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  1. Thin Mare With 1 Yr Old Stud

    i dont care if you dont believe me. as of now i dont care what anyone has to say
  2. Thin Mare With 1 Yr Old Stud

    i dont care if you think it all sounds fishy. yes i am a sub. if its beyond any of you think that maybe i took an excelerated progrm and finished college already than thats your fault. i started college at 16 because i was homeschooled. i dont care what you think about that. and the weight issue was me just guessing how much she needed to gain. and i dont have to explain myself to any of you. at this point im just going to do what i want to do and if that means breeding her then fine. and i do know how horses make friggin babies Jackie!!!! my only question was if a stallion that young can do anything.because i know with cats and dogs theres a cut off age i think all of you are extremely judgemental. and btw it wasnt a typo yes 8 bales. 1550lbs each yes i know i have alot to learn but i dont appreciate the name calling and sarcasm if any of you still want pics ill try to get them tomorrow.
  3. Thin Mare With 1 Yr Old Stud

    well it comes down to this. yes i do everything i can for my horses. yes i do have elliemay and apache but i also have one more. that i will be selling. i dont waste my money. ive had 2 vets come check these horses out twice. yes the vet did say they needed a lot of grain but now all at once. i built it up ofer the past month. and these horses did make a huge turn around. i do not want to move them. if you saw before and after pics there is a huge difference. and i couldn't have made a 700 mile trip. to visit them. i have dewormed them twice since i got them out here. i will not sell all my horses. just the one. i trim my horses hooves. every 3 weeks to keep them short. once again I'm sorry that my question came off as me being stupid. i accept full responsibility for my animals. i already reserved 8 bails of 09 hay for winter. they were never in bad condition in my care. i do regret leaving them in Nebraska. i di have a vet look at them out there TWICE. SHE NEVER TOLD ME HOW BAD THEY WERE. I CALLED EVERY WEEK AND MADE SURE I ALWAYS PAID THE BOARDING FEE EARLY. EVERY TIME I ASKED HOW THEY WERE DOING THE VET AND THE PERSON THAT HAD THEM WOULD GIVE ME THE SAME ANSWER. " OH , THEYRE DOING OK, I GUESS. THEN I WOULD ASK DO YOU NEED ANYMORE MONEY FOR EXTRA FEED AND HE'D SAY "NOPE". i have 3 summer jobs already and i work at a preschool and substitute teach during the school year. i do think now that I'm working extra that i will be able to do what i need to do. and yes im young. im 18. and last but not least i will have the vet out again to check up on her and the other two next Tuesday. im sorry for the inconvenience the mare in question is Elliemay. i will post pics if you want them AND I DONT THINK SHE NEEDS TO GAIN ANOTHER 100 LBS. MAYBE 50 TOPS THE WAY SHES LOOKING NOW.
  4. Thin Mare With 1 Yr Old Stud

    first off why am i being atacked? second i wasnt completely honest. i jst wanted to see if it was posible.and she wwas a rescue but i had owned her before this whole thing. i have her for 2 years but that i had to relocate for work and was forced to leave her and some other horses with an ex frend new enemie. he starved her and my other horses half to death. ON PURPOSE!!!! i was forced to put them where theyre now because i cant afford expensive boarding fees so a frend offered to me that i could keep tham by her. she was supposed to get rid of that stud colt may 30th but he didnt sell at auction. he hasnt dropped his you know whats yet would that make a difference? and sorry for seeming ignorant but i really dont have a choice in all of this. im just glad i got to them before they did die and that theyre gaining wieght real nicly and seem very happy i had a vet check her out all over and he said besides being thin she was fine and just need alot of grain and she does have very nice conformation and great temperment. and very easy to train to new things. times are hard i cant afford to refence or even think of asking to move that colt. im really just stuck between a rock and a hard place. it sound stupid to some people but thats how things are now. theres not much i can do. i get 8 bucks an hour and that doesnt go very far. ive been saving up for winter so i can get them some hay but that and some dewormer is that most i can afford. theres not much i can do to avoid this. but once again i just wanted to know if it was posible for a young colt to father a foal.
  5. Thin Mare With 1 Yr Old Stud

