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  1. Non-Toy Gifts For Kids

    Well he is a little young for Rick Jr yet too. I'm pretty sure it's for ages 4-7.
  2. Non-Toy Gifts For Kids

    A great magazine for kids is Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Jr. I think it used to be called My Big Backyard. My nephew and niece loved going to the mailbox and finding mail just for them.
  3. Christmas Is Coming

    Thanks! Yikes! On the mobile version they look like fat litte reindeer!
  4. Christmas Is Coming

    I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner. I usually don't even think about it till after Thanksgiving, but I found the cutest reindeer today and just had to get them.
  5. Is It Just Me...

    For me it's the time of year. During the summer I am outside all day and just so busy. Then during harvest things get REALLY busy. So now since everything has slowed down I am able to check in and not just take a quick look. Hope everyone is doing well and it's nice to "see" everyone.
  6. Pictures From Today's Ride

    Goodness little lady, you be careful! I would have peed my pants if that happened to me! Glad you are ok and very pretty pictures. I love the second picture.
  7. Fire_ Cracker

    I just feel terrible for not knowing sooner. If you ever need to talk I'm here. (((Hugs)))
  8. What Are You Bringing Camping?

    I haven't been on here forever so maybe I can come camping with you all if I bring firecrackers and a lighter?
  9. What's Your Favorite Wine?

    I love the sweet red by Barefoot. Mmmmm!
  10. Ants

    Yes yes yes! This worked so well for me last spring. I remember the next day after I had put it out, there were tons of them. I believe it took about a week to get rid of them all. I definitely recommend trying this.
  11. A Moment Of Silence Please

    Deepest condolences for you and your family. :angel3:
  12. Share Your Healthy Recipes!

    I think you should all send me samples of these mouth watering recipes.
  13. Cactus Rose

    Wonderful news! Welcome home! Good thoughts and vibes to heal those bones quickly.~~~~~
  14. Cactus Rose

    I keep getting chills just thinking about it. May the power of HC help heal you quickly.
  15. Farm It Maybe

    That was really cute!