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  1. Hes Here!

    SO cute! :)
  2. How Do You Make Smoothies?

    I always just use juice and frozen berries :)
  3. Mid Size Suv

    Our 2004 Yukon is still running strong with close to 200k miles but if your looking for better gas mileage, I wouldn't recommend it. The 2004 GMC Yukons gets the same if not worse gas mileage than our 2006 F250. However, I would definitely recommend our Audi Q5. Absolutely love that car! It gets anywhere from 20-40mpg but always closer to the 30-40mpg range. Smooth ride, hugs the corners like our Porsche Boxster but holds five people. I would highly suggest test driving one of them
  4. 2008 Qh Gelding

    Absolutely gorgeous hunter prospect! Love him! :)
  5. You Asked For It.. Update On Desi

    I saw pictures of this guy when he was just a little one. Boy has he grown up! Always thought he was gorgeous :) Lookin good!
  6. Possible New Horse

    I know where you are coming from on the Impressive bred. They are known to be a little crazy and I will never own one. As far as the Luke At Me bred horses go, I would LOVE to own one. They are top of line HUS/HSE horses on the AQHA circuit and that is my game right there. ;) Definitely check him out, take him for a ride, and bring a vet along to give you an idea of health/soundness issues. Good luck!
  7. I'm Back After A Long Time!

    Hey! Welcome Back! I myself am just returning to the boards but I do remember you and your horses from way back when. Limo and Gracie were always my favorites :)
  8. Horse Trailer

    Hm...Ive never heard of that brand. But I will definitely make sure I don't look in to them. haha What you went through just sounds awful!
  9. Horse Trailer

    The size of the horses I will be hauling are 16hh+ so do you think they would fit in something that size? The dimensions Im looking for are at least 7' tall and 7' wide. Well my dad has decided no truck until after I graduate college so we are really looking for just a bumper pull now. Definitely something used as well since we cannot afford new. This is hard.... haha
  10. Horse Trailer

    If I had time to reply to everybodys posts I would. I REALLY appreciate all of this info! I'm definitely going to sift thru all these posts and write down the important stuff. That way I have a checklist when I go trailer shopping. Thank you guys so much!! :)
  11. Horse Trailer

    Hey guys! I found a truck/trailer combo for sale on CL and need your opinions. If you want the link please send me a message :)
  12. Horse Trailer

    Um can I please have your new trailer? Haha. It's amazing!
  13. Horse Trailer

    Step vs slant - I've heard that horses can under estimate the size of the step sometimes and slip under the trailer. I've also heard that ramps can be too slippery. Still researching this aspect. CowgirlUp - Thanks for the pics! I really like your trailer. How do you like the size? Tow Vehicle - I will be hauling with a 2004 Yukon. It does have the air ride system :) and can haul up to 8,000lbs. We've hauled a big heavy stock trailer with a horse and pony. The Yukon hauled it fine on the flat but it was a little too heavy on hills. Straight vs Slant - Ok so I've heard that straight loads are better for the horses when accelerating and braking because they can evenly distribute their weight but straights are harder to haul with one horse. I've heard that slant loads force the horse to put it's weight on the front right and back left too much and can cause soreness. What's your experience? Tack Room - I'm def looking for a front tack because I feel that a back tack is just to inconvenient and can be harder to load horses. Dimensions - What dimensions do you guys think are best? I will be hauling tall HUS qhs so we are gonna need some space! Ok I think I covered everything. If not, lemme know :) Oh and thank you SO much for all the replies! This really helps!
  14. Horse Trailer

    Ok so I'm buying a horse this month for college and I'm going to need a horse trailer. I need help! It has to be a bumper pull and I'm hoping for a two horse with a tack room. So......straight or slant load? Featherlite, trails west, circle j, etc? Any advice/opinions are greatly appreciated!
  15. Its Been Awhile...

    Um...can I have him please? Haha absolutely stunning!