    she cant get him sold and only has a 25 acre pasture. he was fallowing the mare around with his head on her hindend but she gave hima a double shot to get away thats why in asking. iv never bred horses or anythin like that so i have no clue what its all about
  6. Thin Mare With 1 Yr Old Stud

    i just got a thin mare from ne and i have no place to put her but with my freinds herd. she had a 1year old stud and he has been bugging my mare. she does kick him to bug off but if she goes into heat and he impregnates her would he being thin matter? she was a rescue and needs to gain another 100 lbs i think. could he impregnate her? she has put on about 150 lbs this past month and was in heat 4 weeks ago but she was seperated then. she has a healthy appitite and eneergy level. shes suposed to be 12. could she get pregnant?
  7. Question About Hay In Your Area

    i paid 3$ a small bale for a timothy/alfalfa mix.like 44 lbs each it had no dust or mold. it was 20 for delivery and he stacked it in my barn
  8. theres a great article in last months horse and rider mar. i dont really rememebr what it says but the ratio is like a 1000lbs horse should be able to carry a 200lbs man fine. ive seen my broter whos around the same type of build just 345lbs ride a 14.2 reg qh just fine. loping and everything
  9. Reliable Horse Haulers?!

    i need my horses hauled in less that 2 weeks. i contacted COX equine transport out of texas but i need to find a lower price if i can. has anyone used COX? can you recommend any others???
  10. Horse Transportation!

    thanx sooo much for the reply!!!!!!
  11. Horse Transportation!

    how much should i cost for someone to trasport 2 horse 640 miles? by my figuring i would think $2.10 per gallon of gas. multiplied buy the numbers of gallons needed. and figure that the truck will get 6 miles to the gallon. some do get up to 10 though. so i would need 166 gallons of gas. multiplied but the price per gallon and it comes out to $248.60 one way. i was thinking that in this hard economy someone would like to get $200 per trip. the trip is as long as 12hours that would come out to be 12.50$ per hour. so its 470.20$ for gas, 150$ for the way up and 150$ for the way back with an empty trailor. so the grand total it 770.20$ for someone thats unemplayed or need the extra cash iu think that its pretty reasonable for 2 days work. what do you think?
  12. Teeth Floating

    out her i pay about 25-50$ depending on the severity for the floating with sedation and 25$ for the farm call. per horse. compared to what other people said im getting it dont at a REAL!!!!!! bargain
  13. Funny Things Your Animals Do

    my tb gelding apache love water. i was refilling his water bucket and he was really interested in the water hose os i gingerly showed it to him because i didnt know if he would spook at the running water but he smelled the water then stuck the hose up his hose and he held it ther for a few seconds then took it out of his nose and started drinking from it like it was a watter bottle with the whole end of the hose in his mouth it was soooo funny i cracked up. another funny story is when me and my dad were riding through a feild of alfalfa hay. i was on my pony and my dad was riding apache. we were just walking around letting them eat when apache starts having terrible sneezes and like his nostril was clogged with something. a few seconds letter we found out what it was. a 3 inch grasshopper came flying out of his nose like 20ft then landed on the grass. and apache just had the silliest expression on his face. he had his eyes wide open in shock we were laghing like crazy!!!!!!!!!
  14. Color Advice

    thanx so much for that link. i think ive decided on the colors for them. i was thinking like a burnt orange kinda color for ellie and a hunter gren for apache. thanx so much for everyones input!!!
  15. Color Advice

    hmmmmm some very good color pics so far. i was thinking about for ellie may a brugandy or dark wine color and for apache a hunter green. the tack store thats i go to have like 60 different colors. from neons to more regal looking colors. what do you guys think about the burgandy? would that look weird? heres some more pic in a different light it makes her look lighter or darker sometimes lol thats my "little" brother in that pic i dont wanna have to buy something that would look funny on her. i think apache would look good in a green i just not sure about ellie though. thanx!!!! [Duh]