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  1. Food Allergy: Dogs.

    What about sweet potato? Lots of nutrients and fiber! The rice really won't give him anything but carbs. I agree with nick as well- I honestly never have heard of an allergy being caused by any sort of surgical procedure, neutering or otherwise. I think it was just a coincidence that his stools became soft (possibly at first from the stress of the surgery) and then just continued. I'm glad you've found something that works though! Hopefully he will gradually put on some weight.
  2. Nbc Features Emaciated Horse As "feel Good Story"

    From what I saw briefly on the Today show website's comments section for that article, along with their facebook page, there is plenty of direct feedback about that poor mare's condition. The Today show would literally have to ignore a freaking huge elephant in the room if they want to move past that story with no follow-up. Idiotic that it was created in the first place. Were people literally blinded that much by the "awwwwwww" factor of the foals to ignore the mare?! Seems like they saw a quick way to score some ratings....
  3. Statutory Rape

    No matter what the sex of your teen, all should be taught what statutory rape is, so they can understand the ramifications if they find themselves in a situation of dating someone older/younger than themselves. Should go a long with general teachings of safe/consensual sex, etc. I think teen girls (and their families) are more likely to report statutory rape than teen boys- then again that is the case with rape in general. Men are much less likely to report if they have been raped. Of course, there are instances where I am sure young men and women have been accused of statutory rape for unjust reasons. Not sure how to avoid that. An,d I was raised by a single mother. If anything, I was taught to never trust men right away. I was the opposite of vying for men's attention. I wanted nothing to do with them until I was about 22!
  4. We Like Them Dumb And Ignorant

    It makes total sense. The terrorists can take an entire tribe or village essentially under its control. From there, they 'teach' those people what they want them to learn. Most of them think that the Q'aran actually tells them to kill and be violent, that it tells them that the women should not be educated, and it goes on and on. These villages are being brainwashed by the terrorist groups. Unfortunately, most of the western world, especially after 9/11, (with no help from our media and government) believes that this is what true Islam is. When in fact it is a very loving, kind, equality-driven religion. The 'conservative' Islam talked about in that article is pretty comparable to the very conservative branches of Christianity. It is the terrorist groups that take those 'teachings' and turn it into violence, using the small groups of Pashtun villages as their puppets. My SO's parents grew up in the Pashtun regions of Afghanistan, back in the 50's-late 70's, before they came to the states. Both of them had full educations, and his mother was even a school teacher. Afghanistan, for the most part, was on its way to being a pretty stable, and potentially democratic nation. Then the Soviet Union started their invasion. After the US 'helped' Afghanistan fight of the Soviets, the entire country was in ruins, and this is when the terrorist groups came to power. Luckily, his family was able to flee in the middle of the Soviet invasion. The whole history of that country is riddled with wars and invasions.
  5. Breast Feeding Toddlers

    This was great article. So refreshing to see a culture that doesn't view b00bs in the over-sexualized, censored way our culture does. Especially in relation to breastfeeding. I mean, come on. We can't even say ***** on this board without it being censored. Makes no sense.
  6. Owner Tattoo's His Dog

    Cropping ears and docking tails is also something I don't agree with. I don't argue with people about it, but I would not do something cosmetic like that to my own dogs. About 4 years ago at the old vet office I worked at, the doctor brought in back a box of boxer puppies, couldn't have been much older than a week. He asked me to hold them, he got out a pair of large dog nail clippers he kept in the cold box just for this case, and proceeded to chop off their little tails. I honestly almost threw up everywhere, seeing those little tails laying on the floor, and hearing the puppies scream bloody murder. Still the only thing in my years working w/in the veterinary sphere that has bothered me in such a way.
  7. Owner Tattoo's His Dog

    He placed his animal under anesthesia, and the risks associated with it, for no reason. There is nothing beneficial to the dog in this case. I don't know if it is necessarily cruelty. It is certainly dumb and incredibly selfish on the owner's part.
  8. I Just Don't Really Care...

