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  1. So, years ago, I used to hang out at the KOBB...but then that board died...and then I realized I'm not a kid here I am... Cause I'm OFFICIALLY BACK INTO HORSES! I'm so excited, you guys! I found a place half a mile down the road to board him, and I found my DREAMhorse. Granted, he's a bit of a project. For starters, most of what they told me wasn't true, and he was a bit neglected: His hooves were desperate for a trim. His teeth were crazy sharp. His fecal came back as a "heavy load" of parasites. His had the second-largest bean the vet had ever cleaned out of a sheath. 3/4 of those have been solved now, and he's pending his second dose of dewormer (as prescribed by the vet) to fix the worms. He's going to be a whole new man!!! I'm just glad that he's in a home where he'll be loved and cared for now, and I can't wait for all the adventures we'll have. Next week is my first year of classes in my fourth year at the local university, and I'm so excited to finally be joining the equestrian club. Plus, I live about a mile from a popular local riding trail, the fairgrounds where all the shows are held, AND my best friend who also has horses and has a horse trailer that she's willing to haul me in. It's the perfect location! Alright, it's time for me to stop rambling and give you guys what you actually want - pictures. First, his stats - Name: Major Age: 16 years old Height: 17hh Breed: Belgian Personality: TEDDY BEAR Meet Major!
  2. I Splatted Off Of Dixie Today

    I second that! Granted, I tend to have a horrible memory in general, but all those details in such a fast-paced Yeah, tell me about it... I've only come off a couple times, but the one I remember best was at a show. I was in high school and it was a 4-H gaming show. I was the first person to go in the first game; I think it was some version of poles - not regular pole bending; probably a figure 8 race. I was headed to the finish line when my stubborn mare got tired of me asking her to go faster, and she crow hopped/bucked a bit. It wasn't anything huge, but it was enough to throw me off balance, and her already-rough canter following the kick caused me to tip forward and tumble over her shoulder, in full-on cartwheel mode. I'm pretty sure I wasn't even sore - except for maybe my ego. Luckily the announcer was a good sport and thanked me for starting off the show on an exciting note, and the local 4H group was fun and not as awful about it as they totally could have been, lol!
  3. Christmas Decorations - When Is The Right Time?

    When I was a kid and was taking piano lessons, my instructor would give me Christmas songs to start practicing mid- to late-November. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to practice them at home yet, because my mother flat-out refused to tolerate anything Christmas-related until December. I grew up with that "value" instilled into my mind. But then, once December broke, I really enjoyed all the traditions and activities and festivities that came along with the holidays. Now, although I always feel wrong about it as I was taught to shun the holidays until the month that they occur in, I have trouble abiding by that "rule." And I'm learning to be OK with that! I understand other peoples' point of view - not wanting to get tired of these things before they even happen. That's fair. To each their own. Whatever. But I really REALLY love Christmas. I love the exciting wait for snow in early winter, and the hope for a white Christmas. I love the action-packed bustle of the stores during december, and all the silly products I can laugh at that aren't on display the rest of the year (how many different kitchen appliances can they possibly think of? dont' they know that there are already tools in most kitchens for making mini pies, cupcakes, pancakes, tacos, etc etc I love hunting out the perfect present for everyone on my list. I love seeing all the beautiful, festive decorations on people's doors. I love getting into the spirit and listening to cheery christmas music and eating scrumptious holiday treats and snuggling up during the cold weather surrounded by cozy holiday decorations. I especially love the childlike side of Christmas - the countdown to Christmas Eve; the excitement of the night before, scurrying to bed after a special meal and late-night service; and, best of all, the Morning Of: the anxious wait for my parents to start the coffee, turn on the christmas music, and illuminate the christmas tree before we were allowed to go out to the living room and see our "santa presents" under the christmas tree. I know that part was the somewhat greedy child in me getting excited for "stuff," but now, to me, it's about the traditions. It's about that excitement and the magic that is Christmas, and I don't think I should have to wait until December 1st to enjoy those feelings of festivity and excitement. I am not ashamed at all that I watched an entire Hallmark Christmas movie today, excited to see that that channel has officially started playing them all day long. I won't hesitate to play the odd christmas song as the mood strikes, although I won't go full-tilt until closer to the holiday because I, too, can overplay a song. I love Christmas. That is all. haha
  4. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    OH. also, I'm excited/torn. A friend of mine has just been named Editor in Chief of a lifestyle website and she is looking for an editor to work for her. I came about this knowledge during an interview with her about my attempt at building an English major with Editing specialization, instead of writing or literature specialization, at my university. So obviously I'm interested - I LOVE editing. It could be perfect. It would look great on my resume and I would even be able to use it as credits towards my major. of the biggest exciting parts about this new job I'm getting at the real estate brokerage is that I'll be able to have ONE JOB. only ONE. for the first time in about a year. I was really looking forward to that. And I don't want to get over-excited about this editing opportunity and throw that away and regret it later. As I just mentioned in my previous post, I'm really looking forward to a newfound simplicity and calmness. But, on the other hand, theoretically this would be something I'd really enjoy, and I don't know how much time I would be expected to commit to it either so it's possible that it's a very miniscule time commitment. Also, like I said, I could use it as credits toward school so I can look at it as doing that work instead of regular homework...theoretically I'd be doing some sort of work in its place anyways if I got those credits from some other class. I don't know. I really have to get more information from her first - and it's not like I've been offered the job; she simply said she'd send me the application. I'll investigate it and see if it feels right. I checked out the website and it seems pretty cool. We will see, I guess.
