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  1. Terrible Tuesday

    I'm so sorry.
  2. Here's Another

    I love that!
  3. Simply Saturday

    That is the sweetest thing. I love the things kids say sometimes.
  4. Back To Monday Again.....

    I'm glad your finally able to get on here. We miss seeing things from you Ozland. I get to move my son farther away from me this week. I'm so proud of him making it on his own but do miss him. I was hoping he'd make his way back this way a little but as long as he's doing well I can only be happy for him and treasure the time I get to spend with him. Oh and I'm cold.
  5. This Is A New Year's Eve Rant

    I think we like them because a lot of Americans are loud and like loud things. That's the only explanation I can think of. I do not like fireworks. I am afraid of them and have to watch at a very safe distance. As for New Years Eve, I go to bed at the same time I always do and do not make resolutions. I won't keep them so why bother.
  6. Busy Monday

    Sitting waiting for the river to drop to see if we have any road left.
  7. And 8 inches later it finally quit raining.
  8. Oh and no snow please because we always get ice with it and that means no electricity.
  9. They had tornados down south of us. It cooled off sooner here so we're lucky on that but it is turning into a giant lake around here. Its not safe to drive any where on the highway. They are having to close them all down cause of water over them and we are hoping it doesn't wash our culvert out. We will not be able to leave if it does. Although I'd rather be trapped here then on the other side of the road.
  10. Its December. We're not supposed to be floating away and dodging stuff this time of year. My son is headed home and he keeps calling me telling me all the horrible stuff he keeps seeing like a car under water so much you can only see the top of it. They closed the highway at one point and he had to detour. This feels like spring. I hope all my southern friends who are experiencing this fun are safe.
  11. Gun Control

    I'll be 45 in February and if I wanted to get a license I would have to take the test. I guess its different from state to state.
  12. Gun Control

    To get a hunting license here you have to attend classes and pass a test to get a hunter education card otherwise you can not buy a hunting license.
  13. Found Me A Back Door

    Glad to see you didn't float away from all that rain.
  14. Ijust Saw The Cutest Commercial.

    I saw it and it was adorable. I could see me doing something like that if I had a mini.
  15. Bacterial Mcr-1 Gene And What Now?

    When I take my child to the doctor or when I go I always tell the them that if it isn't really necessary do not give anything. I do not like taking medicine and my child was a demon about taking it. She doesn't get sick very often but I am very picky about giving her stuff.