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  1. A General Update

    Miss you Rach, must come up to SF next time I'm home and see the new place! I'm glad you found Molly and Grace new homes. I'm sure they're happy! I'm glad to hear Dot Mare, Shorty and the donkies are doing well! I've been posting here since I was 14. Um. What?!?!?! Noooooo. And I've known you for about as long. Crazy!
  2. Working Student

    Annnnnnd hi back to the topic! (miss you guys btw ) Anyway, I was a working student the summer after my first year in college and it was hard work, frustrating, long hours and I got ridiculous tan lines that resembled a polo. However, I came in schooling 2'6" at the beginning of the summer and by August when it was time to get back on a plane for Ohio, I was schooling 3'3", riding 4-8 horses a day and riding ones that I would have once been terrified of. It was the summer that my entire outlook on riding changed and I trained with A circuit trainers who once rode in the Olympics and frequented the Grand Prix arena. I learned so much and I'm grateful for every minute I spent with those trainers and yes, the assistant trainers had it out for me and some (very few) of the clients where princesses and some of the horses were pains in the rear but thanks to that experience, I networked with excellent people and rode horses that I could never afford and most of all gained confidence.
  3. Double Major In College

    Hey there! I'm the Lake Erie Grad mentioned in TheBrownHorse's comment. I graduated 2 years ago with a major in Equine Facilities Management. Lake Erie has riding classes that you take as part of the curriculam (added onto your tuition, so it gets steep) and are a requirement for the equine related majors/minors. I finished my riding class requirements sophomore year, but was involved with IHSA all four years so I rode twice a week for that, had lessons with my trainer once a week and leased a horse for 3 of my 4 years in college. I would say I was in the saddle 5-6 days a week and was at the barn a majority of my class time. As far as majors go, Lake Erie is the only other college besides Findlay that offers the Equine Teacher/Trainer major that a lot of my fellow classmates studied. Its a lot more riding classes (you aren't expected to complete them until at least Junior year of college) including a training class where you and another student share the training (and care) of a youngster who either has never been backed or has little to undersaddle time. (I never took this class due to me having zero interest in babies, love them dearly and I respect anyone who did take the classes and works with babies, but I just didn't have the same type of mindset.) I had friends who took those classes and majored in Equine Teacher/Trainer and what I got from them is Lake Erie is very much a hunter/jumper based school. If you are western, dressage or anything besides hunter/jumper, LEC is not the way to go. Findlay has a HUGE western program that Lake Erie is only a fraction of, not trying to discourage you and not saying these disciplines aren't offered, but they are not focused upon or as extensive as the hunter/jumpers. I took my first Dressage classes while at Lake Erie and even went on to design and perform my own freestyle dressage pattern to music I actually mixed and made myself, it was an extremely proud moment of mine while at LEC. Bottom line, the 4 years I spent at LEC were some of the best and I moved 2000 miles east in order to go there. It has its pros and cons, but any school does. If you want specialized, focused classes with excellent trainers and people who actually know your name because the class sizes do not exceed 15-20 for equine focused classes and 35-40 for gen ed classes, then Lake Erie is an excellent choice. Findlay is a great school. I competed against them for IHSA and their riding facilities are top notch and the horses are amazing there, but honestly, I wouldn't trade my time for LEC for anything. Good luck, you still have all this year and 6-8 months of your senior year to decide. You'll know once you make the decision which school is right for you.
  4. How Often Do You Jump?

    1-2 times a week, if that. I own a 17 year old seasoned Holsteiner. She's been around the block more than once and knows what she's doing. I can hop her over a few jumps once a week and know she'll be exactly the same as she was the week prior. Half the time, she's teaching me more than I'm 'teaching' her. She's got more buttons than a control panel lol.
  5. I Feel Like I Do This Every 6 Months...

    Aww thanks! Good to hear from you! =) Erin
  6. Hello!

