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  1. Holy Weekend, Batman!

    Agreed RW. My back doesn't hurt near as much when I ride consistently. I worked today til 4, then met my barn pal at Dimple Dell and had a nice relaxing ride. A little over 2 hours. Saw tons of wildlife. Went back to the barn, cleaned Piper and Smokeys water barrels, did some maintenance on Pipers stall. Came home fed the rabbits, dogs, cat. Then me. Lol Tomorrow I have a ton of cubes to get from the back of the pickup into the barn. Then delivering a rabbit and hutch. Working on Monday.. I am keeping busy.
  2. I do understand it is amputation. I have also worked in a vets office. Most surgeries are painful, we all know that. That said, both of my cats that I've owned in the past 17 years were declawed. The first cat was done at 3 months old. He was neutered and declawed . He lived until he was 14. There was no keeping that cat insude. He would hide under a chair and bolt whenever the door was opened. He was a mighty hunter and frequently brought home mices, snakes and birds. Not having front claws did not deter him in any way. After Levi died, I never thought I'd own another cat. And then in October a friends Aunt offered me the most beautiful calico kitten. I tried to refuse but her sweet face called to me. I had a long conversation with my vet, and due to my living arrangements, decided to go ahead and declaw Prada. I took very good care of her after the surgery, paid for an extra day at the vets to make sure she was monitored closely, used the paper litter 2 months longer than recommended. Made sure she got all the after care I could provide. She currently shows no I'll effects of being declawed. She fights with the dogs, runs, jumps, climbs. Praying that she lives to a ripe old age, and that she will be the last cat I ever own.
  3. New Things

    You should read One Second After. I'm not sure of the author, but it's SO good. My new thing. My husband got a job!! He lost his job 8 months ago, and it's been heck trying to find one. :)
  4. More Monday

    Days looking up!! Sushi Burrito for dinner. Can't beat it.
  5. More Monday

    Looks great Heidi. I've had a heck of a day. Rock in my boot, last person out at pasture didn't fill the water barrel, and I didn't have time to, so Piper had to stay in today. Get to work and my computer freaks out. Took my boss an hour and a half to fix. My son's school called and he might have pink eye. Then I was heating up my milk for my oatmeal and it completely boiled over in the microwave and there was none left. I'm done!
  6. Watery Weekend

    Gorgeous day here. Loaded up the horses and headed out into the west desert. We did about 10 miles. Stopped at a really old falling down "cabin" for lunch. Horses were feeling good. :) Tomorrow I'm hoping to load up Piper and hit Settlement Canyon. If it doesn't rain that is.
  7. Heeeres Monday!

    Sounds like some of us have had a heck of a day. My Monday wasn't bad. Just another day in the books. Have a short week. Heading to my sisters for the weekend in Vegas. :)
  8. Its Monday Again!

    Spring is coming!!! I drove home with my window open. It was great!!!
  9. Can You Help?

    I know. It stinks
  10. Can You Help?

    They were not the grand prize winners.. however they will always be winners in our books. :)
  11. The Thursday Thing

    Oh my goodness. . I love rabbit. I've done enchiladas, pot pie, fried, rabbit and dumplings, a casserole, smoked (wrapped in bacon), roasted.. lol. This litter we will only have 1 left to process. But my doe is due in a couple weeks, so we will dispatch that litter for our freezer. :)
  12. Can You Help?

    I think the drawing is tomorrow. And thank you Farah.
  13. The Thursday Thing

    Have a Backcountry Horsemen meeting tonight, and then on Saturday a ride in the west desert. Sunday have some people coming over to buy rabbits. They are going to start breeding for meat, and need some breeders. :)
  14. Can You Help?

    Thanks all. I think they really deserve this. I so appreciate it.
  15. Can You Help?

    Yes. Just like the post on that page. Thank you very much!!