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  1. South Al People!

  2. South Al People!

    PM sent! Thanks!
  3. South Al People!

    I've decided to send my 3yo off for training this January or Feburary. I have a problem though. I don't know many horse owners in the area so its difficult to find a good trainer. I did visit with one in the area but did NOT like what I saw... saddle sores, long feet, and more. Are there any good trainers(colt starters) in Southern AL/MS or the FL panhandle?
  4. Fairly Last Resort Here-barefoot Pics Posted Page 3

    I won't be much help as I'm trying to learn about the hoof mechanics right now... Just wanted to wish you and Samwise luck [Huggy]
  5. Baby Pictures!

    He's a handsome little fella!!!
  6. I Won.....i Won ......i Won......

    That's just too cool! I'm jealous! lol Make sure to get lots of pics!
  7. Calculating Foundation Percentage %

    Thanks okay! I was starting to wonder if you typed something wrong and that you DID want your computer to tell you... lol
  8. What Is The Longest Time You've...?

    I got my first horse in 2000 and I still have her making that 8 yrs and counting! I also have Lovie whom I've had for 2yrs and counting. Raine I've had for 8 months but I'm not sure how long she'll stay.
  9. Calculating Foundation Percentage %

    That's what the page was about... telling you how to figure it yourself. [Question] Sire/Dam 50% Grandsire/granddam 25% GGS/GGD 12.5% (each 1/2 the % from the closer line) etc going back 10 generations then adding it up and subtracting from 100%... IDK but I did that for my filly (all on paper with nothing but Allbreed) and it took some time. Maybe I'm still not getting what your asking. Good luck... Someone else may have another idea!
  10. Calculating Foundation Percentage % That should get you started!
  11. Fluid Build Up In Hock

    Will do... I'll stop both and hopefully that is the cause... It wasn't a necessary change anyway so no biggy. Thanks again for your time!
  12. Fluid Build Up In Hock

    I walked her around the fields yesterday and then cold hosed for 5-10min yesterday but no improvement. I did happen to miss 2 feedings(shame on me) the first day I noticed it and they did seem somewhat better... then again it could have been wishful thinking. I'll cut it out and see if there is a change. Should I cut the flax out also? I think its high in protein too... Thanks for your help!
  13. Fluid Build Up In Hock

    I noticed it about 3days ago. I did start changing feeds about a week ago. She gets Strategy, but I started adding alfalfa pellets(app 2cups) and flax(1/4 cup) and picking up a bag of bp today. Hum... Work load? Not much lol. I ride her maybe 3-4X a week for 20 min tops. Mainly flexing and walking at this point.
  14. Fluid Build Up In Hock

    My 3yo recent developed a fluid filled sacs on both rear legs. One is barely noticable but the other is almost the size of a golf ball when extended backwards. She isn't lame, but it doesn't look 'good'. I tried to look up info on bog spavins, thoroughpins, etc and from that it seems like there isn't much I can do. And I've read draining it won't help as it will usually fill back up. The part that is swollen is between the tibia and calcaneus(according to the anotomy diagram). Its the top part of the hock on the outside that is usually concave, if that makes sense. I'm planning on making her an appointment for this week to get it checked. What should I make sure they check for? Will they do X-rays? What all can I expect? If it turned out to be some sort of joint disease or confo flaw, what could I do to help? Is this something I should be really concerned with as 'get to vet asap... NOW'? Any info is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  15. What Is This?

    IDK... Maybe your right. If it were a dog, I wonder what happened to the rest of its nose.