  5. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    Good grief. Long weekend. All of last week I've been trying to take advantage of my current jobs slowing down to get my life a little caught up. Still managed to stay pretty crazy busy in the meantime. Over the weekend, while sleep deprived and still super slammed, there was a death in Jeremiah's family so now we've been dealing with that. Discovered I was scheduled for more shifts than I thought at the hotel, so tonight is my last shift instead of Sunday. Tomorrow is the last day at the old office and I still haven't gotten around to even starting to clean out my mess of a desk. Plus I have like twenty other things on my to-do list - not counting sleep, since I'm at work til 8am. I'm hoping the beginning of the new job will mark a fresh, organized, non-hectic start. Hopefully. I was disappointed at first that I work Tuesday through Saturday, since it will make it hard to make plans for the weekend, but I am looking forward to having a weekday off because I feel like I'll be way more productive on a weekday than on a weekend when Jeremiah is home to do nothing with. (although, on the other hand, it's possible that I'll just end up using the lack of supervision and accountability to laze around all day. we will see.)
  6. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    Yes. Salary near the top of the range that I said would make me comfortable (although i didn't take into account that the taxes are higher than I thought since I"ll still be an independent contractor...stupid taxes), decent work schedule and they'll be working on finding a weekend worker so hopefully soon a GREAT work schedule, bonus check every time the company closes a transaction, etc...and there's room for advancement, too, cause the office is kind of evolving a lot as far as what they do and who they have to do it and size and stuff, so I can grow with it and develop my responsibilities over time. and I'll only have to work ONE JOB. AND that one job will pay all my bills!!! you have NO IDEA how nice that sounds. It's been a long several months. I'm super excited. But I'm currently sitting in my office anxiously cause I'm waiting for my boss to have a moment of free time so I can tell him I'm leaving the office. I'm not excited for that. I really like it here.
  7. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    The last two weeks of an awful job are simultaneously the best and the worst. SO unmotivated. SO ready to be done. But SO happy the end is in sight.
  8. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    Congrats to you!! I totally know what you're going for and even though it's been a long couple of weeks for me I'm glad I've been having such a tough time with my other jobs, cause it made it SO easy to make this decision. I know I'm doing the right thing and I can't wait to put in my notice at the side jobs. It will feel so good to work just ONE job for once...and get paid to do it, too...gah! Good luck with your new gig :) Hopefully for both of us they both turn out to be everything we hope! (I always have a glimmer of fear when I start a new job that it will turn out awful. Possibly because I've been burned so many times before with jobs I thought I'd love. Meh. I'm pretty confident about this one, though.)
  9. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    Oh, but I forgot the one major downside... Now I have to "break up" with my office (so to speak). I love them, though! Especially our admin...she's amazing. And I really don't want to do this. And I hope we still stay in touch. Cause this is going to make me really sad. And my boss is really cool too. And also scares me a I'm afraid he's gonna try to talk me out of it or not like me because of it or something like that. Bleh.
