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  1. Identify This Martingale?

    I will post pics in a few minutes, but I have a full size standing martingale, fancy, raised, and I am trying to identify it. I've had it for probably 10 years now, and it wasnt new when I got it. The only branding I have found at all is "DG" stamped on it. The only DG I know is Stackhouse, and I cant find anything about them making anything other than saddles. Any ideas?
  2. Building A Cross Country Course

    Were building a small cross country course to school our hunter jumpers over, and give them something else to play with. We don't want anything crazy, but what are some suggestions? We're doing the typical log/tree trunk, some variety of a gate, a water jump (liverpool, not lake), a 2' bank jump (we're thinking jump up, two strides, jump down, any suggestions on this one would be nice) a corner jump, and a brush jump. We are using the course for some big jumpers and hunter derby horses. We plan on keeping the jumps under 3'6, as were more concerned with the mental game. Any input is greatly appreciated!
  3. A Touchy Topic

  4. Critique - This Should Be Fun!

    This isn't a critique, and Im assuming its my phone but this horse looks like an equine version of a corgi. I'm gonna work on this while I ride and get back to y'all later lol. ETA It as definitely my phone! I dont even know what to say about this one, but you're doing a pretty good job of staying with your horse over this clearly awkward jump. I love that you're giving him his face even though you're slightly left behind.
  5. Planned Parenthood Exposed

    Planned parenthood does a lot of good for a lot of women. I can't believe the employee in that video, I got half way through and wanted to vomit.
  6. A Touchy Topic

    MIts no suprise that a fit rider is a better rider. I'm sure you know staving yourself isn't going to work. I've recently been faced with the need to shed a few pounds because I'm working a lot of ponies right now. Plus that extra 10lbs I've been carrying around isn't heping my beach body either! If you need to shed weight, do it the right way by eating right and excersizing, which doesn't have to be at the gym.
  7. Nona Garson?

    Eh, the fact that I've been riding in tank top and polo shirts for the last few weeks makes it ok! Lol. I'm excited to go to some of the west coast shows now, that would've been a weeks drive before.
  8. Key word, GOOD judge. This is hunters were talking about, the same judges that won't pin paints and arabs because of their breeds alone. Good judge vs bad judge is a whole nother topic though.
  9. I'm shocked at how many people are saying that hunters should wear them, and even more so that it came from George! I grew up riding with "the man who made [George] famous", and that is a quote by GM himself, and we almost never used martingales. A martingale is ultimately a training device, so it makes no sense to me that it's the preferred look in the hunter arena. Has anyone noticed if judges seem partial horse who wear them vs horses who don't?
  10. What Can It Be? Need Advice, Please.

    Have you spoken to your vet yet? I'm anxious to hear what they have to say.
  11. Nona Garson?

    I miss zone 2 horse scene so much!
  12. Seeking Training Advice

    If he's. Doi.g ut on the flat too, maybe you should call your vet. It could be nothing, but you would rather rule out pain. I would really stick to flat work for a few weeks, like you're planning. Work over trot poles, ground rails in a circle, etc. Let him stretch out and cool down. After reading your earlier response, it sounds like you're fixing someone elses screw ups. Keep your head up!
  13. Nona Garson?

    I've never ridden with her, but I used to ride with a girl who did for I think over a year. From what I remember, she liked her a lot. If the ridge is close buy, there are a lot of big jumper barns in the area.
  14. Seeking Training Advice

    A fihure 8 will basically force his mouth to be shut around the but and fee it for what it is. You don't want to crank it up as tight as you possibly can though. In your case, I think it's a good choice. That being saud, what are the details on this horse? How old is he, is he off the track, and if so for how long? Most importantlt, what training does he have thus far and what kind of jumping arw you doing with him? A true half halt requures nothing more than a shift in your weight, and it serms there are gaps in your training if he can't do that. I'm willing to go as far as to say that you've probably been overcompensating with your hands, and the choice of a gag bit, because of the missing links in training, and that has probably neen part of why he holds his head up, bounces that front end, and gapes him mouth. If he is off the track, race horses are taught to run off pressure, if you haven't truly broken that habit, and broken it properly, you're going to keep coming back to this problem of him running through your hands. Another reason horses get quick with fences is because they are over faced, and either lack strength, knowledge, confidence, or a combination of those factors, to adequately jump the jumps quietly. Think about what you are jumping, too. Are you jumping long flowing lines that can encourage him to run and jump flat? Try some grid work. Trot poles to an X, then add a ground rail for a bounce, then turn that ground rail into a bounce, add a slightly short two stride vertical after the bounce, then another easy two stride oxer. Keep him thinking,and let him learn that he needs to stay quiet and back off the jumps. I would also stay quite and soft with your hands, and let him figure it out on his own. I would also stop straight after every combination, and back up if he pulled you there. Remember, it's. Ok to circle infront of a jump if you don't have the right pace or rythym, even if you need to circke a hundred times. Don't fight with him either. Give him a loose rein and let his brain slow down with hus body. Once you have a quite loose trot, then let him jump. I really suggest you ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly. Where are you with your training? Is your horse truly ready to jump? Does he go forward, backward, left, and right, exactly when ypu ask him? What are you doing to contribute to his anxiety about jumping? Why are you jumping right now? Is it because its time to move up, or because its fun (which in your current situation, it's not), or because you want to show? Lastly, you said you wanted to show for miles. I would put that off until you and your horse are ready. If he goes in a show ring ho he is now, and gets bad miles, the problem will continue to escalate. If you want to get him used to showing, go to shows and school, and maybe do flat classes. Good luck!
  15. You need to tell your friend about