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  1. Solo got ridden last night!

    Cool photos - glad he was brilliant and that you survived the crazy rearing circle! Solo looks great too!
  2. OMG lookie lookie

    Congratulations! Great achievement!
  3. The Front Porch

    Good for you for taking the girls to the show - what a great experience for them (and their grandpa!)! Glad you were safe through the storm too!
  4. Prayers Please

    Pink - super news! Will continue the prayers!
  5. Where is everyone?

    Yes, there are a few of us who are loyal here and we enjoy catching up with our HC friends. It's quieter than the old days, but still a nice, warm community of horse folks! Nice to hear from you!
  6. Whats Your Daytime High???

    LOL - I just opened this up and thought it was going to be a discussion of what makes you happy during the day - a cup of coffe at 2, a call from your significant other, when the boss goes home, etc... not a discussion of temps!! By the way, it's about 75 here in CT!
  7. Solo got ridden last night!

    Looks like you are off to a great start - looking forward to watching your progress with him!
  8. The Front Porch

    QueenBAW - what a nice thing you are doing for that young woman - and she sits a horse very nicely!
  9. I figured out pictures!

    What a great herd! I am especially fond of Norm, your soon-to-be therapy donkey - he's adorable!
  10. Texas People #6

    Sorry to hear about Paul's stroke, but it sounds like he should have a good recovery. I will send some prayers your way! Also loved the fireplace makeover!
  11. Prayers Please

    Hoping this round goes smoothly for your mom. So glad you are there to help and support her, that's something that others don't always get a chance to do, and while it's hard, it's also special. Sending you more positive vibes.
  12. 3/4 done

    Congratulations! You are in the home stretch!
  13. Starting levade

    You and Coblet are the best thing on these boards! Keep posting photos and videos! He is so willing!
  14. We finally almost finished our lying down trick

    Just saw this! What a good boy and a good job training!
  15. Kitty Needs Help Pics added 9/18

    She is looking so much better! Hurray for cuddles!
  16. Just wanted to say hi!

    Cute puppy Rosy! Remember that progress is never a straight line! Best of luck to both of you on the housebreaking!
  17. Kitty Needs Help Pics added 9/18

    Thanks for the photos - so nice to see and hear she is doing better!
  18. Prayers Please

    Hi Pink - hoping for a smooth 6-8 weeks and then a good report! Take care of yourself!
  19. The Front Porch

    Sorry you had such a week - hope you are able to settle down and settle in with some deep breaths as you try to establish a routine with less stress. I take blood pressure meds that don't have any side effects and keep my pressure very stable, so meds are not a bad choice if you can find one that works for you.
  20. Kitty Needs Help Pics added 9/18

    Poor girl - so glad you have her to help her heal. Yes, please share photos of her progress!
  21. New Puppy Pics

    Thanks for sharing - he is a good looking pup!
  22. Just wanted to say hi!

    We have always crate trained our dogs - they find the crate a nice, secure place to be and don't want to pee there, then you bring them out immediately and they have to go - then reward, they soon figure out that outdoors is the place to go!
  23. The Front Porch

    LC - thanks for that info - I didn't know all of that and am glad to learn more. I live in Connecticut, we have possums, but they are not abundant and we don't see them very often.
  24. The Front Porch

    LC - so glad you are moved in and the animals are adjusting well! You are probably aware of this, but possum's feces can carry EPM, so your orphan possum should stay away from the horse barn as a precaution. Looking forward to puppy photos soon!
  25. Prayers Please

    Pink - prayers are on the way for you, your mom and your family.