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  1. Hc Revisited

    Wow! Have we all been gone that long? So glad to see familiar names, sorry for the sad news. I hadn't even lurked for lack of time and the loss of my #1 horse, Possum, and one of my mini donks a month later. Sure missed you guys and gals!
  2. Whats Your Morning Temp?

    It was about 68 today. Unfortunately it will be 80 on Saturday. Not quite ready for the heat.
  3. Best Way To Feed Medicine? - Update - Another Question

    I had my eldest on Quiessence from Foxden Equine. He had all the symptoms so I started it. Within a month or so he was improving. He lost the cresty neck, hay belly look, and the shaggy coat. My Veterinarian was amazed! The powder has the smell of malt and they love it.
  4. Frustrated

    I'm a little late to the party but here's my 2 cents. I have 2 Rockies that have been in training for mounted shooting. They return home this Thursday. One is doing extremely well whereas the other, whom I have always referred to as "the kid", reacts with tossing his head up with a jerk after every shot. I use the foam ear plugs on the horses. The trainer assures me that he will stop doing this with time, so my job is to not react to his jump every time I shoot. Easier said than done, but I will endeavor to persevere! I received a boom box for Christmas and I will play it loudly every ride. I'm also planning to put up banners on the rails as he wanted to look really hard, to give him every opportunity to succeed. The balloons flapping in the wind garner not one bit of fear so it is a sound issue, so keep at it in the arena with plenty of noise.The drill team work sounds marvelous!
  5. Saddle Question

    Dover Saddlery carries this saddle.
  6. I Am Having Confidence Problems

    Hello old friends~ Just a note to apologize for disappearing on you like that again. I recently had to put my dearest and oldest partner down and I've shut down a bit but coming around slowly. Kinda caught me off guard and unprepared. The Rockies are going to a trainer in February and we will be horseless for a month or two. I'm missing them alrady and they are still here.....
  7. Hello Im New Here

    Hello and welcome!
  8. What Does Everybody Do For Work?

    I work our little horse farm now. I was a accounts receivable/payables/showroom/billing and handled the phones for a plumbing company for 23 years before leaving to work in a gun store and indoor range as a manager and certified firearm instructor. I still teach safety and basic pistol, but my shooting now is more a pleasure, not a job. I do my artwork (commissioned) whenever I can. Life is good!
  9. Updated Gunny Pics

    AD, I can tell I've been away far too long! Your boy looks amazing and I can only remember him as a long yearling. He almost looks like a liver chestnut (one of my favorites and seldom seen!) with that pretty flaxen mane. I had to laugh about the moose. I may be one of the few people on the East Coast that knows up close and personal about the sheer size of a bull moose. My mother has a cabin in Maine and I was chased by a bull. Obviously I'm still here, but a surprising lesson in wildlife no less. Fences don't mean anything to an animal that large. I've seen them take out cars on the back roads, get up and walk away! Airee looks better than my 24 y/o! What are you feeding her!?? Gunny and his gorgeous butt look Maaavelous!
  10. Having Confidence Problems, Topic 2

    Hello everyone~just checking in! Noooo I haven't been riding lately Lol! John and I have gotten the round pen extended to the edge of the property line which makes it 60x90 and put my super big tractor trailer tire in the center. It took three loads of sand to raise the level, fill in where we extended it, and filled the tire up. I'm still trying to get the mural across the street painted (it has been extended and is now12' long, 8' high) and weather has not been cooperating. We have had three people come and look at repairing the roof on the outbuilding. NONE has given us a quote, so John called our insurance company to see if they had a list of contractors. They came out and took pictures, had another person familiar with barn construction give us a quote to pull the stall mats, pressure wash them, re-level the stalls and fill dips and tamp it down, and re-install the mats. The quote gave me sticker shock, but John reminded me it was 8 years ago we had the mats put down. I just wish I was a lil' younger and could do it myself. I could still get it would take me a wee bit longer than two days though! I have some tree trimming to do myself, PD. It's on my to do list after getting the storage building and barn taken care of and bleaching and cleaning the fence I painted two Summers ago. The green mold is attacking it because of all the rain we received this year. I'm still trying to chase down round bales to get through the Winter. I'm about flush with square bales though! Just a thought WR, I'm thinking about having a trainer come to my barn to get the horses backed again after having almost a year off. I figure a ride or two on each of the Rocky's will get them back to work and I'll be back in the saddle. Have you thought of sending your mare to a trainer, or having one come to your place? Just a thought. I have been far too busy to ride, but I wouldn't give it up for the world! G'nite
  11. Having Confidence Problems, Topic 2

    Hahaha! No wonder! At 18 I thought I could rope the moon! I'm 57 now.....
  12. Trinity

    Greenhaven~ Who carries your Enrich32? BeRandee~Topline has more to do with exercise, or lack thereof, than diet...
  13. Having Confidence Problems, Topic 2

    No, there's nothing wrong with you. Lol! There was a time I would climb right back on too! I personally think that with age comes an inner self preservation, for lack of a better word, that kicks in with any hobby or experience that could cause irreparable harm to ones life or ability to function (as in work a job) if you should get in any accident. It's your mind over matter that kicks in that says, "hey wait a minute...". I rode my motorcycle today to get it inspected. It was the first time in a year. A year and a half ago, a woman did a U turn in front of me as I was pulling out of a side road and never saw me nor slowed down. I consider myself an excellent rider, but almost had to drop the bike in the road to keep from getting hit. I've been "almost" hit and people pull out in front of me before, but THIS time it rattled me bad. John did not see it (thank God!) and I had to take several deep breaths and went slow before I could get to the main highway but it still was in the back of my mind today. Old bones don't mend as quickly when you get my age..hahaha. I miss the old fearless me, but slowly but surely she's coming back with a vengeance!!
  14. Having Confidence Problems, Topic 2

    Hello again~ WR~ I think my trimmer is book smart, but loses something in the actual works. She also uses a stand which is great,,,for her. When I clean the horses feet they lean on me now because they are used to bracing against the stand. When I told her about it she just laughed. Soooo not funny! Last load of sand was delivered this morning so it still has to be spread out before using it. We went to the NC State finals for the Cowboy Mounted Shooting club this past weekend. The man that will be working with Paladin won the mens division and picked up a nice check. Next month will be the Regionals. John and I went to the range today and shot the pistols I hope to use. We had a ball! Fall is right around the corner, folks!! G'nite for now!
  15. Having Confidence Problems, Topic 2

    What kind of stuff are you shopping for?? Just curious. I have to get my tack room cleaned and straightened out before this winter. I have waaaaay too much old junk in there and it needs to be more organized so the mice don't make a home in there. I keep a dehumidifier in there that runs 24/7 unless it is freezing cold, so no mildew problems. I swear Sayge, I would have gunned that man down to have left my horses that long without water and just not show up! Geez! I guess I expect too much from people who call themselves professional. Although I could re roof our shed outside, John wanted me to call a roofer. Well, I called two and no one came to do an estimate. The third fella has done some roof work on our house and he came by and looked at it. Hopefully he can get the job done before Winter. If not, John is just going to have to "suck it up", because I can and will do it!