    Rachel! I miss you soooo much! I need updates on your life! We haven't talked in forever! Facebook me sometime! Chicago is MUCH closer to me and I have other friends there!!!! I will have to come see you!
  7. Hello friends! Its been a while, that's for sure. I think I posted something, I don't know... 6 months ago and then never got back into the swing of things. For those you remember me, hi!!! I see a few familiar faces (hunterguy, pintobeans, etc) but to those who don't know me, I'm Erin. I live in Ohio, originally from Northern California. I was given my 17 year old Holsteiner, Ocetra just over a year ago. She was a Lake Erie College (my Alma Mater) school horse for about 5 years. And in a previous life, was owned by an older lady in Minnesota who did jumpers with her. Now she has done everything from hunters, jumpers, equitation and dressage. I've learned a lot in the time I've owned her and love every minute with her. We are trying our hand at a Hunter Pace in October. I'm super excited to try something new, although cross country tends to scare me a bit! Here are a few pictures of us from a few days ago! I haven't had a lesson in about a year, since last August actually so I'm probably not as fine tuned as someone in consistent training. You can critique both of us if you like. Keep in mind, Ocetra is 17, she isn't going to be changing too much now, but please feel free to tell me how to push her buttons better (cuz god knows, she's got plenty of buttons on her!). I know some of the pictures are far away or blurry, critique/comment as best you can. Its good to be back. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things again! First one: We have a 14 foot stride in there some where! Sometimes she pretends to be a pony and is a lot more up and down than across the ground. lol. This one I just find humorous because it looks like we're off to battle. Hi ho Sliver! Jumping the barrels like a champ. I know I know. My leg. Ughhh. And my favorite from that day. Just too bad that its so far away! Again, critique what you can. Be brutal on me, but a little more gentle on the mare. She's served her time and I think she looks great for 17. Erin
  8. Taylor Vids

    "There are no stubborn horses, only stubborn riders." This horse is doing only what he knows. You want him to get better and go around without hanging on the bit and dragging you? Put some effort into him if you REALLY want him to get there. Try different things, try a new bit, try a martingale, try figure eights, try things at the walk (there are PLENTY of things you can do at the walk to work on bending, relaxation, etc.) BUT if you sit here and tell us how much you want to quit and how 'useless' this horse is (I believe no horse is useless) and how you want to do nothing to change him, I suggest you put your ego aside, step back from the situation and ask yourself ok, do I really want to do this? If you have to, start from the ground up. Go completely back to ground work, lunging, in side reins, in whatever to get him thinking about using HIMSELF not using you. He is built upside down because he hasn't been taught to go correctly. Its not his fault. If there is one thing I hate more is people who constantly blame the horse. Instead of blaming the horse, perhaps look in the mirror and evaluate yourself.
  9. Hello Again! Updates, Pictures, General Excitement

    Thanks! I'm trying to get back into the habit of posting regularly... it's been so long! But I'm liking the new layout! Very fancy!
  10. Hello Again! Updates, Pictures, General Excitement

    Thanks guys! I'm so excited to keep my perfect horse with me until her day comes when she has to join that carrot filled pasture in the sky. And Dobby, thanks for the advice about Philly! I need as much as I can get and I can't wait to explore it!
  11. Hello Again! Updates, Pictures, General Excitement