  10. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    I'm SO EXCITED you guys! I just got the call that I'm being offered the job I want/need. I don't remember if I've mentioned this here, before, but to summarize... Real Estate is really hard to do when you have ZERO marketing budget and are working two other jobs (that you hate) to pay the bills (even though they don't cover all the bills). I just today closed my first transaction (YAY!) so I get a paycheck finally, but it's not even going to be enough to completely catch me up and dig me out of the hole I've been slowly sinking into (I've worked on several transactions that flipped - it's not like this is my first transaction, just the first I get to get paid for. Real estate is tough like that). So I'm unbelievably stressed over money and work, unable to succeed the way I want to and could if I was able to devote the time and budget to my career that it really deserves, and just generally burning the candle at both ends and burning myself out mentally and physically. Last month a friend of mine (we met at one of my part time jobs and bonded over the fact that we both work in real estate) called me and said she had an exciting opportunity to tell me about. Her office, a brokerage in the next town over (a small town in the mountains with a lot of vacation homes/second homes/resort-y areas), is hiring. They were looking for a transaction and listing manager because they are just too busy for their current team (the owner/broker, her business partner, and my friend the marketing manager/assistant) to handle. Aside from the fact that I wouldn't actually be an agent anymore, it's a little bit of a different deal because this brokerage has a land developer and they have specific sets of property that they sell and then build upscale houses on for the clients. They occasionally take out-of-office listings (this is a newer division of the company that is developing and part of the reason they need more help) but only over $400k. So like...they do high-dollar transactions, obviously. This is an opportunity for me to have a job in my industry but earn a full-time salary and benefits - plus I'd be getting a (albeit small) cut of each commission every time the company closed a transaction. So like...I could pay my bills. I could get my cavities filled and go to the eye doctor cause I think I need glasses. I could live comfortably. And have ONLY ONE JOB for the first time in a year. A job that sounds like something I'd enjoy the HECK out of. Which would be the first time that's happened in my entire life. (I love being a real estate agent, but not when it's slowly eating away at my soul.) So I interviewed with the broker and interviewed again with her business partner and I've been waiting impatiently for almost two weeks and I just got the call that THEY'RE OFFERING ME THE JOB. I totally embarrassed myself by being like "YES! I accept!" and then she was like "well we should go over the terms..." and I was like...oh yeah... but oh well...although I don't know the exact salary I know it would be within the range I gave them that would allow me to pay all my bills and have a little left over (not including the commission bonuses), and I know that it will include weekend work but I don't know how much and it won't be every day of every weekend. So tomorrow I'm going to meet with her and we'll go over the conditions and then I will accept again (lol) and life will be SO MUCH GOOD. This also means I can start car shopping - I was waiting til I found out about the job to do that, because I don't think I'll be driving clients around in this job so a 4-door isn't as important AND if I"m commuting 50 miles round trip into the mountains each day the top priority becomes gas mileage and possibly 4WD (or borrow J's jeep during winter weather). And this means I can stop hating my life so much. And it means I can PUT IN MY 2 WEEKS NOTICE AT THESE STUPID STUPID SIDE JOBS. omg. You guys don't even know how good that sounds. Ramble over. I'm just so thrilled. gah.
  11. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    Definitely - this whole time, I've been saying that if he decides to do this he needs to get something in writing stating exactly what he'll be getting. Not cause I necessarily don't trust them, especially cause even if Joe is a dork his dad is trustworthy - but in a company this small, things can fall through the cracks and you can't have that happen with something like this.
  12. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    Well this guy that I'm talking about who I could think of lots of mean names for right now is his boss, but he's the owner's son. So basically, there are three people working at the business - Jeremiah, Boss, and Owner. Boss is a ******* but he is good at his job which is basically the managerial side of things - accounting, shipping, etc. He thinks he knows everything about everything and talks out of his *** sometimes which is probably why there are such misunderstandings about raise or no raise, etc. That being said, he and Jeremiah are good friends AND OWNER, the ultimate decider of all things important, absolutely adores Jeremiah. And so although, like in any situation where the word "eventually" is brought into play, there is a level of trust involved. It's not that I don't trust owner to make these things happen, though. But I Just thought there would be some sort of immediate "good faith" payoff or something - ya know? Even if he's still going to end up as a partner down the line, I think he deserves at least a little SOMETHING right now for moving across the state for the company. And they really do want him to come with, so you'd think they'd WANT to give him some incentive. OH! Also. I think I decided I might need to sell my jeep and get a better work/commuter car. I love my jeep, but not for driving tons of miles every day. It's dirty and a gas guzzler and a two door and I need something different. I still owe my grandparents half the purchase price that they loaned me but if I sold it I could afford to pay that off AND still afford a car that a friend is selling that would be a decent upgrade.
