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  1. Barrels And Poles Videos!

    Thanks for the info on poles, canchasin. I'm going to give it a serious shot as soon as the weather cools down a bit. It has been rough lately here and hard to focus with the humidity. Ugh. S.O. Thank you! He's a good boy and loves his job. I'm proud of him.
  2. Barrels And Poles Videos!

    Thank you! I really feel the same way about him and the pole pattern. He has some seriously untapped potential there and I need to fine tune us both. I wish they had clinics in my area, or at least some trainers that were into pole bending. It's all barrel racing down here. =( I need a little outside help because I feel like Ronnie could be a serious champ in it as long as I do my share. As for the stake race, funny that you mention it, we had a terrible stake race run! I mean it was BAD. My fault as usual, although Ronnie was way too fast and wasn't paying close enough attention to me so by the time he got himself together, we had already broken the timer and the pattern, lol. It was our first time ever though, so I'll blame it on that. =)
  3. Barrels And Poles Videos!

    This was our first barrel run in over 3 months and our first pole run in about 5 months, so they're both a little rough looking, I apologize. Critiques are welcome, although I know where I messed up on most accounts, you girls might see something that I missed. On the barrels, I'm not sure why I dropped my outside rein so early; good Ronnie was confused but was smart enough to know what I wanted and finished the barrel nice and tight. Oh, and awesome stuff was going on around the top of the barrel and the ground surrounding it apparently, since that was where I was staring most of the time, lol. We won barrels and would have won poles by at least 2 seconds if we hadn't broken the timer. Yay! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loY8dcbj2k8...feature=channel As for the poles, I love poles, but I NEVER practice them. I need to make some homemade poles and get it together. Not a bad run all and all, but I set him up poorly for the second end pole and it shows. The first turn was bad a$$ if it had been a third barrel and not a pole, lol. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwgpu1pLmFk...feature=channel He was such a good boy though, I'm so proud of him. We won keyhole too, but I hate that event and refuse to waste my time with it again, lol.
  4. Riding Photos And New Saddle Pictures

    I can try, but I already feel like I'm searching for them more than I should be and that lengthening them seems like it will make it even more difficult to find them. I like a straighter alignment too. I rode better today than I had the first couple times, but I'm so worried that riding in such a dramatic chair seat like that will encourage bad habits. I'm already trying to ride myself out of the bad habits that the Bob Marshall gave me. This saddle, while comfortable for the most part, has me moving my butt a lot because of the stirrup set up. I used to have a very quiet seat but watching the videos from that day makes it seem like I'm moving too much: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhihER22WEA...feature=channel Don't mind the bad behavior on our part. He was really rushing into his canter and I kept having to bring him back down, get him back on his butt, and try again. He wasn't too pleased with it, but we ended up on a nice note within 10 minutes of working on slowing him down and getting him settled.
  5. Riding Photos And New Saddle Pictures

    Thanks girls. I love him, he's my buddy through and through. I'm still not a fan of the stirrups. I'm going to call Mr. Ammerman and get a price quote on making normal stirrups out of them. If it's out of my price range, I'll suffer through the forward set stirrups, but fingers crossed that he can work it out for a good price. I can just imagine the beating I would receive from my old hunter trainer for a chair seat like that!
  6. I know everyone loves pictures!! Here are a few cute ones showin' off my new saddle, which I LOVE. It FITS my horse and rides beautifully. It's an Ammerman, my favorite. I don't like how forward the stirrups are, but I'm dealing with it. They're called "pro balance" or something along those lines. My Arab looks like a fat cow pony now. He sticks his tongue out for photos too. We're dorks:
  7. I Got A New Saddle! Pics Added!

    Yay! You'll love it! Cactus is my favorite next to Ammerman for the way they ride. They just feel right. I just got my new Ammerman saddle too, we'll have to do a picture exchange soon!
  8. New Prospect/project Horse * New Pics Added*

    Very cute! He'll look so nice with some weight and muscle! He has a great home with you, Tilly, and Cowboy (whom I still love and want to steal).
  9. What's Considered Novice At Your Races?

    We don't have novice at our jackpots, but here is a copy of our rules at the local saddle clubs: 24. NOVICE is open to any horse that has not won more than (3) blue ribbons. However if you have won (3) blue ribbons and your times are not comparable to your appropriate age level class you can stay in novice until you are comparable to your age level class or the end of the year which ever comes first. This decision is made by Management the Speed Management. Ex. Your times in novice is 18 seconds in barrels and you have won 3 blue ribbons and the appropriate age level class for you is also around 18 seconds you must move on. On the other hand you have won 3 blue ribbons and your doing 25-30 seconds in barrels and your age level is doing 18 seconds than you may stay in novice.
  10. Tack Question About Weaver Leather

    I love Weaver tack. ALL of my tack is Weaver and I have never been disappointed. Just thought I'd throw that out there. =) Hope you get yourself a pretty tack set like you're looking at and the colors are what you'd hopes. Great prices and they just last forever. I've had my nice headstall for 7 years now. I just change the conchos around and it looks brand new and is so soft and supple. I'm a huge leather snob too ;)
  11. Cinches

    I use the alpaca cinch and have been happy with it. I didn't like the buckles touching my horse's skin at first, but he doesn't seem bothered by it, so I keep using it. I like that it has some stretch for him; allows for better breathing. Mohair or alpaca are your best best. =)
  12. For The

    My horse was terrible at one point about this and would turn the second barrel before actually reaching it for some time (a lot of broken patterns). I spent a lot of time pushing him past the 2nd barrel and turning a circle without the barrel there. I would switch up the pattern at an actual run a couple times a week (I had to actually RUN him when overcoming this problem, because he wouldn't cut in at a slower pace). That way, he was listening to me, not anticipating me. Also, I added a tie down for a while (thinking about taking it off now, just a lil scared, lol) because he would come out of the first barrel with his head so high that I just couldn't get him back where he needed to be in time. The tie down was the best tool that I could have chosen for my horse (obviously not all horses are the same) and allowed me to focus on getting him set up right without fighting to collect my reins (and watch that my face and his neck didn't meet). I also spent a lot of time improving my position as well. As soon as we leave the first barrel, all my cues are pushing him to the far side of the 2nd barrel; I shift my weight, lay my leg on him, and act as though I'm asking him to leg yield into a pole pattern. It has really helped get him RIGHT where he needs to be for the 2nd barrel and since we've gotten over our problem, the 2nd barrel is our smoothest and fastest barrel. Ugh, you're all making me itch to chase some cans now. It's been too long since I've been to a race and I REALLY want to go! Darn work and being broke (you'd think one would help the other, but alas..)
  13. Coggins Test

    I live here in Florida and have never had a problem using a copy of the coggins. The ag officer here checks the local boarding barns and they have copies, not originals. Once again, never a problem. Good luck! Have fun on your ride!
  14. That's so cool! I LOVE playday races with fun different events. THAT is what riding is all about; having a blast! Congratulations! I can't believe how many people are in your age group. There's only about 6 or so at our local saddle clubs. Most of the competitors are in youth. I'm also in a small class; probably 6 of us at best. I would like a little more competition (my horse and I win barrels and poles at every race), but we wouldn't stand a chance against 60 people! Good for you!
  15. Wooo! Me & Sadie Won 1st In The 1d Video Added

    Whoa, that mare can move! Congratulations on your wins. =)