    Really? What was your trainer's name?
  12. Wow its been a while, everyone! In case you don't remember me or even if you do, humor me... My name's Erin. I am now 22, I'm from California, four years ago I moved to Ohio for school. Well, I graduated in May and now I'm off to Philadelphia for a job about 45 minutes north! If you want to check out the barn the website is: And now for the exciting stuff! I now OWN A HORSE!!!!! The story is actually kinda funny, actually. Some of you may remember a black mare I have posted pictures of previously. Her name is Ocetra and she is 16 this year. She is a Holsteiner, does mostly hunters/eq and was worth quite a bit when she was donated to Lake Erie as a school horse. That was 5 years ago. Since then she has had a few lameness problems (such as white line disease and a few stifle/hock issues) and was previously retired the second semester of my Sophomore year to a trainer who worked for Lake Erie. She was put out to pasture, had 6 months of good shoeing and just got to be... normal. After her 6 month retirement, she was taken back to school and 'un-retired' she was 10 times sounder than she was before, however, not near as sound as she once was. Side note- I got a job in Philadelphia (Well actually Langhorne to be specific.) that includes room and board for me, along with board for my own horse, which at the time of being offered the job, I didn't know I would be bringing the big black mareness with me yet. Thank god this all worked out though. Anyway... I got an email about a week before finals started (so end of April) and in the email was a list of horses that needed to be retired within the next 12 months for various reasons and Ocetra's name was on that list, so I immediately emailed the barn manager back and told her, I have a place for this horse now, I will take her this summer. She emailed me back saying she would talk it over with the rest of the people at the barn and let me know... 2 days later, I open an email and its just 2 sentences 'We have decided to retire Ocetra. She is yours if you can take her.' Upon reading this I started bawling my eyes out and my roommate is on the phone with her mom, promptly tells her she has to go, looks at me and goes 'What's wrong, who died?!' I look at her and smile as big as I can, but I can't manage any words so I just point to my computer screen... and now here i am. Since graduating from college I have gained 2 cats (Named Kobe and Fisher) and a horse... and I'm moving 7 hours East to a city I don't know. I'm a little scared that's for sure, but excited at the same time. Anyway... I just wanted to share my last couple of months with you all! Here's a few pictures of the big black mareness aka Ocetra. its good to be back =)
  13. My Last 6 Months In Pony Pictures!

    I saw on my 'I'm back' post that someone mentioned I needed to post pictures since I hadn't posted any in a while! Please no critiques on any of the jumping pictures. Thanks! This summer, I decided to stay in Ohio most of the summer (I went home for a month and my friend from school visited me the last week I was home and I took on a tour of Nor Cal, including a beach ride which I will include pictures of!) May: My friend, Nicole comes to visit me in California and we go on a beach ride when we're visiting my godmother in Half Moon Bay. I rode western for the first time in god knows how long. My godmother took awesome pictures! Here is one: June: I went back to Ohio and every week during the summer, I took a drive to Twinsburg to see my friend Katie and the horse I have been leasing since Sophomore year, Emmy. She is now 23 (24 in April!) August: Started my Senior year, and kept riding Emmy. (This is one of my favorite pictures of us, I'm finally starting to understand correct form over fences.) September: Took a mare named Dulce to Findlay U for the Hunter Derby. Placed 9th out of 18! I was really proud of how I handled the whole weekend, and it helped that I took the best mare possible. She babysat me the whole time. Took the Ocetra mares for lots of walks this summer and let her munch on grass... about 5 minutes after I took this picture she pranced around me like a yearling with her tail in the air snorting like a ra-tard... god forbid a car goes over the speed bumps behind her! October Had our first show of the season at Findlay U. I drew a horse named Ben in one of my last Intermediate classes. We placed 3rd. I feel like my leg has improved so much and I'm still working on the depth in my heel, but its finally in the right place. November: My last Intermediate class ever, I drew a beautiful gray that I can't remember the name of... however, they forgot to tell him that he's terrified of crops and when I went to change hands with it while changing directions, he flipped out and started rearing and spinning, I ended up tossing the crop, recomposing the horse and continued my class. I placed 6th, all I needed to get out of Intermediate. I am now qualified for IHSA regionals. I feel like in this picture, my stirrup is about a hole to 2 holes too long, hence when I feel like I have to reach my heel up to get my leg on. Probably why I placed as low as I did. Late November: Our last IHSA show of the semester, my first Open Flat class. I drew a horse named Oz. He had an incredibly bouncy trot that jarred me out of position, but his canter was to die for. I placed 6th... for some unknown reasons. (I have gotten to the point where I hate the color green. I never want to place 6th again.) (sorry about how far away the picture is, its the only one I have.) Enjoy the pictures. I missed you guys and its good to be back!
  14. Calling All Ihsa Riders :)

