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  1. Critique?

    PS the other picture you posted is beautiful! I'm sure it will just take you time and fitness to get back to that.
  2. Critique?

    I hear ya. I haven't been able to lesson like I would like in over a year. I feel like half the rider I was, trying to to ride a horse who is 1000 times the athlete of my past horse, who is simpler to ride, but has an attitude and can be a little dangerous if you aren't careful. Its been a process. (That doesn't even make since) I think the best thing is gynmastics because they help you learn timing and then placing poles before and after the jumps because they do the work for you. I feel like the first thing I loose is my timing or my shoulders. (or both at the same time) Do you read Eventing Nation? (its an eventing blog) The last couple of days there has been recaps of a Jimmy Wolford clinic, George Morris, and Laniey Ashker, which include video's and shows excercises. (actually theres a ton on the website but I don't really know how to look) You might be able to find some stuff you'd like to try. When I do gymnastics, I like complicated....again because I event, I want my horse to figure out the footwork-- So typically, my lines include poles, bounces, hogsback, distances that are a little long or a little short. (maybe not always in the same line but I really love my placing poles no matter what) In my early years of riding, I was taught, when doing a gymnastic to pick a spot at the end of the line, arena, whatever and ride for it....it wasn't until later in life that i learned doing that isn't the best way, ecspeically if you are on a quick athletic horse who is probably just going to run down the line and not care. Looking at the poles... like you look at your placing pole until it dissapears between your horses ears, then you look to the next pole, then the next and then the next etc... teaches your eyes to move forward, which intern helps your shoulders wait, which stops the laying on the neck thing over smaller jumps because you have too many other things to think about. Its really really really hard to make your eyes do if you don't already do this through a line, because you are looking down (not down down but at the ground ahead of you), not up and forward. I'm not sure if this makes any since without really seeing it or having someone walk you through it.... I start at the walk, then the trot, then the canter then start raising the poles of the jumps in the line. I like placing poles before and after fences because the only thing you have to worry about is yourself and your rhythm. The poles put your horse in the "right" spot. Again, look to the pole, jump, pole, beyond-next pole, turn, whatever. I think having the placing pole after the jump will help you, because you said you'd like to feel stronger on landing- the landing process takes longer because it includes the landing, and then going over the pole, and then another baby landing step (on the other side of the pole) Gives you more time to think and you have to plan ahead a little more, therefore building more bodily awareness and strength. When I teach people this, I start with the gymnastic line, then move to placing poles before after fences, then I take away one pole, then both poles. I can come up with some specific gymnastic lines if you are interested. Also. I watch this when I need inspiration: I love them, I love this because I can watch this, and for the most part I can pinpoint what she's doing when (this is who I ride with and I know the "program" really well). Plus Mo is just amazing.
  3. Critique?

    I'll play. :) As, an event rider (riden through prelim, now have some babies, a UL prospect, and a pony) my thoughts may be a little different then a hunter or jumper rider. I'd like to see you wait with your upper body more by focusing on feeling and adjusting your horses rythem and balance by using your hips and lower legs so you can start developing a more fallowing hand. All of your parts seem too connected and maybe a little stiff (I don't think stiff is the right word) I'd like them to work independantly but together. I'm not sure if that makes any sense, but that is the impression I get. Also think that you are a balanced knowledgeable rider and I get the impression that your saddle may not have quite the right balance for you and that it kind of puts you in that postion. (I'm only guessing this after my own years of struggling with the wrong saddles and I now have the "right" equipment its make a huge huge difference)
  4. Bit Help?

    I've never used them.. I rode saddleseat for a while as well and did XC with a different horse and rode in a 3 ring with 2 reins for a while. I can say, that I would rather not do XC with 2 reins (with this horse it may not be so bad as he is a little more predictable and consistent in his issues, my other horse was a handful and eventually graduated to the "wonderbit"), stadium, no problem, but he also doesn't need anything more for stadium, so its not an issue.
  5. Bit Help?

    Thanks! That was great. I've read it at least 3 times. So my next question, why the 3ring with converters and not a pelham with bit converters? Out of all horses you listed my big guy sounds most similar to Shorty, He can be very quiet, but he's an athlete and can be explosive. He's a lot longer in his build, not quite so compact looking. I can school in the happy mouth D-ring over fences and feel like I have all the control in the world, or if he's having a day.. not so much, and you never know until you get on him. My friend calls him my bi-polar pony. Jumped this weekend in the mylar comfort snaffle (???) he got mad (at himself, sometimes he's a perfectionist) and a little explosive and as soon as he decided he was a little stressed he just pulled hard. Trying to track down my 3 ring I lent to someone... I'm also curios about this: http://www.totally-tack.co.uk/acatalog/neue_schule_waterford_universal_bit.html
  6. Bit Help?

