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  1. Just read about your physical trials - hope you are feeling better!
  2. And meet Solo!

    Good luck with him NN! I hope he turns out to be great....but I don't think anyone can beat Coblet for being an easy going, super calm, great jumping, dressage riding kind of guy!
  3. The Front Porch

    PD - sending good thoughts, prayers and hugs to you and Mozelle.
  4. The Front Porch

    Majik - sorry about that fall - glad you are mending and ready for the rematch! Heidi - Leo looks great!
  5. No longer horseless(almost)

    Great - enjoy the journey!
  6. A new week & new month.

    Danyel - they have been told that it's a dog that you never let off-leash as their instincts will lead them to chase anything. I also read that they chase cats and can harm them. My daughter visits us every summer and will likely bring this dog, we have had her former cat n with us for a few years, so we will have to deal with that and keep them separated as necessary. Hoping that perhaps by age 10, this little lady dog has mellowed...?
  7. The Front Porch

    Happy Anniversary RRW! What a beautiful ring!
  8. A new week & new month.

    My daughter is adopting a 10 year old family Wirehaired Fox Terrier tomorrow - she wanted to adopt a senior dog who was small enough to travel with. I have read about the breed, but does anyone have any personal experience with them?
  9. The Front Porch

    Queen, love that photo of the girls riding!
  10. The puppies are born!

    I like having our smaller dog sleep on our bed, but when he was a puppy until he was about 1 and could be trusted not to chew anything when he was unsupervised, he happily slept in his crate at the foot of our bed.
  11. The puppies are born!

    Congratulation on Blue Boy - soon to be named! He's really cute!
  12. Friday again!

    PD - she is 28 and we are going on her 4th year living in Spain. I have gotten used to the idea, and I love the area where she lives, it's safe and clean and actually the place where I was an exchange student over 40 years ago. She is happy, has a great man in her life and his family treats her like one of their own, and I have a few friends there in case of emergency, so that makes me feel better. And with the ability to text and to video-chat for free anytime, it is pretty easy to stay in touch. And she comes home for about 2 months every summer, so all in all, it's ok. But after having such a good time together this summer, neither one of us were ready for her to go back and it's always hard to say goodbye. Our dogs love having her home and they miss her too - the little one wouldn't eat breakfast this morning because he was missing her, I think. Anyway, thanks for listening, it's really ok, but harder at some times than others!
  13. Friday again!

    TL - yup, that's so odd to cancel school on the first day of fall due to the heat in Michigan...!!
  14. Friday again!

    I am also glad it's Friday. Had to say goodbye to my daughter who lives in Spain and spent the summer home with us, we had such a great time, it's always sad to see her go back home, but we have already Face-timed today - hurray for technology! Looking forward to seeing the horses this weekend and to getting the house in order and I head to Montreal for a conference next week, so I hope to get a lot done this weekend while also finding time to relax!
  15. The Front Porch

    Queen - so glad you pup is feeling better!