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  1. Ack! Ringworm?

    I had ringworm a few months ago.. I work at a dog boarding kennel and I believe that's where I got it. As soon as I thought it was ringworm, I called my doctor (and made them give me an appointment so I knew for sure it was ringworm) and then my boss. My doctor said unless you're practically wrestling someone, it's pretty hard to spread to people. (and a couple times I did forget I had it and made contact with my friends/family, and no one else got it). I also asked my horse vet and dog vet as to their advice on whether to work or not. I did end up vet wrapping it (it was on my arm and I wear tshirts to work) just as an extra precaution not to spread it to dogs at work. My bosses were totally fine with it as long as I kept it covered. The vets said that its fairly hard to spread to dogs too, unless they lick it or something. I put the antibiotic cream I got from the doctors on it. It cleared up but I have like a circular looking scar still. Honestly, it's harder to spread than you think (i do believe i even threatened someone once - don't sass me, I will rub my ringworm on ya!) and if your smart about it, it's no big deal.
  2. Getting A Reining/cutting Horse Back In Shape?

    Hi, I've always had success with long trotting (in the ring) or hills (trail riding).. Honestly, I always went at it with a "just do it" attitude. I mean, obviously, start out lightly, but I really don't think you have to go with a structured plan.. just ride the horses. :) Just my opinion. Don't overwork them, obviously, but just use your judgement.
  3. Students And Dress Codes

    Ugh, dress codes.... My PUBLIC school just started dress codes this year. I find them to be ridiculous and I refuse to waste my parents? money on such a trivial thing as clothing. The number one thing that irritated me about the dress code is the reasoning behind it - the district sent out unbelievable statistics claiming a dress code would improve test scores, reduce gangs, crimes, etc..... when in reality what they said made no sense at all. Also, they voted on dress codes at a board meeting that was not announced and had low attendance - so pretty much only the dress code supporters were there to vote. I'm a farm kid. I wore my jeans, t-shirt and boots to school and when I got home, I'd drop my book bag off at the house and go ride. I can't even imagine wearing clothes like what they are requiring EVERY DAY. Yes, when required, I've dressed business casual or business-like but wearing clothes like that every day is like asking an orange to pretend to be an apple! I know all the students complaining about dress codes sound like whiny little brats, but wearing clothes we can't stand 7 hours a day, 5 days a week... for what? A diploma that we can get elsewhere? Does wearing a uniform for 12 years honestly make us better people, or is it asking us to accept conforming from day 1? And why should you ask my parents, who have been buying me clothes every year, to buy me an entire new wardrobe because NONE of my clothes would be acceptable? And don't even think about expecting me to spend the money I made working my butt off all summer for on clothes I don't even want to wear. (And BTW - I'm doing cyber school now. I was dead set against my school's dress code.) :) Shelly ETA: here's a link to my school's "dress code". When I say dress code, I'm referring to a standardized dress policy, not rules on what we can't wear. We previously had to have sleeves greater than 3", pants longer than your fingertips, and no midriff or excessive cleavage.. we dressed like normal functional people in society would.. but nooooo, now we have to pretend to be some kind of prep-school-wannabes.
  4. Looking For Shows In The Southern Tier Ny Area

    Thanks! It'll be my first time out and my congress schooling as well... glad to hear its a nice show. Sorry if this is too personal, but where'd you live? I'm in northeast PA, and its about a 3 1/2 hour haul for me.
  5. Looking For Shows In The Southern Tier Ny Area

    I'll be at the Syracuse fall show end of September (NY State Fairgrounds). Check out ESQHA's website, they have show listings for QH shows in NY.
  6. Horse Color

    Does sunbleaching usually happen on the shoulders and not the back? It was confusing to Mine are always turned out at night in the summer so I've never dealt with it before. The lighter hairs look & feel unhealthy.. I don't know how to explain it, just ugly. So now that I'm rambling, I'm convinced it sun bleaching. Thanks for all your help!
  7. Horse Color

