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  1. Neglected Puppies...PICS...Any advice???

    There are members on here that will give you great dog advice, i can't. But i can give you a hug and say 'Thank you' for saving them!
  2. Who HATES me???

    Well duh! Thier state is shaped like a mitten! Everyone wears gloves now, it's soooo out of fashion! Just Kiddin'!
  3. Here he is.......

    Thanks for the tips Stormchaser! Maybe we'll get to meet you one day huh?
  4. Wow what a storm front

    Whoa! That sounded harsh! Glad you got it all done though.
  5. Come with us to the Live Nativity. PICS

    Now THAT'S the way to do it! Real animals! Sweet! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Weeweechu

    Very cute!
  7. GRRRRR!!! How about a game????

    <- Me waiting for the 28th to get here and to get a call back for a job....
  8. R_Beau. I wannt hear your BF story!

    Awww that was so cute and funny. I hope it lasts,.....if you know what I mean. *wink*
  9. Here he is.......

    Thank you!
  10. Back from the doc- more Mirena problems

    I'm so sorry! PID is very bad and I really hope they caught it in time. I had the Copper IUD too, and after gushing blood for 18days (w/ cramping and other symptoms) straight I had em pull it out. I couldn't take it.
  11. How about some good news.....

    I got the happy tears flowing too KM. Merry EARLY Christmas HorseLes family!!! WoHooo! I'm so happy for you guys, you needed a break!
  12. Here he is.......

    RL, I'm waiting on a divorce to finalize. Bret gave his blessing too. Thanks guys! He is so excited for his leave to start, me too since I get to see him! 1 week to go!
  13. *Christmas Treats*

    I LOOOOOVE chocolate covered pretzels!!!!
  14. I'm writing an email to you a lil later bud.
  15. carpet take dos! PICS!!!! come lookeeeee!

    *crosses fingers for no more carpet problems!*