    I highly encourage you to do IHSA. I have met all my best friends thanks to my IHSA team and have had riding experiences that I would never had had before. As far as costs go, my school is very different from yours in the fact that we pay $250 per semester to be on the team and then the hotel fees are billed to our student accounts to be paid at the end of the semester. Class fees are $25 per class (so if you are in flat and jumping, it would be $50 each day since most shows are 2 days.) The 250 we pay each semester is to cover the coaching fees and the money need as a team to spend on things like ribbons, gifts for the trainer during Christmas and other things we need to purchase during our shows. Have fun at U of M and look out of Lake Erie College at Zones next year (I won't be there, I graduate this year, but my team will!)
  15. Most Memorable Horsie Moment.

    I have a lot of small moments that really stick with me. - Feeling my favorite horse's (Ocetra... I'll include a picture at the end.) back come up underneath me and tuck her knees to her nose over a swedish oxer that we did in a gymnastics line. - Getting the perfect distance to any fence sticks with me, since those moments are few and far between. - Jumping 3'3" on one of my favorite mares at school, Dulce. the oxer wasn't even supposed to be part of my course, but I thought I heard my trainer tell me to jump it, so off I go cantering to the line and getting to that huge (to me) and getting the perfect distance and feeling like I actually had control over myself. After I jumped it my trainer was jumping up and down cheering for me. It was an excellent moment. I've struggled with low confidence in myself and low trust in the horses I ride since I was about 10 and that was a huge moment for me. - Having the mental control to deal with a horse that I didn't get along with. I had a mental break down in the middle of the lesson, sat in the middle of the ring for 15 minutes trying to decide whether I just wanted to give up or get the eff over myself and just deal with it. I decided I needed to get over myself and I knew I could ride better than that, and besides, I just got pissed off at myself and needed to prove to the doubtful side of myself that I could do it. So I ended up doing lots of transition work and finally jumping this pain in my rear horse and ended up doing fairly well. The best part? My trainer telling me that she respected me and even admired me for coming back from a near mental melt down to composing myself and getting it done. It brought tears to my eyes and also opened my mind and from that moment, I knew I could ride and I had been giving myself less credit than I needed. - The next week, I had to ride another pain in the butt horse named Versace. He seemed nice on the flat, but as soon as it came to jumping, he wouldn't go in a straight line and would buck like a ra-tard after almost every fence and instead of giving up, I kicked the snot out of the little jerk and made him keep working. Yes, it took every mental muscle in my body to not give up, but its been a challenge with me every day to get over that side of me. I credit my best friends, my peers and my trainer for always believing in me and telling me that I can do it, and sometimes I need to get a little pissed off in order to get there. To end, let me show you the two mares I was talking about earlier. The first: Ocetra- my big baby who loves to snuggle and go on walks, and when she's about to get a treat, she pricks her ears so much that they almost touch. lol. (yes, its a picture of a picture, but I OWN THE PICTURE.) Dulce- I took this mare to a show at Findlay U in September, we showed in the Hunter Derby, got a 74 the first round and a 64 the second round and ended up placing 9th. She took care of my butt all weekend. She's probably my second favorite mare at school and will probably be the horse I show in the High Stakes Hunter Derby in April. (again, YES I OWN THE PICTURE.) Finally, please no comments on my position in either pictures. They are both fairly old (the first one is from last March, the second is from September) and I all ready know what I'm doing wrong. As I look back on my riding career, I realized these last 4 years of my college riding have by far been the best, McIntosh Stables after my freshman year and finding my niche with my trainer at school has finally got me to the point where I know my place and know what I'm capable of, the next step is to just put it all together with the final goal being IHSA Zones and Nationals and the High Stakes Hunter Derby in April.