    TheBrownHorse, that sounds like it was a great post! I'm sorry it got deleted. What is the purpose of using the bit converters vs using the middle ring of the bit? NaughtyNeigh2, I don't know if a different type of mouth piece would be ideal with this horse. He can get ridiculously sensitive he has a temper and can easily be offended, I'm afraid that it would end up badly...Thank you for the suggestion! Thank you for all of your suggestions, I have a lot of idea's and things to try, now I need to decide where to start. We did go for a little gallop in the mylar and I think it worked? He was a lot quicker to come back to me, but there were no jumps involved....
  7. Can You All Dig Through Your Tack Trunks?

    Hi, I recently found this website horze.com Most of their stuff is inexpensive and they are having a 50% of sale for this month (the code is GREAT1, i believe). They have pony items. I got a nice looking bridle for about $30 and they have some blankets. I read mixxed reviews on blankets, but read a lot of good things about their bridles.
  8. Bit Help?

    We hack 15-25 min every day before we do anything around a hay feild/cornfeild or on some trails, another 10 or so after the ride to cool out, plus 30ish+ (sometimes less) of actual work. Away from home he is generally pretty quiet. He can get a little tense/behind my leg during an actual dressage test, but he handles warmup of dressage/stadium well. In stadium he literally canters around like a hunter and jumps quietly. He gets a lot more worked up in XC warm up, probably because there are more horses galloping around, but he's still ride-able, usually. On course he gets a little drunk on speed and gets much much harder to get him to change into a more jumping appropriate shape, and then in long stretches he just starts to lean and pull down and get more on his forehand and gets a little behind my leg, and I'm just not strong enough to get him back the way need too. I have in the past, brought him back down to a trot, had the "discussion" and transitioned back into a gallop, but more of a show jump gallop, and it gets better, but you don't really want to jump all XC jumps from that. So essentially, I'm looking for something that helps give me more options. I'm not opposed to trying anything that requires 2 reins, its been a while since I've ridden over fences with multiple reins. Today I found a Myler comfort snaffle?? in my tack room... I'm not really sure how it works with the slots for reins?
  9. Bit Help?

    I have a wonder bit that I used on a different horse, but I think it may be to small. Sigh. Maybe I will see if I can squeeze him into it and give it a go? That horse was opposite of him in every way, he was/is a small lightweight TB who would put his head up and run type of horse, the wonderbit made a huge difference with him. My only problem is, I don't have a ton of money to spend on buying bits to try/I don't really have anyone I can borrow them from/Is there a way to rent bits to try them???
  10. Bit Help?

    I'm looking for a bit(s) to try for cross country. I'm not quite as educated on the art of bitting (anyone know of any books or online resources???) My horse is quite big... (16'1 or 2 OTTB) http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=470778796265571&set=t.1425412869&type=1&theater And I'm little. We do dressage in a happy mouth D ring, I've been attempting to run XC in a normal loose ring and its worked for the most part. My problem is, when we start go at faster speeds (training level), I have a lot of trouble getting him to change his shape while galloping towards jumps. (meaning bringing his hindend underhim, compressing his body and elevating his front end to jump successfully) When I practice galloping at home (usually in the happy mouth) I can make the change happen but away from home, going towards jumps, not so much, yet. He grabs the bit puts his head down and pulls (like a racehorse..hmmmm. Weird!) He's built uphill, but he likes to gallop downhill. Like I said, at home I'm able to get him a lot more adjustable and uphill. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can try. Obviously, I know more training etc is the real answer, but I'd rather be "safe then sorry" when out on XC. I will probably continue to show jump/school in the snaffle most of the time. He just gets a little drunk with speed/strong the longer he gets to gallop. He doesn't really ever curl behind the bit, he grabs it and holds it and pulls down. Does anyone have any thoughts on: waterford http://www.vtosaddlery.com/product/BITS/KFCWB.htm wonderbit http://www.vtosaddlery.com/product/BITS/MOMLRG.htm segunda (don't really know anything about this one) http://www.vtosaddlery.com/product/BITS/BSDRB.htm gag http://www.vtosaddlery.com/product/BITS/DCEGB.htm Thanks!
  11. Heart Vs Pure Talent And Confomatiom

