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  1. Clipper Blades

    I just ordered a 10 wide Oyster clipping blade from Petsmart since I got the best deal from them. however, after reviewing the order i realized that the blades are for "dogs"....however would they still work fine on my horse? i figure that the blades could not be that different for any type of animal and generally worked the same? advice? should i cancel the order and find them specifically for horses?
  2. Hey I was just wondering how you manage your "hot horse. My horse tends to be very overly enthusiastic and has so much energy. He's very very willing, just can be a handful. I was just wondering what you do to manage your over-energetic horse. Such as your your horse's working routine, grain, supplements, calmers, etc. Any information would be great. Thanks!
  3. Products For A Gray Horse

    Thanks for the replies so far, sooo helpful
  4. Hey guys, so I have been riding this beautiful grey mare at my lesson barn and will be showing her May 17th. [Jump] Yet, this is my first time dealing with the grooming and cleaning process of a gray/white horse. I've been blessed with bays, good grooming, and some show sheen. So, I was wondering about techniques you guys do to prep your gray horse for a show. What products do you use? Would you recommend a bath the day before with a spot treatment the morning of the show? If so what products. Also any other information would be wonderful and greatly appreciated.
  5. College Decisions...

    Thank you for all of your advice, i have taken all of it into consideration. Yet, I'm still stuck and trying to figure everything out. Hopefully in February I will be able to follow and help our my horse's veterinarian to see what a day (or a few days) in the life of a veterinarian consists of. Until then I have a few questions on the topic and if anyone could answer them that would be appreciated? - How much free time does a vet have? I feel that if I look into that profession I will not have a lot of spare time. I know hours can vary because of emergency situations but I feel that is okay. - what is something to specialize in? I was thinking either of breeding or lameness. I actually have to go for now...I'll continue posting questions later. Thanks!
  6. Express Eventing

    I agree completely with everyone. After watching eventing since the change it is obvious that the long, old format worked the best. What was taken out of the long format allowed us to know that the horses were fit, that the riders could handle jumps at a gallop (staying balanced), and allowed people to finish the course with a good ride. The short format now just has more complex jumping situations which is harder for the horse and rider to maneuver. Also should say that a good foundation for eventing is necessary, and to make sure that people are not 'overhorsed.'
  7. Took My Mustang Foxhunting!

    aww I love these pictures. Partly because I love looking at pictures of foxhunts. I took my Morgan foxhunting this past fall and it was soo much fun. I love the hounds as well =]
  8. Your Horses Favorite Treats

    Well haha, I actually just remembered another treat our horses loved. It possibly could have not been safe to feed them but anyway they were fine. Me and my friend found a plum treat in this field that we rode in, so we decided to eat them and they were great. We picked a few more and brought them back to our barn to give to our barn manager. She then proceeded to give one of the plums to her horse. Yes, these plums did have pits (ehh..) BUT the horses would eat them plum then a second later spit out the pit! It was the funniest thing ever.
  9. Where Do You Want To Go To College?

    Well this coming school year I will be attending University of Findlay or University of New Hampshire. I haven't decided but they are both good schools
  10. Hey guys so I was just lurking around and figured I would post something since I was just contemplating giving my horse a good unique snack that is new. Sooo. What are some of your horses favorite treats or snacks? My guy loves when I make him applesauce sandwiches. I'm pretty sure he gets the most fun out of taking the sandwich and shaking his head so applesauce ends up all over me. Then proceeding to eat his snack. He also loves soft mints and sugar cubes of course. [Jump]
  11. Ridiculous Registered Names Part 2!

    A horse's show name at a barn I used to ride at was Ask Me For Pleasure. My horse's name is Jack Daniels, he's from UCONN. :)
  12. Best Advice For Growing A Tail?

    hey, my horse's tail thinned out during the winter and my friend recommended me to us Shapley's M-T-G (mane-tail-growth). It worked really well for my horse, he stopped rubbing his tail and now has a full tail. i would give that a try. Good luck
  13. College Decisions...

    thank you =]
  14. College Decisions...

    Thank you so much for all the advice. It's such a tough decision and bothers me basically everyday. I decided that I'm going to go to the University of Findlay. I'm going to visit there in March just to make sure I feel comfortable there, but I loved it when I went to look. In school, I'm average at my sciences and maths. I'm one of the top people in my class, but I do not take APs or a lot of honors courses. Overall, I'm a high honor student though so I feel I could hold my own. I do realize that pre-vet is very, very tough. Plus another 4+ years after college by going to veternairy school.
  15. College Decisions...

    Alright, so I've just heard back from some of my colleges and now for my next decision. To make this short and sweet for now, I really can't decide between an equestrian major or pre-vet. Honestly for my whole life I feel that I've wanted to work with horses. I feel that every horse is good for something, so I'd want to make sure that every horse has a place and someone to love them. As well, I'd always wanted to visit Germany, Ireland, or Holland to ride horses and learn the discipline from trainers over there. My friend works for David Hopper in NY, and helps to train his horses. She states that she just has a list of horses to ride, and David even will give them lessons to help stay on top of everything. That's an awesome job. My second choice is taking up a pre-vet major. If I was a vet, I'd like to specialize in lameness or breeding. I would love to help a foal and watch the foal grow up. As well, specializing in lameness would allow me to give each horse a second chance and allow them to live their life. So, anyone have any advice on a major? I know that the decision is ultimately up to me. Any advice would be appreciated.