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  1. Birdy, Birdy In The Sky;

    Have been hoping to hear how your new foxtrotter is working out.
  2. Breeches, Tights, Jods? What Is The Difference

    I waited till they went on sale at the end of a season, tried 1 each of 3 differant brands. For me Kerrits worked the best.
  3. My New Boy (probably)

    When I was a young' un, some odd 50 yrs. ago, my Uncle Boat had a foxtrotter that was a big gray like yours. First horse I ever rode, Uncle Boat put my 7 yr. old but on him and sent me on down the road. Talk about first love, that was it for me. People down home used to say that Monkey, Uncle Boat's horse, could work all day, take him to a show at night, put a 3 yr. old kid on him and he would come back with a ribbon. Looks to me you got a good one.
  4. Playing With A New Lens.

    Merry Christmas to you, too! I have the same pooper mover too.
  5. Spring Has Sprung, Fall Has Fell,

    When it gets that cold around here (not often), I have some ski overalls that seem to work nicely. One slight problem, well 2, just can't find a good enough glove to keep these gnarled old hands warm enough. And then there is the problem of dropping all those layers fast enough to make it to the toilet. Oh well, working at the front counter at the post office, I scared some poor young fella. He was talking to another clerk about moving to Montana, when I piped up with , "oh take me too!" Poor fella just about had a heart attack.
  6. She's Beautiful, Absolutely Beautiful

    You are right she is absolutely beautiful, but they still scare the bejesus out of me.
  7. The Kids Rodeo

    The intensity and concentration on horse and kid is wonderful to see. I am so glad you were there to catch it all. Wasn't the little blond at the end of the first round your adopted granddaughter?
  8. A Few Days In The Life Of Grouchy

    Beautiful granddaughter! Can't wait to see the cutting pictures. Watch those grizzlies, they scare the bejesus out of me, read they can run up to 40 miles an hr. Isn't that something only racehorses can do?
  9. Grouchy Who?

    Hope your broken finger doesn't stop you from getting lots of photos of your surrogate granddaughter. My favorite of all your pictures involve kids and horses. Wish her lots of luck from us on horse city. Looking forward to hearing about it.
  10. If You Want To Learn To Ride

    My 2 favorite things, kids and horses, as much as I love the Montana views, I like these the best.
  11. Why don't we do another Introduction Thread?

    I'm mostly a lurker. Name is Pandy, 57 yrs. old, wanted horses all of my life. Didn't get one until I was 50. Shortly after getting my 1st horse, I was diagnosed with lupus ( the kind that tries to twist joints like a pretzel). Ride intermittingly. Live a little north of St. Charles Mo. Adopt strays that people discard around here. Live vicariously through everyones adventures on this site. Have beautiful twin granddaughters.
  12. Lets See Those Horses!

    I love looking at all the pictures especially when no contest is going on. I will try to add my babies but I really stink with computers.
  13. Missouri Foxtrotters?

    Foxtrotters do move with 2 differant gaits, one for the front end and another for the back end. They can be trained to do normal gaits but then why would you buy a foxtrotter. They do tend to be short coupled, but not necessarily, at one barn I trained at they used a foxtrotter for jumping but this horse had a little longer body build than most and he didn't gait. I also attended a CA training clinic, where one of the horses he tried to help the owner with was a foxtrotter. When the horse started to lunge around the owner, the first thing out of CA's mouth was "Is that hoss lame?" I thought it was funny, but I also own a foxtrotter, a paint (that has a lot of thoroughbred in him), a part Arabian, and a welsh pony cross.
  14. How To Treat/ Deal With Ringbone?

    I don't know that much about all the technical stuff but I have a 22 yr. old horse that has lower ringbone. I have tried differant supplements with the best results with cortiflex with MSM getting the best results. It looks more expensive but the amount in each container goes further than the others hence a much better investment and with amazingly better results. This horse gets very little work and the vet recommended that he shouldn't be worked very hard. Before the cortiflex he hobbled a lot, but now he even plays with the colt, rearing and kicking and even prancing around when the herd gets going. I just love it when they act like life is good and worth living.
  15. The "i'm Fat & I Ride My Horse Anyway!" Chat Thread!

    My weight has varied through the years from 103 to 200 lbs. Right now I am in the middle but have never liked a picture of myself at any time. As far as I am concerned horses know and feel love and respect at whatever size it comes in, that is why they are God's gift to us all.