    I think it depends on what you are trying to do. My first OTTB was built downhill, had a funky hindend, long weak back, terrible feet and a ton of heart!! He would do anything I asked him and would try so so hard. If he had had better conformation he would have been a little more athleticly inclined and would have been easier to ride and probably would have competed at a higher level. We evented through prelim, knowing what I know now I would have stopped at training level. Ignorance is bliss + brave horse + brave kid = doing stupid stuff. He know has a new kid and they're doing BN. Depsite his build and the help of a good farrier, he was never lame.
  12. Trainer Advice

    I think, if you are unhappy, then its impossible to get the most out of a lesson. There is no shame in lessoning on a schoolie, or finding someone new to ride with. Just a thought, well 2 thoughts. Could you possibly find someone in your area who would be interested in going to aiken (or where-ever) and lessoning with someone there, and you could haul your horses together? Is there anyone in your area who is a really nice amateur rider who could possibly help you in exchange for something? I say this with caution, as I am an "amateur" who gives lessons, (which is kind of illegal, I'm currently trying to decide if I want to seek out more people to give lessons to/horses to ride and become a "pro" or not) to a PC family, but this family isn't going to any recognized events...They sought me out because they knew me, and know who I train with etc.
  13. Foto Jumps

    The legs at this point wouldn't bother me. His first time ever jumping a 2 foot jump, I wouldn't expect him to know. I've known many nice nice event horses who came off the track and had crazy legs happening until the jumps got larger. 2 feet is just a speed bump. Not that it matters any more, since it doesn't sound like you are keeping him anyways? I think any horse thats sound has potential to be a jumping horse, sometimes they like it right away, sometimes they never like jumping, sometimes it takes them a while to get the hang of it
  14. Foto Jumps

    I like your leg, I would maybe put your stirrups up a whole, but that's just my opinion. I come from eventer land and like them short. You don't need to fold your upper body so much, especially on a green horse. (I'm assuming the horse is green, or at least new to jumping). Your job, especially on a green horse learning to jump, is to be as balanced as possible and let the horse figure out what to do with its feet and body. Next time keep your upper body much straighter to support the horse, your reins should have a loop in them as you approach the jump at an energetic trot (or canter).
  15. Bring On 2012...cap Chat!

    This past year was very emotional for me. I mostly lurk here, but i kind of feel like posting since this has kind of been on my mind today. I expectantly found myself in Ocala last winter with my new horse, I dropped out of college to go and packed my life up in 2 days and left ohio. I was working for someone part time-ish, trying to pick up odd jobs for some kind of income. Long story short, I ran out of money, wasn't sure how I was going to get home/pay rent/buy my horses food, my boss ended up firing her other worker, putting me in charge which paid for my horses food, board and my rent. It was still a really amazing experience despite the (un-nessacery) stress. I Needless to say, when we got home I couldn't stay at my bosses farm in KY, because I was broke and had my serving job waiting for me when I got home. A couple months later I was able to go back to the farm in Kentucky, I brought my dog who was almost a year old, who had been born on the same farm the summer before. We went to a horse show, Myles had to stay at the farm. She got parvo while I was gone, the first vet I took her to misdiagnosed her, the virus spread and got stronger, I took her to a different vet and put her into the hospital and we ended up having to put her down after she had been there a few days because she started bleeding internally. Without a doubt the worst thing in the entire world. She was the best dog ever, she's buried on the farm by the arena because she always sat on the edge and watched me ride. Anyways, I started school again at the end of august and it was worse then I remembered it being. I'm down to only working 2 jobs, I finally in the process of getting a jump saddle that fits me!! (yay) Oh, I guess I should mention my horse in all of this! My horse is a 6 year old OTTB, I've had him for a little over a year, I didn't get to compete him very much this year due to being broke and then the vet bills and what not. He made his novice debut this past summer and won he last horse trial on his dressage score of a 33. He is a great athlete and has a great mind, I am really really excited for our future. Here are a couple pictures: this one was from his very first horse show ever, taken last fall Annnnd a short video from the last time we jumped, i was feeling pretty rusty. lol http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=2833662287098&set=t.1425412869&type=3&theater Some really great things happened this year! I sold my heart horse to the perfect family! They love him and it is the most perfect situation I could have ever asked for!! I started my filly under saddle! She's super cute and fun I'm finally getting a jumping saddle that fits me!!!! It has been torture looking for a saddle, turns out what I wanted didn't exist in the entire world and some amazing people agreed to make me a custom saddle for half the price.' In 2012 I would like to start teaching more lessons and hopefully get a couple more clients, go work in the farm in Ky again, its the best place in the entire world! Hopefully move my horse up to training level in the late spring and do a T3D in the fall and then go from there!