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  1. Trimming Lame Horse

    hope I am doing this right..I have a Qh with tiny teacup feet that grows a long toe and no heel and she has thin sole. I have a farrier suppose to be a barefoot specialist but it's been a year and nothing have changed on her feet. I could take pictures of her feet on facebook but I couldn't find the old ones I use to have.
  2. Informational Barefoot Websites And More!

    I have a QH breed for western pleasure showing ( her sire is zip chocolate zip) she did awesome but soon after showing she became sore and her show career was over and she became just one of the horses (happy now). the question is I had a barefoot specialist doing her feet as my other 2 tenn walker . Emily(QH) has long toe low heel horse and have thin sole. do you know anyone I can contact on questions on what to do with her feet and help keep her sound. cleave wells trained her, he cut her tongue, she has scars from his awful training(before we got her) I need someone who really knows problem feet and maybe give me suggestion to tell my farrier. don't have a clue how to show a picture on is web sight. couldn't find the picture of her feet.