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  1. I'd like to think they would, but let's face it, the world is full of horse owners who really don't give a hoot if what they're doing is causing their horse pain. And there are the uneducated azzhats who think that their horse is some wild, crazy, beast from the underworld that can only be controlled by a 'strong bit'. These are the same people you'll see yanking the faces off their horses (regardless of what's in their mouth) because the "horse needs to be tuned" or "needs to know who's boss".
  2. Calm Down. Its Just A Picture...

    It's a beautiful thing to some. It isn't to everyone. I don't find it "offensive". No, you can't hide being pregnant, and I'm not saying they should or that I want them to. I'm saying that I find naked pregnant bellies off-putting. Maybe it's the size or shape or something, or the fact that it looks so disproportionate but it makes me shudder. There are dozens of things that I don't like or that I find distasteful, but it doesn't mean I'm offended by it.
  3. Calm Down. Its Just A Picture...

    Wedding, vacation, prom, and family pics don't generally have a giant, gross-looking naked belly as the focal point. I equate naked preggo belly pics in the same category as diaper blow out pics and naked child on the potty pics; nauseating, disturbing, and totally inappropriate to share with people other than immediate family. But that's me, and fortunately my friends aren't the type to share those things. Though, there are some pretty disturbing family photos on
  4. Calm Down. Its Just A Picture...

    I think the picture is gross, simply because I hate seeing pics of pregnant bellies. I don't give a flying fadoo that she's on a horse, or that it 'could' spook or any number of other things that could happen. I don't know her, and it doesn't affect me. It's her choice to take the risk. It isn't illegal to sit on a horse while pregnant. If it was, my mom would have had the book thrown at her. She rode until the day before I was born.
  5. Waiting For Others To Join @ Restaurant

    Unless your bro and his sis don't have cell phones, there's no reason they couldn't have sent a text or a quick call to say how late they were going to be. At least then you could have told the manager that they'd be there in a few mins, or if it was going to be awhile, to seat others and you'd wait for them at the front so as not to hold up a table needlessly. I'm with Oz, in that if anyone left me waiting that long without notifying me, I'd have left.
  6. Debate....debating

    They are also perfect avenues to "showcase one's penchant for public moral preening." - My boyfriend.
  7. I'm thinking the same thing as Epona142. I think it's a waste of money that would be better spent helping children who are here. There are countless other ways they could have made a memorial.
  8. Fat, Fit, Winter Fluff, Body Type Or ?

    The knots in the tail aren't as common around here, but I've always heard them referred to as 'mud knots'. Which is what they're used for, to keep the tails outta the mud! Beautiful pics, Andi! I'd post a pic of my boy from a couple weeks ago, in his full winter fuzzies but I don't know how.
  9. Rodeo: Yay Or Nay?

    I can't speak for rodeos elsewhere, but the bucking horses our stock contractors use aren't used for anything else. Saddle bronc horses are strictly that, as are bareback bronc horses. Most are big, strong and heavy boned with some draft in them, and due to their being bred specifically to buck, using them as saddle horses in other events would defeat the purpose. I've heard of some bucking horses going on to become riding horses after they're retired from rodeo, but I don't think it's the norm.
  10. Rodeo: Yay Or Nay?

    Well, I breakaway rope and team rope so I'd have to say I'm a "yay".
  11. Problem With Trailer

    ^^I agree Smilie. Whatever works for you, your horse and your situation. If someone prefers a ramp, great. If someone prefers a step up, great. I personally like a step up. Accidents can happen with either type.
  12. My Body's Not Liking Ft Bliss

    Coconut oil is fantastic. Make sure it's cold pressed coconut oil. It has a nice light taste for cooking, not to mention it makes your kitchen smell great and it melts at body temperature. It is comedogenic (will clog pores) so use sparingly if you decide to use it on your face. I cook with it, and also melt a few tablespoons and pour it over my dog's food. She goes nuts for it, and it's great for her skin and coat.
  13. Problem With Trailer

    It's all about individual preference. Some prefer ramp loads, some prefer step ups. I've worked at a few TB training/breeding farms and Warmblood farms. The breeding farms tend to like ramp loads, as it's easier to get the foals to load if they have to be trailered. They don't always follow mama, and it's easier to lock arms behind their rump and push them up a ramp than to try and get them to step up. People have their reasons for their preferences, so there's so use trying to convince someone to go with the opposite of what they prefer especially if they've had bad experiences. Filly, a lot of older ramp load trailers have wood cross pieces like DR650 mentioned. They do a good job of preventing slipping, and the horse can push against them if they need to, to get some traction. If you decide to keep the trailer as a ramp load, I'd consider that option.
  14. Problem With Trailer

    My parent's old 2 horse bumper pull was a ramp load until they had it modified. My mom has had ramp load trailers in the past but much prefers a step up, for reasons similar to Smilie's. They bought it used, so she had her roping partner who's a welder and fabricator, take the ramp off and custom make dutch doors to fit the trailer. Worked just fine, and all her horses are good loaders anyway. Another reason she had it made into a step up is because she hauls by herself 90% of the time, and she's found that the springs can freeze and get full of snow, to where the ramp won't raise. Also, she's found that they can be heavy (not so much now, as most newer trailers are aluminum or galvaneal). She no longer has that trailer, and has a 2 horse slant load gooseneck that's a step up. She just turned 70 and still ropes and hauls to rodeos and jackpots by herself.
  15. If someone needs help for something like this, then they should ask family and friends first or talk to a financial institution about a loan. And if that fails, then maybe that person needs to think of another way to get the money, like possibly a part time job or selling some items. And if neither of those are an option, well then, maybe it's just not the right time. I find asking total strangers to pay for a non-necessity, and being serious about it, is tacky and reeks of entitlement.