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  1. Indiana Trail Chat

    Went camping over the weekend the weather was a hot one but had fun. But the deer flies were awful. I'm hoping to go up to Salamonie in couple of weeks I not have been up there in years. Hope everyone great holiday.
  2. Posting For A Friend

    Thanks AD, I have one pic of her but its on my phone. I don't permission yet to put it on here.
  3. Posting For A Friend

    Ok SC belive what you want too.
  4. Posting For A Friend

    Love how you guys keep sayin he didn't have vet care and JettNJulie is not lieing about TJ was checked for everything blood work and poo sample done nothing came back on anything, plus I would ever give any of my info of what vet he saw because none of u don't need to call about a horse that is not yours or in your area. And I don't need to prove anything to people that are not close to me. And I had NO problem paing for he's vet care. What u doin in your neck of woods maybe not what others do in theres. I'm sorry but I don't run my horses to vet everytime they have a runny nose. Oh buy the way when he had the WN IF I DIDN'T LOVE MY HORSE HE WOULD HAVE PUT DOWN THEN. But I did the treatment for it and I paid for it. I had mare that cut open her shoulder vet was out for I paid that to. And still took her camping that same weekend on vets ok. Even when TJ fall before he just was choking rushed him a vet paid for the that. Belive me not I don't care. HC is full of want of be's anyway and think there better than everyone but in the long run there not. There are people out there that don't good life in real world but they put what ever they want on the internet to make themselves look good and no one wouldn't even know. Thanks, JettNJulie for knowing the real me the next time I see you maybe you should post pic of my horses they will never belive me anyway. Haha Because they think I lie and put up false pic's.
  5. Posting For A Friend

    I really don't know why you people would even bring up T.J. this not what this post is about so just shove it. And plus I don't give a rats behind what u you or anyone else thinks of me. U don't like me don't read my post. Simple move on duh. The end.
  6. Posting For A Friend

    8yr. old Buckskin mare. She is n/n. http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/just+turn+grace Thanks for any help.
  7. Posting For A Friend

    8yr. Buckskin mare and yes is n/n. http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/just+turn+grace Thanks for any help.
  8. I Finally Got Some Pic Of Spook

    Spotted Image she does have a short back but only gates when wants she want's too ConniSB Thank you!
  9. Kitty Foaled!

    Your welcome cuz!!
  10. Kitty Foaled!

    He's cutie !! Can't wait to see him grow!!
  11. Headaches & Migraines

    I used to get them all time. I have went to the hosp. and the doc office to get shots for them and they put me out. I just went off of my birth control in March because of other health probs. And I really have not have much of them since then, I might get one or two headaches but nothing like I did. I was almost calling off of work once a week because the Migraines I even had to get FMLA because they was getting so bad. I liked Advil but I can't take it no more because of blood thinners I'm on. And I take hot showers they seem to help me. Hope that helps some.
  12. Whats For Dinner?

    We had Ham & Beans and Corn bread.
  13. May Photo Contest

    Baby May on Mother's Day. She was 8 days old in this picture.
  14. Update On T.j.

    Well guess every want to bash me over a stuipd date I will be closeing this. So much freakin update.
  15. Update On T.j.

    Vet does not want to to waste my gas buy coming down when I'm give them updates on him. More or less they are telling me if stops eating to bring down. And why would I lie a vet any vet on how my horse is doin? My dad and stepmom see's him every day my sister goes out there with me everyday and even my hubby has went out with me and my siter in-law. THEY all think he's doing GREAT and IS doing very good.