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  1. Just wanted to say hi!

    Here's another doing what she does best besides destroy everything she can come in contact with. Look cute.
  2. Just wanted to say hi!

    Thanks. I think she's pretty cute. So does she........
  3. Just wanted to say hi!

    I think the word you're looking for is rotten.....
  4. Just wanted to say hi!

    Well she's 4 months and has grown quite a bit. Thought I'd show you guys how much. I can definitely see the Chihuahua in her. She thinks she's the size of a great dane and is afraid of nothing. She does have a healthy respect for the cats but nothing else.
  5. Been a long time

  6. Just wanted to say hi!

    DancinDreaminKid that's awesome. Jubal she's doing better. I just close the bathroom door and that's solved. She's gotten pretty good about using the puppy pads so that's something. The only problem I have now is she's loving getting into the garbage and she loves digging the litter out of the litter box and bringing me surprises if she finds any in there. She used to poop in the litter box but I guess its now fun just to dig in it.
  7. Just wanted to say hi!

    Chocolate thinks every rug is some where to pee on. She also thinks my mats in front of my stove and sink are there for her. I just pick them up at night and close the bathroom door. The little bugger got the linoleum square up and started trying to dig throught the floor. She's a mess.
  8. Updates and pics.

    Great pics. Your kitty is pretty.
  9. Just wanted to say hi!

    As for her being a chiweenie that's just what they told us. I see the weenie in her for sure but I don't know on the rest and honestly it doesn't matter because as soon as I can she's getting spade. I could see her making friends with Tiger but not Diamond. Diamond is older and cranky. She doesn't even put up with the other cat and yes the puppy is more of a bother to them than anything else. She's tiny but has lots of attitude and has learned how to bark. They just stare at her.
  10. Just wanted to say hi!

    Here's some more pictures of Chocolate and my two kitties Diamond and Tiger. This has been interesting adding a puppy in the mix. The cats are not happy but tolerate her as long as she don't get too close.
  11. Just wanted to say hi!

    This is my first weenie but I think with the Chihuahua in her too it could get interesting but we'll see. My sister in law still has trouble with her weenie and he's 6 so I don't know I think it just depends on the dog.
  12. Just wanted to say hi!

    I have puppy pads on the floor because its not safe for her by herself outside. We have bobcats and hawks and she's so little anything could carry her off so we'll just do the best we can. Hopefully I can get her to at least use the pads then we'll figure out how to go from there. I wish you lots of luck getting yours to go outside though.
  13. Just wanted to say hi!

    Proud Dad I know what you're talking about with the getting older. I forget things all the time. One of these days I'll get her housebroken.....maybe....and yes she gets forgiven easily. LOL
  14. Just wanted to say hi!

    I've just been so busy and yes she's a little trouble maker but cute while she does it. Thanks guys. I'm glad you remember me.
  15. I haven't been on here in forever and thought I'd check in. This place looks a little different. Was wondering how everyone was. Both my Rosy and Lightning have passed on so I'm horseless now but we did get a new puppy which has been an adventure. She's a chiweenie and a mess. She's 11 weeks old and not housebroken yet but we're working on it. I'm hoping someone remembers me but if not I guess I'm glad to meet new people.