surrounding the play area because they took his "best friend" out. They said he was about 1/2 way up in a matter of five minutes. Such a bizzare dog...I'm giving him a break from daycare today. He has been too tired to get up in the morning and I don't want to wear him out to the point where he is sore. Who wants to take bets on what kind of a diaster my house will be when I go home on my lunch hour? ETA: Still have not found anything to keep his mind busy. I forgot to mention earlier that we found a few toys online that the dog has to solve a puzzle for in order to get the treat. He seemed to like these a lot in the beginning but would get bored after a few days. I'm looking into a few more of those (next level up). Dog is way to smart for his own good. The only thing I have found is a "fun day" agility class. Low pressure, just fun. Unfortunately it starts this weekend and I am scheduled to have surgery this Friday so we won't be able to attend for a bit. Anyone want to babysit a dog for me while I recover? He'll help you remodel your house!!!
  13. Dog With Severe Anxiety

    I have been looking into finding something like that for him. I'm sure he would LOVE it. Just haven't found anything in our area. We have tried to find him a home more suitable to his needs. Haven't been successful.
  14. Josey's "photoshoot"

    Oh jeeze. My old gelding tore both his front suspensories getting cast in a stall once. It was not fun. Spent 6 months in a stall. How did she do it?
  15. Dog With Severe Anxiety

    He'd be there from 8am-5pm with the exception of weekends when I work double shifts at the hospital. What good is a life at home, alone, no interaction at all? I'd rather he get to socialize with other dogs and the people who work there during the day and get to come home and snuggle with me at night. I'm very happy with the decision to put him there. ETA: not trying to "fix" him. Trying to help him find enjoyment in life. Also, the only reason why he is there from 7am-10pm today is because I work both my jobs. Normally, he'd be at home with my roommate but I never know how long she is going to be there or what her schedule is. Plus, I don't think its really fair to assume that my roommate will take care of the dog when I'm gone. Its not her dog.