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  1. Riding With A Broken Big Toe

    Thanks nick I thought buddy taping wasn't for big toes but I'll have another look! :)
  2. Riding With A Broken Big Toe

    No I put one around the underneath then one over & one under.
  3. Riding With A Broken Big Toe

    Ugh Smilie that sounds awful. I still have the nail on, it's black & wobbly but I'm not looking forward to it coming off now. I tried taping my foot on the weekend but it didn't really help; I trimmed the horses on the weekend which I don't think really helped either
  4. Riding With A Broken Big Toe

    Thanks guys, yes Nick I am constantly amazed at people who are meant to be the 'best'! Glad you got it sorted in the end! Thanks Magic, thankfully my lovely 17.2hh gelding is used to standing perfect in line with the tail gate of the ute for me to jump on, I think I will stick to bareback for a while yet. I use the kinesiology tape on the horses in conjunction with my massage so I'll give it a go on my foot! Great idea. 👍🏼 thanks guys, will keep you posted. (No pun intended)
  5. Riding With A Broken Big Toe

    Thanks Nick nope not taped, not anything. Do you have any repercussions re. your ankle? My friend has a bad ankle at the moment but says she would prefer that over a toe. You just don't realise how much you rely on it...
  6. I shattered my big toe in several places about a month ago & have only just started walking without crutches with a supportive type shoe. I rode bareback today for the first time since then (man it felt good!) but wondering if people have had similar experiences and how long before you rode with stirrups? It's funny how you notice little things when you damage a part of your body; like I didn't realise how much I put my heels down riding bareback to balance, which is excruciating with my toe the way it is. And getting off landing on the right foot!
  7. Trimming Books

    Thanks jubal! I will look them up!
  8. Trimming Books

    Hi guys, what are the best recommendations for books on trimming & barefoot hoof care? I already have Pete Ramey's Making Natural Hoofcare Work for You, and Feet First by those English ladies. Thanks in advance.
  9. Books! Books!

    I was thinking the same thing, you must be stoked about the weather! I too loved Horse Heaven, I might dig out my copy and re read it. I'll look into the other one! Thanks :)
  10. Books! Books!

    Hi guys Can anyone recommend some good reading material? I have posted this before years ago, but just went though all my posts and can't find it. I like horse stories for adults, along the lines of Jilly Cooper and the like. Currently reading Horses Never Lie About Love (true story). Need some good reading for coming into winter! Thanks in advance :)
  11. Short Necked Horses!

    Thank you Shameless :) he's not in work as often as he should be! Ideally I would like to be riding him 4-5 times a week but at the moment with his feet I'm lucky to get that in a month. Unfortunately I will probably have to get shoes on him otherwise I'll never be able to ride him as regularl as I would like. Thanks for your input :)
  12. Short Necked Horses!

    Thanks Smilie The vet said he has very nice conformation but if he could take 4" off his back & add it to his neck it would be ideal! Like I said, there's no actual issue, every time I ride him he gets better and better, but having feet trouble at the moment otherwise I would ride him a lot more. Thanks Shameless, I have a bit I was going to try on him which has worked well with 'fiddly' horses in the past, he might like that better.
  13. Short Necked Horses!

    A picture tells a thousand words but Photobucket is not being my friend at the moment! I'll try later on the computer instead of my phone. I'm portraying him a lot worse than he is. There's not as much resistance as you're probably thinking, his neck muscles aren't built up on the under side - where he joins throat to head is quite thick (from a conformation point of view) saddle and everything else A-OK (I'm a massage therapist & a real stickler for saddle fit)