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  1. People Who Neglect And Abuse Horses...psa

    Corina, eh? You're a real gem.
  2. I Need Help! Cvm

    1. Your horse needs a vet. Yesterday. It is a load of bull that no one will see your horse. I have worked at enough clinics and managed enough horse farms to know how emergencies work. Take your horse to a clinic. Someone will see your horse immediately. 2. I sure hope there are some people in Indiana reading this and reporting you to local AC authorties. You are being negligent and abusive by not getting this horse immediate medical treatment. CVM mentioed this is really common in horses w/ a poor BCS. I'm sure AC will be able to charge you on multiple counts of neglect. 3. I'd bet my last buck that you're lying. You don't want to spend the money to get your horse treated. This has zip to do with finding a vet. 4. If you've created a working relationship with a vet, they will often work with you and come up with a payment plan. I am guessing you probably don't do routine vet visits, so the payment plan thing may be shot, but it sure would be nice if you'd get your horse treated or euth'd.
  3. Stupid Neighbors

    Wait... I'm really confused. So your small animal vet makes farm calls, but you struggle to get your lrg animal vet to do the same? And Cash's kidneys are fine from damage caused by the antifreeze even though the the vet didn't treat him for anitfreeze poisoning. He was only treated for the possible warfarin ingestion, right? He sounds like a wonder dog!
  4. Feeds

    Good god, Daphne! Do you not have enough drama in your life and on these boards (and every BB you visit), that you have to start yet another controversial thread?
  5. Old Horse, Odd Behaviour.

    Were it me, I'd be in touch with my vet.
  6. Favorite Websites

    Char- not to turn this into a pissing match, but you weren't invited. I'm not sure what made you feel like you were. Not because we don't like you, but because we knew, by the position you hold, it would be conflicting.
  7. Pictures

    Andi, when you talk to her, will you tell her hi for me? I miss her
  8. Could Someone Let Bumper Know

    Bump saw this and asked someone to reply for her. She says, "I'm really happy my story helped, and even happier that this filly is going to be ok! It's amazing how seriously that can affect horses. I took Panama to a vet/chiropractor just last month who did an in depth work up on him. As long as i keep him adjusted he doesn't stumble or have any issues whatsoever."
  9. My Ex Uncle Was Killed

    [Angel] I am so sorry [Angel]
  10. Yup- and you would defend Hitler if you had a chance.
  11. Based on your posts as a whole, I still think you're a racist bigot, but whatev. I think what bothers me the most is that admin remained silent to your ranting and threatened to ban another member, who like many of us, found your post offensive and innacurate.
  12. And hey- if Americans are supposed to be fighting for the Christian god, then how are they any different than the radical muslims fighting their "holy war"? Mind boggling that rampant racisim and radical religious beliefs are not only tolerated, but defended by admin on this board
  13. Really? Was that called for?
  14. I said Mexican rodeos are not compareable to our rodeos, not that Mexican rodeos are hunk dory. Glad all is well with you. I think you're barking up the wrong tree with this topic.
  15. "my Son Is Gay"