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  1. Texas Trail Riders Need Impute

    Halo's Mom, We have ridden at Palo Dura Canyon. We liked it very much. It had very interesting terrain with nice rock formations. The camping does not have elec, water is available. But we are self contained so fine with us. We are rather adventurous, also. We also rode a Caprock. We did not like it as well. Not as interesting for the riding. The camping was modern and had all the stuff most people want. It's futher south, not sure if 50 or 100 miles. You will have to decide which you want. We would got back to Palo Duro, but not Caprock. We have rofe at Robber's Cave in Okla and liked that. We normally ride Colorado and Wyoming and Arkansas. Good luck. Shirlee
  2. We would like to ride there, but am having trouble getting good information about the trails. Sounds like they may be very rocky and lots of catcus on the trails/ Would appreciate any info you might have.
  3. Cross Country Travel

    My husband and I from Iowa are starting to plan a Winter South Trip for late Dec and coming back in Feb. We will be traveling thru Mo, Ark, Texas,New Mexico on to Tucson, Arizona. We would like route suggestions for that time of year and possibly overnight accomodations along the way. (Especially Texas.) We have a Featherlite trailer with living Qs. . Self contained. Only concerns we have is snow/ice storms along the way. We can pulled off and stop at most locations if necessary, but would be nice to see a friendly face along the way. Appreciate any thoughts. Shirlee
  4. Pea Gravel

    Pea gravel is very good for barefoot horses as well as shod horses. My farrier would like all his clients to use it. We have it in the barn and the whole corral. It's expensive but even it could be in the stall and/or around the water tank. It's easy to clean up if you do it daily. Hay is not a good thing unless your horses eat up every last hay twig. Our horses all barefoot It takes about 1 year to get their hooves in good shape. I rarely have thrush, since no mud or wet conditions. Use lime or another product for the urine.
  5. This guy was "cut" before he was four. I have had he for 10 years and just recently he started being aggressive to others in the pasture as well as under saddle. I have been around horses for more than 40 yrs and not ever experienced this behavior Can anyone shed some light on this?
  6. Update On Cisco

    Just a quick update on Cisco. He is out of his barn confinement. Boy, is he happy!! The vet and farrier decided to put a modified heart-bar shoe on his foot and another one to match. He seems ok and has done his running out in the snow, but no real active crazy bucking and tearing around. We are going to take for a slow trailride at Palu Duro in about 3 weeks. The xxays showed that we was healing, but not quite there yet. The vet said another month of more normal(no trotting) riding will help him. So far so good.
  7. 2010 Extreme Horsman's Challenge

    I just watched your extreme race vids. They were great. I do have a suggestion for the next time either at home or a race competition. Saddling - Stand by your horse's shoulder. Hold the saddle and swing it at least 3 times (until the strings seem to fly) Then swing it up on the horse with the momenten you have. You can ease it down, but all the stirrup and stuff should not be under the saddle. You will have to practice it so your horse is used to the "flying" saddle. I got that tip from one of major clinicians. It's must easier on your back and the horse's, too. I teach basic riding for kids and big kids. This is the way I teach them to saddle. Even the little guys came get it pretty close this way. Go Luck on your next adventure.
  8. Fractured Navicular Bone

    We took Cisco to ISU Vet today. (Very cold day to to this) Anyway, after a hassle to get him to load, we got there. The Vet and Farrier gave us good news for now anyway. He came home with two heart-bar shoes on front. We won't know for a month or so if the fracture is really healed right. Xrays look good, but the proof will be after some more time. He will get out of his confined barn to be in the pasture again (being a horse.) We are concerned about him doing something crazy, silly and re injure it. We'll see.
  9. Winter Sleigh Ride

    Thank you for the compliments of Bandi. Yes, she can take it zinging across the snow. The sleigh is probably 70 yrs old. It's been kept in good shape. Just got back from Colorado playing in the snow. Snowmobiling and skiing. Lots of snow out there, but not as much as they usually have. Very "dicey" driving to get there and back. And we still have "mountains" of the stuff here. It didn't melt while we were gone.
  10. Winter Sleigh Ride

    I finally go it. We took her out for a short ride Sat. We have too much white stuff to not put it to good use!!!!! We have to sleigh bells and horse hide robe. I have taken lots of kids and "big kids" for rides over the years. I can't imagine going for miles and miles like they used to. My Dad took me about driving "over" fences because the drifts were very hard as well as deep.
  11. Winter Sleigh Ride

    I don't think this did it. I'll try later.
  12. Posting Photos

    I need help posting a pic from Photobucket. I have it as a pic in Photobucket and I don't remember how to get it to Horsecity under a topic. Can someone "guide" me thru it. Please make it simple. Docslady
  13. Thin Hoof Wall

    My 3 yr gelding has very thin hoof walls. My farrier says it will take about a year to grow out. He sugguested Farrier Formula and this seems to be helping. The hoof isn't growing much at all this winter. He's had chipping and splitting on all the frozen ground!!! Has anyone experienced this problem and how did turn out??
  14. Got The Sleigh Bells Out?

    Has anyone gone to the Sleigh Festival in St Paul, Mn.?? It's quite a neat thing to see They are having it Feb 6th this year at the Washington County Fairgrounds. We have a nice one-horse sleigh with the bells, and robe. Been too cold to get it out, Maybe tomorrow. I bought it at Waverly, Ia about 20 years ago. Hopefully, we will have some warmer weather to play in the snow!!!