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  1. Cleve Wells In The News

    And again he was suspended this time for four years for abuse at Sun Circuit last January.
  2. Possible New Horse

    But they aren't a little crazy. My Impressive bred gelding is the sanest sweetest horse ever. Last trainer told me he would make a perfect walk/trot horse if I ever want to sell him. I have put friends on him that don't know what they are doing and he just does his job. Both did their first flying lead changes on him. And he does very well on the AQHA circuit, just earned out AQHA Championship last year. And Vital Signs Are Good and A Certain Vino have proven themselves not to be crazy at all. They are the most consistent show horses out there right now in AQHA and just keep on racking in those world titles. Now halter horses are a little crazy, but that's not because of their breeding, but how they are taken care of. I would go crazy too if I am not allowed to get out and let off steam and just sit in a little box day in and day out.
  3. How To Get A Newbie Pleasure Horse To Keep His Head Down

    Agree with both posters. I had a cowbred paint that he just wasn't built to have a level head. And sounds like at this stage of working with your horse you need some lessons from a good trainer.
  4. Possible New Horse

    Only Luke At Me I ever saw was a nut case, but then I only saw one and it might have been the TB part that made him so hot. All Impressive breds I have seen or delt with were great horses many and are the top WP horses in the nation in the last decade like A Certain Vino, Vital Signs Are Good, Lazy Loper, VS Code Red, VS Code Blue, One Hot Krymsun, Cool Krymsun Lady, One Lazy Investment, etc. You get the idea. So obviously just because a horse is bred that way doesn't mean he is going to be a bad or a good horse. Good luck!
  5. Anyone Heard Of This Horse?

    If you google search his name with AQHA as an add on you can find a breeder that sells every year with that sire as a reference sire. Maybe contact him for more info. His name is Dwight Ungstad in Innisfail, Alberta.
  6. Teaching A Horse To Flex

    Actually too many trainers still do this at the higher levels too. I knew one trainer that took it even farther by thinking longer is better and would tie up a young horse for hours. Even if it fell over he would unhook it, get it back up and retie it. Now I am at the point I am DIYer so I know my horses are being treated right all the time. Nothing hidden when I am not there since I am the only one training them. Get tons of compliments now on how well they are doing at the shows including from trainers.
  7. Would You Pay For Hypp Testing?

    When I bought my Impressive WP bred gelding he hadn't been tested and the sellers tested him before I would even look at him for me. He came out n/n, fell in love with him and bought him. I recently noticed that his dam was finally tested. I think they might have been afraid she was n/h and except for my horse all her foals were apps including one multiple world champion in WP. Now that they know she is n/n, she has had two AQHA foals including one by One Hot Krymsun. Sure wish I could buy that one for my next show horse.
  8. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Hi strangers! I almost couldn't log in here, but my Mac had my handle and password saved. Congrats on the marriages. Sorry about your dad. Barns, horses and puppy all look great. Hope Ella is doing better now Kelly.
  9. Equine Herpes Outbreak!

    Hadn't caught up to Wobbles/Canada post until now. Having problems with getting the full quotes to work to post, but now this week's AQHA and next week's AQHA shows here in Colorado have been canceled. Same with an APHA show also next weekend here. I am appalled by the AQHA showers in CA that are showing right now at Del Mar since that state does have confirmed cases of EHV-1 and horses from other EHV-1 confirmed states are also showing there. Their response was that they aren't having classes for cutters nor reiners so they are safe. But, as Colorado has shown not all barns are one discipline only with a secondary horse already down with EHV-1 that is not a cutter, but a dressage horse. And that showed at dressage show in WY before they knew about the disease or that their horse had it. It came down with it the day after the show and it was last weekend just as things were starting to come out.
  10. Equine Herpes Outbreak!

    They have since come out to say that horse had Wobbles and not EVH-1.
  11. Equine Herpes Outbreak!

    Thanks for posting about Colorado Horse Park Nikki. The AQHA show that was canceled I was wondering if it was going to cancel. Our one this week in Denver already was. Our barn is closed to haul ins and haul outs for at least two weeks and no farriers are allowed to work on horses for the same time period. Many barns in Colorado are doing this. When my horse had the neurological EVH-1 we never figured out where she got it. But, she was stressed more than normal the previous two months.
  12. Equine Herpes Outbreak!

    I have also heard it was a horse from Canada that showed at Ogden, UT that spread this. So far all the confirmed cases are neurological. Just some are worse, fatal, than others. Horses can fully recover from this. I had one do that three years ago. Considering there were 800 horses at the show, the percent that got infected is a high percentage to me. When my horse got it, she thankfully did not spread it to any other horse in the barn which was about forty horses including four that were mine. This is the first time that a big show spread the disease and that it went all over the western states. In the past big outbreaks have been isolated to just one barn. Usually a state university barn like Findley. I researched this a lot three years ago when my horse got it. And the person who needs to moves their horse may already be too late. More states are reporting it and Texas had quite a few horses show at the Ogden cutting show.
  13. Equine Herpes Outbreak!

    Other shows are now canceling in Colorado and Utah to be on the safe side.
  14. Equine Herpes Outbreak!

    Colorado right now has ten horses have come down with it too from that cutting show. Two barns have been quarantined in Colorado. I think all the infected horses are at CSU in Colorado. So far none non cutting shows have been canceled here.
  15. What To Do When You Have English And Western In The Same Day

    If you had to pick between the two I would band if my horse was more western and braid if more English. I don't think most judges notice which you do except maybe in SMS when you are close up. Heck many now roach their horses manes and some because they would band one day, braid the next, then band again, then braid again, etc and their horse's manes just fell apart. I know one friend that was reserve at Congress in Novice Youth Seat Eq Congress in 2007 with bands. So obviously it didn't hurt her. Bet the judges didn't even notice.