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  1. West Nile?

    i do the combo shot on my two horses every 6 months and thats the west nile & ewt combo
  2. 2 Year Old Aqha Foundation Bred

    bump anyone..??
  3. 8 Year Old Paint Gelding

    bump anyone.??
  4. West Nile?

    hey there is a good emergency equine vet down in gainesville which is about 45 mins from jacksonville and not sure how close to jacksonville you are but i live 30 mins from it and we have had several case of west nile and encephilites in the past year
  5. West Nile?

    i know how you feel girl i'm sorry to hear you had to do that [Angel]
  6. West Nile?

    he had encephalitis
  7. West Nile?

    i had a stud colt last year that caught ewt because the previous owner lied about having his shots when he caught it he was fine that morning and when i went to feed up that night he wouldnt come up to the barn to eat and through the night he went from just sitting there to falling over, stumbling around, lose of apetite, swelling of the brain, high fever, and he lost his eye site and feeling in his face ...when we were able to get a vet out late that night we had to put him down.... i also had a horse i was helping a lady with she was around 8 years old a mare and she was fine up until one day she had signs of colic but then started tilting her head to one side and the next morning was down , twitching, grinding teeth, and more she had both ewt and west nile and was put to sleep
  8. 8 Year Old Paint Gelding

    pics are back sorry
  9. 2 Year Old Aqha Foundation Bred

    pics are back sorry about that
  10. My Horse Drags Me To The Gate

    thank you i did have it backwards my mistake sorry :)
  11. My Horse Drags Me To The Gate

    first off all i was trying to do was help its not like they have to use my advice and i have a personal trainer who works with these kind of problems and i have experienced this with a horse before ... whipping the horse with a crop seems like it would just make things worse and tieing a barn soured hourse in the stall is giving it what it wants ....
  12. My Horse Drags Me To The Gate

    not sure if i will help or not but i would try making her work run and work while she is away from the gate then take her to the gate at a walk but if she wont take her back down and work till she realize the only place she can rest or walk is to or at the gate
  13. 8 Year Old Paint Gelding

  14. Training 2 Yr Olds

    i have a filly that just turned two in march and i started riding her in april and all we do is strickly walk she gets rode about once a week and its only for 15 to 30 mins . yesterday i took her to the arena and rode her for about an hour and a half and got her used to riding in a new place and with other horses besides my gelding but i dont force her out of a walk being her bones still growing and everything but you have a good looking 2 year old very pretty :)