  13. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    Well the thing is, he legitimately enjoys his job. He really loves it. Probably can't find another that he'd like as much (although he wouldn't have trouble finding another job). Plus, if he moves with the company, although I did recently find out that he wouldn't get a raise right away, he'd eventually be co-owner of the company. He'd basically gradually work his way up to more and more responsibilities and a higher and higher salary. Plus, living somewhere closer to a metropolitan area, and on an island where there's beach real estate, I would have a lot more career potential. Sometimes I read or watch instruction things for new agents and they'll say things like "this agent started doing this technique and earned $___,___ in her first year!!!!" And I'm over here thinking...that's more than the yearly income of every agent in my town COMBINED. There's only so much potential here, and it's not a lot. Although it would be tough to be a new agent in a new town, I know I could do it and I would have a lot more potential in my career. Also, I like the beach. Also, Jeremiah is a human furnace so he doesn't get along well with the weather here, where a considerable amount of the summer is spent around 100 degrees. Over there it would be a marine climate that would be much more comfortable. There are perks. But I'm frustrated with his bosses (and he is too) because I don't think they're being fair to him/incentivizing him enough to do this, cause you guys ARE right - it is a HUGE MOVE and even though there are perks they really don't seem to realize that it's not as easy for him as for them - his boss was like "it's no big deal, just do it." and he was like "um, NO. you don't get it. it's no big deal for YOU, cause your whole family is going too and there is something there for you" (and not to mention this guy makes a bunch more than jeremiah, which already pisses me off.) Meanwhile, in reference to the potential new job for me - when I told jeremiah about it and mentioned that it would be steady full-time pay with benefits, he said "what are you waiting for??" and it makes me think maybe I really should pursue that job,even though it would break my heart to leave this office. He told me about how his favorite place to work was a friend's shop that he was at for a while but they never paid him and it ran down his savings account...well, tell me about it. I have no savings and am working 2 EXTRA jobs to support this one. Still haven't gotten a reply since I emailed my resume in, though. But I'm just impatient. I only just did that yesterday.
  14. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    I'm going to go crazy, you guys. So much uncertainty in my life right now! I'm not used to this! So, as I posted on the relationship thread, last week Jeremiah learned that in a year his company is going to move to Whidbey Island, so now we have to decide if we want to go with. Well, for a while there, it was sounding like they were probably going to convince him to go, and I was kind of excited by that concept, but yesterday I found out that when he told me he would get a big raise when they moved he really meant he would get no raise at all and the increase in pay was going to come "eventually." well, eventually is a big word and that really pissed me off because I don't think the company is being fair - there is nothing in this move for him, so the least they could do is make it worth his while. And it just makes me angrier when I think about how much his boss, who is three years younger than him and probably doesn't do half as much work for the company, makes. UGH. And said boss basically expects us to sell the house that jeremiah JUST BOUGHT LAST FALL, and buy a house there at the same price that we'd be selling this one for - so it's doubtful that he'd be able to do much of an upgrade (this goes back to how angry I am at him for not intending to give Jeremiah a raise right away - oh, did I mention that he had said before these plans actually happened that if the company moved and jeremiah went with they would double his pay? Hm? What happened to that plan, you idiot?). And Joe (boss) was like "but in a few years you could definitely upgrade to something in the 200+ range." oh good. so sell his house after less than 2 years of owning it to buy one on whidbey island...only to sell THAT ONE after a year or two of owning it. Clearly this jerk has no idea how real estate works. That just isn't a solid financial plan. It's absolutely stupid. of course, this is the guy who, before there was talk of the company moving, decided he doesn't like his neighborhood so he wanted to sell his house that he bought one year ago, and he thinks it's worth $30k+ more than it is worth. He was expecting to make money off of it when, in reality, after all the expenses that are involved in selling a house, if he actually sold it for fair market value he'd be taking a $15k loss. BECAUSE SELLING A HOUSE AFTER ONE YEAR IS USUALLY NOT A GREAT IDEA. And he also wanted to lowball the house that they wanted to buy. So basically everything he owns is gold. Clearly he knows nothing AT ALL about real estate, and yet he has this grand plan for all of us. I hate him right now. er, rant over. Now, despite all