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  1. Tazzin Needs Prayers!

    Oh no, [Huggy] [Huggy] [Huggy] [Angel]
  2. ** Happy Birthday Ruckandride **

    Happy Birthday!!!
  3. What's Up With The Debate Board?

    [Not Worthy] [Not Worthy] This is so perfect, and you said it more eloquently than I'll be able to phrase it right now. That one paragraph says it. Sorry Nikki, you blew this one edited to fix formatting
  4. A Never Ending Story!

    Hey Luther, good to see you[smiley Wavey] I think it's time for a sequel. Should we start a new post or continue here?
  5. Colic Jingles Please

    [Huggy] [Huggy] [Angel] [Angel]
  6. Bumper's Mare Tess

    [Huggy] [Huggy] [Huggy] [Huggy]
  7. Puppy Pics! And A Mini Too!

  8. Jingles For Bumper And Her Mare Tess

    [Huggy] [Huggy] For Bumper and Tess! good thoughts and vibes for more good news. I miss Bumper too
  9. Major Prayer Needed

    So sorry! [Angel] [Huggy] for you and your friend
  10. Major Prayer Needed

    [Angel] [Angel] [Angel]
  11. [Huggy] [Huggy] scary! Hope you guys get it and everyone stays safe tonight.
  12. Not Waiting For Cyberfairy

    Happy Birthday!
  13. I Did It!

    hehe, did you look at your join date? I don't think it took quite that long. It says you joined 2008. Congrats though. Raven is stunning!!!!!!!!!!!