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  1. Hey you guys! So glad to see you all logging in - please stay - it's too quiet here without you!
  2. Wow - congratulations to Jesse - great story and great photos! Praying for good rides for him!
  3. NN - thanks for the update and all the photos - I am such a huge Coblet fan! He is gorgeous and while you feel you haven't done much, I think you have done so much as I see your partnership growing with Coblet. I agree, not many horses would have jumped over that block - that's quite a connection you two have! And I also loved the smiling photo - lovely.
  4. Jubal - yes, it was such a big decision to let go of my old horse, but the right decision for me, I love riding Zip, look forward to every ride and we are out hitting the trails together. That field was a place we trailered to - beautiful mix of fields and woods. Do you remember the movie Funny Farm with Chevy Chase where the couple moved to a small new England town and their first dog just ran and ran and they would just see him off in the distance running - then they got another dog who laid in front of the fireplace, his tail started to catch on fire, Chevy Chase just moved his tail out of the fire, stamped it out and the dog never moved - I have always said I want a dog like that and now I have one with our Golden Buddy! He lays in front of the refrigerator and I just slide him over and open the door, he doesn't move!! Love those laid back pets!
  5. So nice to see some old friends on this thread! We live in Connecticut, down to just my horse now, Zippy, who is an 18 year old QH, stead with smooth gaits and great on the trails. I sold my last horse, Torrie, 3 years ago to get Zippy and it was the best decision I have made in a long time as he is the kind of horse I needed and my confidence has grown since we began our partnership. Sadly, we lost my husband's horse to colic in April, he had her since she was born, she was 16 and we are still a bit lost without her. At home, we've got our Golden, Buddy and Cole, a Border Collie mix and a lovely black cat named Frank. In addition to our furry kids, we have 7 adult children between us that live all across the U.S. and 8 grandchildren - we are blessed. Life is good, starting to plan for retirement - moving to VA, I think, and getting a property where we can keep the horses, we board them here in CT and are looking forward to having them at home. Now some photos - the dogs, Zippy on his birthday, which is St. Patrick's Day and us out riding.
  6. Congratulations! Can't wait to hear all about him once he's home!
  7. Hope you hear soon to end the suspense and that you get a nice male pup! My advice is that you catch more flies with honey, so in a situation where you are dependent on the breeder, spread on the honey!
  8. Glad you are moving on to a new trainer and that you are alright. I think it's important to watch as many of the training sessions as you can, even if it means asking the trainer to adapt to your schedule once in a while. Hope the new trainer makes some forward progress for you!
  9. Great news about your mom and how fortunate you and your sister are to have found a good caregiver for her! Enjoy being home - it always feels so good once you get things back in order!
  10. PD - we will be moving to our 'retirement' home in a few years, and will be having the horses at home for the first time, something we are both looking forward to. We will both still be working, but maybe a little less than we do now, but moving to a more affordable location closer to family. I think having to care for our animals keeps us moving and healthier in general, do you agree?
  11. Yes, the weekend went by way too fast! Saturday was the National Day of the Cowboy and our barn had an organized ride/min-parade which was fun - we had 16 riders and could not be missed passing through a small corner of town. The ride was followed by a potluck picnic and live music - although it was in the 90's, it was a really fun day. Then yesterday we decided to stay home and get some yard work and house stuff done. Since I work full time and on the weekends usually go to see my horse where we board him, it was nice to have a full day at home. But it all went by so fast and here I am back at work again! Hope you all had a good weekend and that this week goes by quickly.
  12. Hoping your mare is doing better!
  13. We all have to be our own health advocates when it come to doctors and the hospital - you have to ask a thousand questions and sometimes be pushy to find out what you need to know to make a good decision or to confirm that results are correct. If you are unable to do it yourself, you need to have a family member or friend who will help you through it. It's like speaking a foreign language with no confidence that what you are being told in that language is right. Glad Amber is getting better, hope your family can find the support you need to help her recover.
  14. And of course lots of rubbing around the face, head and ears with rope, fabric, brushes, etc to desensitize. Photos!?
  15. TL - just reading this today - sorry for Amber and your family, but so glad that things are looking up! Prayers sent.