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  1. Jacob the orphan kitten

    He looks great!
  2. Streaming....GADS!!!

    Loved Longmire and I am so sad it's over. Check out Godless, Happy Valley and Broadchurch. The last two are detective shows but sooo good.
  3. HC Member's house burnt down

    Thanks for the good news - what a horrible thing to go through.
  4. HC Member's house burnt down

    So sad - thanks for sharing.
  5. Signs of spring?

    Hope everyone has a good Easter weekend! Looking pretty good here for the weekend, but we have a bad case of scratches to work on - clipping, cleaning. treating - this weekend - wish us luck!
  6. New Driver

    He looks very trustworthy behind the wheel!
  7. Signs of spring?

    Snowing here today, but I did notice some small buds on my lilac bushes yesterday and saw a few daffodils budding in Virginia this past weekend!
  8. Texas People #6

    My grandkids don't live close to us, but my daughter and son-in-law post photos and videos on a shared photo stream almost every day, which I love. Going to visit them this weekend - it's a 6 hour drive and worth every minute!
  9. Texas People #6

    QH - good news all around! I like my granite counters that are brown, gold, tan with a little fleck of sparkle - the crumbs don't stand out! And your grandbaby is beautiful!
  10. The Front Porch

    PD - I love those small signs of Spring! I am just so happy that it is still light until almost 5:30 in the evenings!
  11. The Front Porch

    Heidi - safe travels to see your mom, glad you are able to get there to spend time with her. Hope everyone else has a good weekend!
  12. Texas People #6

    I remember how difficult the journey was and am so glad that Paul is doing so well! Every day is a blessing!
  13. Texas People #6

    What a blessing! I love that Paul and you are able to welcome this baby to the family - and what a great big brother she has!
  14. Buying a horse trailer

    We have a lot of horse/tack for sale groups in our area on Facebook - fellow horsemen post trailers for sale there once in a while for a good price and you usually get the story of the ownership. If you are on Facebook, see if there are any groups in your area. We got a 2001 Cotner Squire 2 horse trailer (aluminum) that was owned by one owner and very well cared for - we paid $3,000 and it is in excellent shape. And that's in Connecticut, where things are usually more expensive. Good luck on your search!
  15. A few snow shoe pics

    So beautiful! What a great way to bring in the New Year!