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    barrel racing, music, dogs
  1. Nbha

    have been a member in the past. In fact my mom wanted me to go to NBHA's instead of HS rodeos so that's what we did. I didn't make it to one in 09, but kinda want to this year. I like the National Shows best.
  2. Barrel Bash Rapid City, Sd!

    entered all 3 days
  3. Barrel Bash Rapid City, Sd!

    I am. I will not have ran my horse in 2 wks so it could be a circus act.
  4. 1d Or Bust?

    Another thing, sure I want to run in the 1D and I think my horse and I are capable. I have against maybe 30+ horses and that is not placing but close. If certain people show up then I am bumped no matter what division I'm in. Over Memorial Day, I thought I was placing good in the 3D, then some idiot knocked me out on a bad (for them) 3D run. It was a tight division but I was still pissed. There's a few in this area that if they show up, you go make your run anyway but you don't have a chance. Jerks the air out of me sometimes.
  5. 1d Or Bust?

    I shoot for 1D but it doesn't happen much. If I can't be there, I am happy landing in any other D as long as I place. It is really no fun when the same people are at the top every time. It gets a little old.
  6. Nbha Cowboy Nationals!

    I would like to go.
  7. Everyone! Come Post An Update On How Youve Been!

    Hi Kaycee. I forgot, where are you going to school @? I go here in Gillette. Today is our first day back from spring break but I don't go till tonight. I ride when I can but winter here makes it impossible. I went to some winter jackpots here though. I also have a 3 year old getting trained now. I got to ride her 19 times before the snow hit and then we had her teeth done. Do you still have 11?
  8. Frenchmans Guy

    I have one of theirs that I got through Myers' Sale.
  9. Which Do You Prefer For Competition?

    I prefer mohair
  10. Hate To Ask This Here But.....

    I've been having trouble logging on to BHW. It says something like Java Runtime error. I've fought w/ it all day. Is there anything I can do?
  11. Can I Start My Filly On Barrels This Summer?

    I would wait until next summer when she is 3. I started mine under saddle @ 2.5.
  12. Buying A Colt/filly

    swirls on their forehead.
  13. Blows My Mind...nbha Youth World Finals

    It was a half, half, whole split I think.
  14. Speed Beads/Rythm beads?

    I made my own. They are just a decoration. They don't help anything.