    We all know what will happen if gay marriage is legalized... I'm real scared!
  9. Birth Control ?

    The implants and Depo injections have always scared me a bit- at least you can remove the implant if you have bad side effects. I don't like the bc pill I'm on, but it seems to to the best job at this point... My friend and I were just talking about the implant this weekend- she's considering trying it. Funny enough she is scared shartless of needles! I think just like any medication, it will effect people differently. I'm sure there's been many people who have good experiences, and those like Aggie who have had bad rxn's. Do your research, ask every question you can think of w/ your obgyn and maybe it will work for you and your lifestyle.
  10. Mare Magic- Update And Pics Added!

    This is really fascinating. My mare has swings of being moody and along with it being fairly hyper and easily spooked. Usually when she's in heat. I honestly didn't take much stock in any of the mare mood supplements- I would always just take it easy with her on those days. But looking more into the raspberry leaves makes me really interested in trying it for her.
  11. If You Only Had One Choice Of Horse Breed...

    I would also love a chance to see the Mustangs in the wild! I've always thought the Knabstrupper was a very cool breed. Would love to have one as a flashy eventing mount.
  12. Need A Way Of Slowing Her Trot Down

    Like others have said, truly slow (NOT lazy), collected gaits come from collection, which takes time for the horse to develop as they gain the muscles in their back and get into better shape. When my mare was in really good shape a few summers back she could do the nicest lope you could ever see. She was fit and strong, and could support her body for a slower speed. She's had almost a year off now, and her canter is more of a hand gallop because she isn't in great shape. For now I would suggest posting for your comfort (and hers!) until she develops a slower and more comfortable gait. You can use posting to your advantage too by 'slowing' your posts to help encourage her to 'slow' her stride.
  13. Teaching Sex Ed Starting In Kindergarten?

    I can understand that. However, sex ed is already taught at schools, but in many ways it is a short-sighted education. And for many children, they do not have parents at home like yourself who are willing and comfortable discussing sex/puberty at home. I don't excuse the parents that don't have that skill, but their children are often left 'learning' about sex ed from their peers, and many times don't learn what is appropriate and true. Like I said before, basic, yet comprehensive and age appropriate sexual education in schools is something I am comfortable with. Morals regarding sexual behavior is something that should be taught and advocated for at home, whether those morals are related to religion or just personal beliefs. I personally won't be advocating for only waiting for marriage to have sex to my children, but I will advocate for safe, consensual, healthy sex. If my children don't learn to put on a condom at school, I will teach them at home with a banana. Others may want their children to wait for marriage, and that is well within their right to teach that at home.
  14. Teaching Sex Ed Starting In Kindergarten?

    I am sure the material would be age-appropriate, like what skjotta said is taught in her country. I have no problem with it at all. Sex isn't something that we should be ashamed of. It shouldn't be a topic of hushed words. It shouldn't be something that is saved for when a child is too embarrassed to talk about it, because of the changes going on in their own bodies as they reach puberty. I remember going to the dr for a physical when I was about 9 or 10, and the dr asked me if I had gotten my period yet. I had NO CLUE what she was talking about, because my mom didn't know how to talk to me about sex or puberty in general. I have no bad feelings towards my mother for that at all, she just didn't know how to approach the subject with me. Why would explaining to a child what sex is take away their innocence, their childhood? Sex is just as natural as eating and drinking, breathing, crying, laughing, loving. I think we (general society, specifically American) are taught that sex is dirty and shameful. That's really very sad. I'm not advocating sharing sex stories and sexual encounters with your children, but I still see nothing wrong with basic, age appropriate, sex education for children. Yes, even as young as 5 or 6.
  15. Help Please, Chewing Trees

    My mare used to LOVE chewing the bark off of maples and birch trees when I used to keep her with friends. It was partially out of boredom and out of need to chew during the spring before grass grew. We tried squirting tabasco and other hot sauce on the trees, but she liked it, and would lick it off and resume chewing! Bagbam and vasaline worked better.