    Hi, I'm working with a 3y/o who recently got a hideous coat. It's turning really light in the shoulders and neck and it's unhealthy looking, has no shine to it. I'm looking for the possible reasons behind his color & haircoat condition and also how to fix it... My thoughts are: 1) Sunbleached - he was turned out in the sun all day when he was at his house..however, the 'bleached' areas aren't on top - he's darker along his back, and bleached around shoulders and neck. 2) He's turning buckskin - sire is gucci only, but dam was a buckskin... however he's registered as bay & was much much darker when he was younger.. unless he's changing colors 3) Somebody mentioned a deficiency in something could cause it... I don't know what though. His owners started him on Nu Image and it wasn't helping much (about a month ago). He's at my house now and is getting night turnout and lots of currying so he'll hopefully get a decent coat in a couple weeks. Any ideas? Please excuse the crappy cell phone quality pictures, and the horrid angle (he's not starving, I promise!). I just wanted something quick to show what I mean. ETA: Both pictures were taken TODAY, it just looks different inside/outside... just to kinda show the color.
  8. Fake Tails?

    Oh wow, complete other side of the state. Sorry 'bout that, I must have heard the name before or maybe even just saw it on here and thought I recognized it... my brain does weird stuff.
  9. Fake Tails?

    I just hang it somewhere, wash it, shampoo it, rinse, condition, rinse, then air dry and twirl it around a bit and pick through it with my fingers to make it tangle-free and each strand separate. Pretty much same exact thing as a real tail. ETA: Where in PA do you show? Lost My Sock sounds real familiar.. do you do PJHSA?
  10. Jumpy Horse

    Thanks for all the help! The reason I was posting was because I was always torn between "take it slow with him" or "he'll get over it, treat him the same as any other horse". I've done both methods with him, and I'm comfortable doing either, and it seems the consensus is treat him as any other horse - which makes a ton of sense when you guys explained it. Again, THANKS a ton. All your advice helped direct me on what to do with this horse. William (historyrider), your explanation was AMAZING, thanks a ton. I am totally comfortable around this horse and I would like to help him myself - again it's not a dangerous situation, not even really a problem because I can always work him through any minor situations, just a slight annoyance that I would like to fix. I will check eyesight and have the vet look him over too on his next visit, but I don't believe it is a physical problem, I'm fairly positive it's a mental/past experience problem. (I did suspect eyesight for at first, but I played around with it about and my not-expert diagnosis is that he can see in both eyes :) I do have a horse blind in the left eye, so I used some of the tests the vets used with this horse, and according to those results he's fine. I will check however. Thanks for the suggestion!) I haven't had a chance to work him this week, but I definitely will next week and let ya'll know how that goes. He's not mine and with school I didn't have time to ride my horses and others, but now that I'll have time I'll get a lot more done with him. I'll try to even do a video if I can find someone to tape me. Again, thanks for all the help!
  11. I Want To Make Fun Of A Craigs List Ad!

    Can you post the title of it? If you type into a search engine (Google, yahoo), followed by the key words in quotes. e.g. "horse" It'll save ya a lot of time PMing.. or if you don't want to post it.. feel free to PM me! :) Thanks!
  12. Western Pleasure

    Just a FYI: Krymsun N Gold is HYPP N/N. I looked up his sire (OHK)'s status and it's HYPP N/N, and obviously, if the sire with the Impressive in him is N/N, the foal must be N/N.
  13. Jumpy Horse

    Sorry! I posted this under my old account. I hate that name, lol. Thanks for the replies! It sounds like the more experience & time, the better. Hopefully what I'm doing is right. He's definitely improving. Thanks for the words of encouragement! Does anyone have a similar horse that completely got over it? Thanks again for any advice or tips!
  14. Lets See Some Fun Colored Horses!

    Here's my pretty little filly. Just kidding, she's technically dad's now, and she's a four year old... not much of a little thing anymore, but here she is: Please excuse the crappy quality cell phone pics.. and these were in March, so she still had an ugly coat.
  15. Horse-related Vanity Plate

    I LOVE YOU. Wow. The HORSPWR one is perfect - I never thought of that. Chris Ledoux song, relating to horses, and trucks. Some other awesome suggestions but that one is perfect as long as it isn't taken! Thank you so so so much!