of that, I wouldn't be surprised if we still ended up moving. BUT I don't know. And that makes a lot of what's going on here a little more unsure/complicated. Cause a friend of mine just told me that her boss is going to hire a new transaction manager and salesperson. This friend works at a small real estate agency in a town 30ish miles away. The difference between that real estate career and my current one as an agent is that i'd have steady full time pay and benefits. I LOVE my current office, but steady pay and benefits sounds AMAZING right now. Like, I could get my cavities filled. I could pay my bills. I could maybe even build a savings account! That's a novel concept right now! I'm about to close my first transaction, but the other one that was supposed to close this week is falling apart and might close in another month or might not close at all, and I've got one other client looking right now but after they pick a house and make an offer (assuming that they do) I'm looking at a long, hard, poor winter. And of course I know I can and will succeed in real estate, but it takes a while to get going and it's REALLY HARD to get going when you have zero savings so not only do you have to work two side jobs to pay your bills, which sucks away time and energy that is better spent on succeeding at your career, but no money means no marketing budget which means yet another hurdle to jump between you and success. So, whether we move to Whidbey Island or not, a year or more of steady income and benefits so I can afford to get the glasses and fillings that I need sounds REALLY GREAT. If I were to move to Whidbey island, it would suck to have gone a year without prospecting so I'd bee out of practice when I drop myself into real estate in a brand new place. Prospecting is the hardest part of this job but I think the position I'd be in at the potential new opening I wouldn't have to go out and find my own clients. It would be great for now but again, I'd worry about my skills becoming rusty. However, it would suck to spend a year in my current job toiling to create relationships and find leads here only to leave all that work behind in a year and move to a new place. I mean, not all the efforts would be wasted, but a lot of prospecting is a long-term relationship-building process and I'm sure there would be prospects that I'll work on in the next year that I could have ended up converting into clients if I was here for longer but I wasn't so they ended up buying from someone else a year later. Bleh. As you see, there are many very complicated facets to this issue. Plus, I really do LOVE my current office. My boss cracks me up, my admin is the only reason I've lasted this long because she's so helpful and awesome and we're friends. At least half of my colleagues are really REALLY cool too. I wish I could just do both - but I'm sure that would be a conflict of interest. (There's a teeny tiny window of chance that it wouldn't be, since the position at the other office is a little different from what I'm doing here, but I'm certainly not getting my hopes up on the chance of everyone agreeing to that.) Oh, one other downside is that if I do keep doing what I'm doing and manage to suddenly become SUPER SUPER successful (compared to my current state) and then we do move in a few years, I could potentially cosign on a mortgage. If I switch offices and positions, I probably wouldn't have any income that could count toward a mortgage because I'd be switching back to normal real estate agent-ness, which is an independent contractor position, and lenders usually require at least two years of proof of steady income as an independent contractor because it's not something where you're guaranteed to be paid. Good grief. My brain is going to explode. I need a hot fudge sundae. Props to anyone who actually read that. Advice welcome if you were able to decipher my ramblings, although I understand if not and I'm fine if this was only useful as a rant/vent. Cause I needed it.
  15. or ? Summary: First article introduces new smartphone app "SketchFactor," designed to help travelers avoid "sketchy" neighborhoods. Users can report incidences or reasons that have caused him to believe that a certain area is sketch and why they found that sketchy. First article states and goes on to insist that these people must be talking about "black neighborhoods" when they say "sketchy neighborhoods." Second article makes points such as etc. What do you think? Was the first article jumping to conclusions and/or assuming racism where it isn't? Or was the second article wrong to defend the creators of such an app? I am really not quite sure what to think about this. Perhaps I'm underqualified for this type of decision - I've lived in a small town my whole life, where there aren't really neighborhoods you'd need to avoid, even in the middle of the night. Something that comes to mind is once when my family was staying at a hotel in Seattle and I wanted to go to a Salsa night that was a 15 minute walk from the parents had to inform me that I shouldn't plan on walking back to the hotel alone at 2am. Was it racist of them to say that? Or were they just looking out for me because I'm not used to cities and the potentially dangerous people (white or black or otherwise) that they house?